These are Troubling and Transformative Times

Date: June 4, 2020
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

Vicki: I have been listening for this cue that you are ready to speak again.  What would you like to say?

Machiventa: Thank you for this opportunity.  Indeed, there has been much going on in your world to respond to.  And yet, we see so many in your populations rising to the moment and speaking out themselves in reaction to such troubling and transformative times. And we are encouraged!

Vicki:  It surprises me to see that you put the words ‘troubling’ and ‘transformative’ in the same sentence.  Could you explain this?

Machiventa:  This is one of many times in your past that we have seen humanity challenged by troubling realities to such a degree that they respond in ways that lead to a transformative movement where the opportunity for much progress suddenly surfaces.  To us, this is no longer business as usual, it is business at the brink of change. And though we share in the discontent and pain for those who are suffering, we stand in alliance with those who shout out “Enough!” We watch with interest as they take to the streets, to the media, to their phones, and proclaim a need to equalize the playing field at all levels.

Vicki: Yes, I feel something different developing… It is as if we are seeing more clearly how racial discrimination and poverty continues to affect certain populations in all aspects of life.

Machiventa: As you connect the dots, you see that though a virus does not discriminate, it does find a home where people are crippled by the inability to protect themselves from a society that has refused to acknowledge the rampant inequality that still exists in the areas of healthcare, education, housing, economic opportunity and now in law enforcement.  There are still many who are unable to insure a safe home environment for their families.

Vicki: Yes! And then there are those who dig in their heals, refuse to acknowledge the suffering and needs of others in deference to their own agendas.  How transparent they become! What do you say to this Machiventa?

Machiventa: I say that you are in the very early stages of an era that is fraught with difficulties.  Many of you  are outraged over the audacity of your leaders to maintain a status quo in the throes of one crisis after another, where to you it is obvious that old ways will not work…but there is a stagnant and reactionary attitude that is  deeply engrained in the minds of those who have yet to wake up to the need for a new direction. What is transparent to some is still very much hidden to others.

There will always be those who will be unwilling to share in the wealth and prosperity that they have experienced and who will again deny the need since they themselves do not need.  We still see many who do not realize that hate begets hate, violence begets violence.  It may take a while before they realize that they will not contain discontent among the citizens in their societies by stepping on their human rights.

There is a long journey ahead and it will be a bumpy ride at times.  We ask that you set your goals for the long term, that you guard against expecting so much too soon.  That you maintain a healthy outlook of incremental progress that at times, may even feel that you are stepping backwards instead.  Remember the march of progress involves disruption and confusion, that may even lead to a short decline... and then a sudden movement forward. But do not give up because in the wake of change, we still need that consistent flow of forward movement.

It is refreshing to see larger segments of your populations particularly the youth come to life as a mobilizing unit.  It remains to be seen if they will continue to exercise their right to express themselves, to demand equal treatment for all.

Vicki:  Hmmm….  And the question remains whether they will come out to vote! I have also heard many others ask, “What do we do next?”  How do we maintain this current interest?  Can you shine a light on this?

Machiventa:   As you have observed, the global response to this pandemic lead to a destabilization of the economy creating job loss and social distancing that greatly effected the activities of many, especially the youth and young adults.   And when societies are forced to put their lives on hold to counter the effect of a deadly virus, you will witness how it will often be the youth with their unbounding energy that will seek outlets to express their frustration toward the current situation.

This opportunity to highlight the social injustices in your society is timely and important.  It is one to observe carefully for there will be leaders and initiatives arising from this discontent.  Once again you will observe who in these demonstrations, who in your governments and who in your media demonstrates effective leadership and who does not.

Though some used these demonstrations as an outlet for unlawful behavior and further divisiveness, others stood out from the crowd and effectively lead their fellow demonstrators towards non-violent expressions of unity by keeping the focus on the higher cause. This form of leadership concentrated on a peaceful and constructive direction is desperately needed to continue and to maintain the movement toward more social justice.  I would consider ways you can further engage these passionate individuals to channel this discontent into initiatives that produce more equitable results.

Those who are most successful in surviving these uncertain times, are ones who take advantage of the change in their daily rituals by seeking productive alternatives. They are the ones who assist themselves and others in creating a healthy and enduring outlook towards necessary change.  Within your families, your businesses, your government and your schools lie the potential to build more equitable systems through more equitable practices while light is cast upon the need for it.

Do not waste this opportunity, but instead employ those individuals in creative and meaningful activities that will advance their cause.  There is a tremendous demand at this time to find voting alternatives that allow all citizens to exercise their right to vote under safe circumstances and there is a great need to assist those who are less able to help themselves.

The world is crying for those who will lend a hand in service to others.  Though you may need the generosity of those with financial means to fund service-oriented initiatives, there is still much that can be done to help others that only requires the investment of time.  Your societies would benefit greatly if they direct their focus on your youth and seek ways to engage them productively.

Vicki:  Thank you for that Machiventa.   I hear many voicing concerns over the long periods of time that our children have been isolated from their schools and their peers.  Can you speak to this?

Machiventa: Whether one is quarantined at home or going to school, learning occurs. Social isolation is not a healthy long-term option for humans of any age and your young ones need peers who are close to their age as well.  As your communities slowly open, there will perhaps be more opportunities for carefully handled contact to take place in small group settings.  However, from our view in the midst of much disruption, we do see humanity benefiting again from even more disclosure.

We see individuals in families who have been locked into a treadmill of routine for long periods of time, who now view their roles in their family as something very different.  We see parents who due to the closing of schools, have been educating their children at home and have become even more engaged with their young ones. And they did so even though it has been quite taxing  for some who also had jobs to maintain  at home as well.

We see children who must function in school situations that do not nurture their style of learning actually thrive when given more freedom at home to direct themselves.  And we’ve seen some public and private sectors step-up to the plate to provide educational resources when it was discovered that there were many who do not have them at home.

Building awareness and providing better alternatives for all children and young adults is necessary with or without a pandemic and we hope that there will be those who will continue to stimulate more equitable change in education and business practices.

Unfortunately, this crisis also exposed those in incompatible and unsafe circumstances who find themselves opening their eyes to the dysfunction that surrounds them.  And it demonstrates more need for your society to come to their aid and to create more safety, support, counseling and assistance for those who are in unhealthy relationships and family situations.

We are aware of the inconvenience and misfortune that increased for many during this pandemic and we are here to lend a compassionate ear and to assist you.  However, do note that whatever circumstance you found yourself in during this pandemic, learning did occur and awareness increased.  Awareness is the prerequisite to change and justice cannot exist without disclosure.

The children and young adults of your world have often been the innocent victims of social and racial injustice.  They are often overlooked in the throes of an economic crisis. And the services that support their needs are often woefully underfunded.  We pray with you that eyes have been opened to the needs of the oppressed and particularly to the needs of the youth in your societies. We hope that from this disruption in your lives, will build an awareness that the very future of this planet depends upon how you nurture, educate, engage and invest in your children.

Vicki: Machiventa, we are most grateful for your candid remarks here.    Thank you.

Machiventa:  You are indeed welcome.