Elyon032303SpringCleaningOnSpiritualLevels, The beginning Age of the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson , Light & Life

Location: North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Date: March 23, 2003
Teachers: Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
Moderator: Ginny
  1. Spring Cleaning on a Spiritual Level
  2. Beginning Age of Magisterial Son, Monjoronson
  3. Monjoronson's Function
  4. How does the transition to Light & LIfe work?

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends, this is Elyon, glad to be with you as always to share the camaraderie, to delight in our expanded sense of the divine working in the world and within your lives. As it is that time again in this part of the world of spring, I wish to take a moment and encourage you to begin your spring cleaning on a spiritual level.

[Spring Cleaning on a Spiritual Level]

You have been discussing many topics which are interconnected in their spiritual foundation, and each brings to your fore-mind the inquiry as to how you may be available and applied to the furtherance, the prosperity, and the improvement of this world and rectifications, repairs, and restorations. As is the case with your physical environment so it is in the spiritual realm that over time items accumulate, serve their purpose, and when the purpose has run its course often remain to clutter your environment. Today I ask you to reflect on spiritual clutter, perhaps more accurately conceptual clutter that muddies your clarity, that makes it difficult for you to wade through in order to grasp the spirit angle, the spirit perspective. The final step in this cycle of acquiring, applying, is to release and discard.

Oftentimes a physical object may be difficult to release from your possession due to sentiment, fond associations, the value you perceive in its onetime usefulness. On a spiritually conceptual level, this same cycle applies and can be even more difficult to complete than a physical application, for you have no difficulty of ridding yourself of those very worn out pairs of shoes, those no longer running vehicles, and the like. But oftentimes those constructs of mind that define spiritual reality at the stages prior to your current understanding remain to confuse your further development. This is what I ask you to honestly search for and boldly face and willingly discard. Honor it for its serviceability and purpose, not just for its value then but also for the gift of its delivery to you, the new potentials that lie in front of you.

Two examples of stumbling blocks that will aid you in a further search are regret and resentment. I choose these because they at surface level do not appear to be some element that was helpful prior to your current state of being. This way I intend to indicate that you may look widely through your being for those cleansing opportunities. When an event occurred that bore upon you such an experience that you come to resent, know and apply the truth that this experience happened once. I would footnote that some experiences repeat themselves, however, each experience happened once. Resentment, to those of you in this era of rapid communication, is simply within yourself resending to your memory that old experience. The experience is no longer, but your mind and emotions resend it over and over, and this becomes a hindrance to your growth. Likewise is regret. In this instance I choose this word to distinguish it from resentment, for it allows me to point out that some of these regrettable situations are not ones that happen to you but are caused by you. Egress is a word you use to indicate leaving, exit. Digress indicates you have varied from your course, from your direction. Regress indicates a return over previously covered topics. Regret also is a back-cycling of your experience. You must determine when usefulness, those lessons, the truths extracted therefrom, have served their purpose and do your spring cleaning. Put them in the trash, set them on the curb, and let them go.

It is difficult because sentiment, attachment, are likewise applied to these more uncomfortable conditions as much as those cherished experiences. But you know, just as it is work to rake your yards to gather up the winter’s clutter, to break a sweat in doing so, to take your valuable time away from pleasurable activities, social activities, that when the work is done the yard bursts forth in new growth. The beauty of the new cycle is enhanced and increased by your manual labor. In the inner sanctum of your being this also holds true.

It is not my place to tell you where and what; you must find for yourselves those things that you desire to discard. I am not an interior designer. I am not here to reposition your inner house. All I care to do is to encourage you to look around and select those possessions, for they are yours, not mine, that you wish to keep, that you wish to discard, and that you wish to apply now that you have not been utilizing but merely storing.

You are excited this day about prospects for going forth into the world and ministering, shedding the light so that others may be blessed. This is a delight to our Creator Son.

As I wrap up I will make a final comment that when you travel you can only take what is of service in your journey. All other household items must be left behind. So, as you go forth, as you at this hour rally your enthusiasm to proceed, pack what you need. Be not concerned about that which you are not going to take; it will be there when you return. Your house may not be finished in its decorating or its remodeling, but you still can travel; you can still pack your bags with those needed items. I say this because you may feel inadequate, under-prepared to engage in planetary ministry for the celestial administrators on this world. Rest assured that in your assignment you will only need that which fits in your travel bag. You will not need all of your possessions. You have faith. This is good. You may not have courage. That is fine. Pack in your bags your faith. Courage may not be in your home, but you may find it on your journey.

I hope this stimulates you to do your spring cleaning. Only you can place merit upon the valuable and the discard-able. I am here to be of service in questions. Others are in my midst should you request their contact.

Ginny: Jesus, in The Urantia Book, warned against self examination. How do we distinguish between the wrong kind and our normal way of discarding what we don’t need?

Elyon: Emphasis was upon the often developed quagmire of overmuch self examination wherein the investigating, determining, categorizing; the noting, itemizing, slating, elements of examination go on indefinitely. At some point in your refinement of being a decision ought to be made, a commitment chosen, and you proceed therefrom. To return to my theme of spring cleaning, we may liken this to having a yard wherein nothing is planted. You begin the research of which shrubbery, grass types, pathways you may use to landscape and continue to examine these elements for a decade, all the while weeds and dust exist in your yard. This is what he cautioned against.

You know that the master spent forty days alone in the hills examining his role in his bestowal mission for the Father and for the world. He made his decisions and resolutely conducted the rest of his life as he taught, with self forgetfulness. The choice was made and the mission set, and he focused on his ministry. The apostles to whom he spoke at the time felt as many of you often do, inadequate for the mission. He wished to allay these fears by encouraging them to redirect their attention from their inadequacies to those around them who lacked what they had already acquired. If you continued your spring cleaning all the way into next winter, you may miss the beauties of the seasons intervening. This is what he cautioned you about.

If I may put it another way, you wake up a spring morning and gaze upon your lawn and find weeds growing all through it. Sound self examination is plucking the weeds that you can perceive. Overmuch self examination is tearing up all the sod looking for every seed that may germinate that is a weed. I hope this has clarified.

Ginny: Thank you.

[Beginning Age of Magisterial Son, Monjoronson]

We are delighted to have Monjoronson among us. Could you give us a little more on his purpose here? We welcome him mightily happily into our group.

Elyon: He likewise is thrilled to make the connection and to draw you consciously into association. His purpose spans beyond this smaller circle of Teaching Mission ministers which includes you all. The scope would be far too much to relay to you, but relating to your association, this great Son of God is upstepping your awareness of your real association with the celestial ministers upon this world. First you became sensitive to, welcomed, and began working with beings like myself who have been assigned to this world to teach. Then you received contact from many melchizedek advisors. You have become acquainted with a Trinity Teacher Son and archangels. Not to burden you with the majesty of such great beings, you also have been introduced to friends like Lester and artists from the celestial spheres of art. This Avonal Son is one more introduction leading to an incorporation of all these efforts of all these personalities under Michael’s Correcting Time mission.

[Monjoronson's Function]

If I may place this in context, there is one mission in Nebadon, and that is for all the children under Michael’s care to contribute to and attain Light and Life. Narrowing in upon any locality, be it a system or a planet, there are variables, localized conditions, which dictate variable applications in ministry and upliftment. So, the tasks of the Melchizedeks are to develop educational programs for uplifting all creatures in those localities and for the Magisterial Son to weigh the efforts to determine future direction, to signal close, and to inaugurate openings. While the Trinity Teacher Sons project towards Light and Life, the Magisterial Son works within the cycles, the manifold steps toward Light and Life, opening and closing each step when it is relevant, when it is applicable.

The Melchizedeks project the lesson plans; the Teacher Sons chart the course to the golden future, and the Avonals mark the cycles and determine the merit and the needs.

I hope this clarifies.

Ginny: Thank you.

Tom: He is opening a step now rather than closing one?

Elyon: Yes and no. May I illustrate. As you pass through a door, you both open and close. So, the new cycle is opening with his presence, but that at the same time implies the closure of an older cycle. However, I must caution you creatures whose time spans are narrower than an Avonal Son’s that when the door swings open and shut the interval of time is greater than you may be able to perceive. The transition is occurring now.

You have been spoken to by Machiventa in weeks recent regarding our many years of preparatory lessons and the beginning of a new phase in this mission. So it has become the opportune time within our teaching classroom for you to be in contact with this son. Therefore, as regards our group, the new cycle has begun. As a matter of promoting my lesson of today, in order to encourage that new cycle, it is worthwhile for you to gather up the clutter and discard the non-useful, that which will not help in the new cycle, though it may have been quite valuable in the previous.

Or if I may put it another way, you have a guest arriving. It is natural when a guest is coming for a host to tidy up. If it is difficult to eliminate some cherished qualities, though they are acquiring tarnish, do it not for yourself; do it because the guests are arriving.

[How does the transition to Light & LIfe work?]

Kirk: One of the things I can leave behind is the feeling that I am not going to live on this world and see the era of Light and Life. I could live it now. All the gifts that God has given us are here now. I could live like Light and Life is here right now, seeing those gifts as present.

Elyon: This is a fantastic comment! for the era of Light and Life that you hope for is often taken as a global condition, and this condition is down the road of time. To resolve oneself to the understanding that one’s lifespan may not cover enough of this road of time that you will witness Light and Life may lead to complacency, the feeling that, since it is not here now, I need not be too concerned with the conditions of the world, for they do not represent Light and Life which is a long ways off. This will not bring Light and Life. However, as you establish Light and Life within yourself, and this is possible within your lifetime, you begin the expansion of Light and Life on this world. As each of you does, and you all gather en masse, the day of the arrival as a planet approaches with greater speed.

Thank you for making that observation.

Tom: The same would hold for Adjuster attunement, would it not? It’s not something that has to wait for the future. Spring clean that out and accept it now.

Elyon: Yes. Remember the Divine Fragment dwelling within you hails from eternity. Time is only a constraint to the Indwelling Spirit because time is a condition of your human personality. Because time is part of your human condition, it is your choice the length or brevity of the interval of time between partial and complete alignment, attunement and fusion.

It lightens my heart, cultivates joy, to observe your comments of things that you may eradicate that are forward looking. I chose the surgical examples of clearing out resentment, regret. You chose the acquiring examples of attaining Light and Life and aligning with the Divine Spirit within. It illustrates the progress you have made in your spirit vantage point, your observation deck, of how you will conduct your life and what work needs to be done.

Ginny: I would like to discard the notion that I am alone in all this, not just physically but spiritually too. Many are working for the same thing; certainly celestials are helping us.

Elyon: I must relate to you the stand of applause that has just ensued from your comment. Many here are overjoyed at your recognition.

Evelyn: I allow myself to be swayed by emotional stimulus. That’s something to jettison. The perspective of “do unto others” is helpful to get me out of gloominess, for example. Now it’s a matter of identifying those emotions and let them go when they appear, and not to beat myself up when they do creep up.

Elyon: You have illustrated a key principle, the doing unto others. While it may not be exciting the prospect of raking one’s own yard, it is quite enjoyable to go next door and engage with another in cleaning up their yard, not that you are desirous of fixing their problems, but that it is in the fellowship that you are energized.

Ginny: It’s hard to give up, like dieting, because of the deprivation we think we are feeling. Rather than discard we can take on something that is the opposite to help us spiritually.

Elyon: Indeed. And if each of you keeps up these comments I will have lost my purpose!

Evelyn: Well, don’t be resentful!

Tom: You are talking about getting rid of spiritual scaffolding. It’s difficult when you don’t know what era we are moving into. Which precepts do you want to take with you? In what we refer to as Machiventa’s Manifesto, he suggests getting rid of concepts that no longer serve and embracing new ones.

Elyon: I one time gave you the lesson of climbing the ladder. Encased in that lesson was to help you accept the lower rungs you dwelled upon as you ascended, not to regret those early stages, for they lifted you higher up the ladder. But if you were to remove those lower rungs the ladder would collapse. You illustrate that it is important to discern what is discard-able and what is keep-able. To use this analogy, I would say that this is the focus of deliberately lifting your foot off the rung you have been on and stepping beyond the rung you are on to the rung you are heading toward. This is where the cleansing can begin. It is not the removal of the rung; it is the lifting of your foot and your moving from it.

Another illustration perhaps would be imagine yourself living in a vast estate with many rooms, and you wish to cross from one end to the other, and it is nighttime. As you go through your rooms, you may turn on a light to enter and turn off a light to leave. Your spiritual progress is the same. The room you have gone through in your growth was turned on, illuminated for you to grow. As you left you turned off the light. The stage of development still exists; that era is your history, but the light is not on at that level any longer. You have taken your spirit luminosity into another room.

You express the desire to understand the next stage. You are at this time standing in the doorway turning off the light in the older room, and not quite yet have you turned on the light in the new room. I pledge to you all my efforts to help you find the light switch and perceive that new era that is at your feet.

Tom: That would be Life and Light?

Elyon: Yes, indeed.

Ginny: Light and Life is evolutionary. It doesn’t turn on as fast as a light switch.

Elyon: It is. However, it can have some elements of instantaneous-ness. May I illustrate again. Night falls over the valley, and all who dwell within that valley have the ability to illuminate their own houses. As it darkens, as the sun sets, one or two lights come on, and a few more, and a few more. Soon by nightfall the entire village is aglow. So, Kirk will have turned on his Light and Life light, and so will have you and each of you in this room and many around. That is the evolution of Light and Life. Each of you attain and eventually all will arrive.

I must indicate to you that Light and Life is not a condition of a planet, per se, even of a universe; it is a condition of all who dwell therein. Each one accumulates to the totality of Light and Life. Nebadon will not be in Light and Life until each personality is in Light and Life, just as a city does not turn on all its lights at the same time when night falls.

I hope this helps.

Ginny: It would be a good practice for us every time we turn on a light to remember.

Elyon: I will withdraw my presence, as it has been some time in our engagement. Thank you for your participation; it thrills me. Don’t forget to polish the light bulbs before you turn them on.