• Aaron (air' uhn)

    (1) Brother of Moses, (2) Stone mason whom Jesus healed of withered hand.

  • Abaddon (uh' ba don)

    Chief of staff of the Planetary Prince, Caligastia. He chose to follow Caligastia's lead and join the rebellion at the time of its occurrence approximately 200,000 years ago, and has ever since acted as chief of the Urantia rebels.

  • Abandonter (uh' bon don ter)

    An order of beings residing on Uversa, created by unrevealed agents of the Ancients of Days and the seven Reflective Spirits. They administer the routine affairs on the Uversa headquarters spheres.

  • Abel (ey' buhl)

    First son born to Adam and Eve in the second garden.

  • Abila (ah' buh la)

    One of the Decapolis towns where Jesus taught the apostles and desciples.

  • Abimelech (uh bim' uh lek)

    King of Philistines in Gerar.

  • Abiram (uh bir' uhm)

    Foundation sacrifice buried in walls of Jericho.

  • Abner (ab' ner)

    The chief of John’s apostles.

  • Abraham (ey' bruh ham)

    Convert to Salem teachings [of Melchizedek].

  • Abram (ey' bruhm)

    Name of Abraham prior to his formal acceptance of covenant with Melchizedek.

  • Abridgment (uh brij' muhnt)

    A shortening or reduction.

  • Absalom (ab' suh luhm)

    Son of David.

  • Absoluta (ab suh loo' tah)

    Space potency, a phase of force-energy which is a prereality, considered to be the free space presence of the Unqualified Absolute, and is responsive only to the grasp of the Universal Father.

  • Absolute (ab suh loot')

    The absolute level [of reality] is beginningless, endless, timeless, and spaceless.

  • Absolutes of potentiality (ab suh lootz' uv pur suh nal' i tee)

    The Unqualifed Absolute, the Deity Absolute, and the Universal Absolute.

  • Absolutum (ab suh lew' tum)

    Materialistic composition of Paradise not found elsewhere in the universe of universes.

  • Absonite (ab' son eyet)

    Level of reality between the finite and the absolute which is characterized by things and beings without beginning or ending and by time/space transcendence.

  • Absoniter (ab' son eye ter)

    Eventuated beings existing on the absonite level.

  • Absonitize (ab son' uht eyez)

    To come into existence on the absonite level.

  • Absonity (ab son' uh tee)

    The absonite level of reality.

  • Achaia (uh kah' yuh)

    The Roman province in Greece where Jesus spent time with Ganid, Paul later preached & Luke wrote his Gospel.

  • Acropolis (uh krop' uh lis)

    The Athenean mountain atop which sits the Parthenon and ""under the shadow"" of which Paul proclained the gospel .

  • Actium (ak' tee uhm)

    Greek coastal city near the site of the Ionian Sea battle between the forces of Octavian (later known as Augustos) and the combined forces of Mark Anbthony & Cleopatra.

  • Actual (ak' choo uhl)

    Actual and Potential. Realities existing in fullness of expression in contrast to those which carry undisclosed capacity for growth.

  • Adam (ad' uhm)

    Material Son of God bestowed on Urantia.

  • Adamite (ad' uhm eyetz)

    (1) The Material Sons and Daughters, the Adams and Eves, a reproducing form of Sonship, created by the Creator Son, who function mainly on the system capital (see Jerusem). (2) The progeny of Adam and Eve on Urantia, the violet race.

  • Adamson (ad' uhm son)

    The first-born son of Adam and-Eve on Urantia born approximately 35,900 B.C.

  • Adamsonite (ad' uhm son eyet)

    The descendents of Adamson and Ratta.

  • Aden (ey' dun)

    Convert who offended apostles by teaching in Jesus' name.

  • Adjudicate (uh joo' di keyt)

    Hear and decide a case.

  • Adjuster (uh juhs' ter)

    Pre-personal fragment of the Universal Father that indwells the human mind.

  • Adjuster fusion (uh juhs' ter fyoo' zhuhn)

    A human's eternal union with the Father fragment.

  • Adjutant Mind-Spirits (aj' uh tuh'nt)

    The seven adjutant mind-spirits are the creation of the Divine Minister of a local universe…[They are

  • Adonai (ah doh noi')

    Semite name for Deity.

  • Adonia (ah doh' nee ah)

    An Andite city south and east of the Caspian Sea, located near the present city of Ashkhabad, which served as a commercial center beginning in approximately 8,000 B.C.

  • Afghanistan (af gan' uh stan)

    The highlands birthplace of Andon and Fonta.

  • Africa (af' ri kuh)

    The second largest continent.

  • Agaman (ah' ga man)

    One of first ten women evangelists.

  • Agni (uhg' nee)

    Three-headed fire god of the Vedic pantheon.

  • Agondonter (agg on don' ter)

    Ascending will creatures from planets spiritually isolated by rebellion, and who, therefore, have gained valuable experience in the exercise of faith and the development of confidence in cosmic reliability, for they must learn to believe without seeing. Evolutionary will creatures who can believe without seeing, persevere when isolated, and triumph over insuperable difficulties even when alone. This functional grouping of the agondonters persists throughout the ascension of the local universe and the traversal of the superuniverse.

  • Ahab (ey' hab)

    King of Ephraim denounced by Ellah for murder of Naboths.

  • Ahura-Mazda (uh' hoo rah muz' dah)

    Head of Zoroastrian galaxy of seven gods.

  • Akkad (ah' kad)

    Mesopotamian city, part of the Kish confederation, at the time of the Sumerians.

  • Alexander (al ig zan' der)

    (1)Military leader of 4th century B.C., (2) Brother of Philo, (3) Son of Simon of Cyrene in the Garden.

  • Alexandria (al ig zan' dree uh)

    Egyptian city, center of Jewish and Greek culture at the time of Jesus, where Jesus' family took refuge from Herod.

  • Allah (al' uh)

    Supreme Deity of Islam.

  • Almighty (awl mahy' tee)

    Typically used to represent the power manifestation of the immediate God of evolutionary creatures who actually time-space evolves concomitantly with them.

  • Almighty Supreme (awl mahy' tee suh' preem)

    The power manifestation of the immediate God of evolutionary creatures who actually time-space evolves concomitantly with them.

  • Alpheus (al' fi uhs)

    Twin brothers, James and Judas, also apostles.

  • Alvoring (al' vor ing)

    A local universe neighbor of Nebadon.

  • Amadon (am' ah don)

    A human descendant of Andon and Fonta who was the loyal associate of Van in advocating the rejection of Lucifer's Manifesto approximately 200,000 years ago.

  • Amadonite (am' ah don eyet)

    The 88 Andonites of mortal status who remained loyal to Van and Amadon during the Lucifer rebellion.

  • Amatha (uh' ma thuh)

    Simon Peter's mother-in-law.

  • Amathus (uh' ma thus)

    A town along the eastern route between Jerusalem and Nazareth where Jesus sojourned with the Apostles.

  • Amaziah (am uh zahy' uh)

    King of Judah.

  • Amdon (am' don)

    First mortal to observe Machiventa Melchizedek.

  • Amenemope (ah men e moh' puh)

    An Egyptian teacher and seer who, in the post-Melchizedek period (see Machiventa), taught among other things that God-consciousness is the main factor which determines conduct.

  • Amenhotep (ah men ho' tep)

    (ah men hoh' tep). An Egyptian ruler who lived in 1,500 B.C. and who had an understanding of the soul and spirit as separate indwelling aspects for favored individuals.

  • America (uh mer' i kuh)

    Europe and Africa began to rise out of the Pacific depths along with those masses now called Australia, North and South America, and the continent of Antarctica.

  • Amerindian (am uh rin' dee uh'n)

    Of the red race in the Americas.

  • Amerinds (am' uh rinds)

    People of the red race in the Americas.

  • Amida Buddha (ah' mi duh boo' duh)

    God of Paradise in the west.

  • Ammonites (am' uh nahyts)

    (1) Tribe defeated by Saul, leading to his crowning as king; (2) A rich and unique marine life appeared on the Californian Pacific coast, where over one thousand species of ammonites developed from the higher types of cephalopods.

  • Amorites (am' uh rahyts)

    A tribe, neighbor to the Hebrews.

  • Amos (ey' muhs)

    (1) Hebrew Prophet; (2) Youngest brother of Jesus; (3) Young friend of John Mark; (4) Lunatic of Kheresa.

  • Amosad (ah'm o sad)

    A leader of the Sediite priesthood who lived in approximately 15,000 B.C. (see Seth).

  • Anatolian (an uh toh' lee uhn)

    Asia Minor; site of modern day Turkey.

  • Anaxagoras (an ak sag' er uhs)

    Greek philosopher.

  • Anaxand (an' aks and)

    A young Greek shipyard worker who was taught by Jesus in A.D.22 about how he might overcome the evil of his unjust foreman with good.

  • Ancients of Days (eyn' chun tz)

    Rulers of the Superuniverses (3 in each).

  • Andite (an' dite)

    A human race derived from the impregnation of much of the best human strains (especially Nodite) with Adamic life plasm.

  • Andon (an' don)

    The first male human being, whose initial expression of human will choice occurred when he was ten years old, in 991,474 B.C. Died during an earthquake 32 years later (see Fonta).

  • Andonite (an' doh nite)

    The first primitive human beings descended from and including Andon and Fonta.

  • Andovontia (an doh von' chah)

    The name of the tertiary Universe Circuit Supervisor stationed in our local universe.

  • Andrew (an' droo)

    First chosen apostle.

  • Andronover (an droh' noh ver)

    The spiral nebula from which our solar system was born.

  • Ang (like ang in anger)

    One of the 100 corporeal members of the staff of the Planetary Prince, Caligastia.

  • Angamon (ang' ah mon)

    A leader of the Stoics in Rome with whom Jesus talked about true values sometime during A.D. 22-23.

  • Angel (eyn' juh'l)

    Collective name of many orders of ministering beings, offsprings of the Infinite Spirit.

  • Angona (an goh' nah)

    A massive stellar system whose passage near our sun helped create our solar system (see Monmatia).

  • Animism (an' uh miz uh'm)

    The belief that natural objects and/or natural phenomena have souls.

  • Anna (ah' nuh)

    Poetess at Jerusalem temple.

  • Annan (ah nahn')

    Loyal daughter and spokesman for the Nodites.

  • Annas (ah' nuh's)

    Most influential of Sadducean group.

  • Annon (ah' non)

    One of Mary's ancestors.

  • Anova (ah noh' vah)

    The oldest inhabited world of Satania, the system to which our planet, Urantia, also belongs.

  • Ansie (an' see)

    One of Mary's ancestors.

  • Antarctica (ant ahrk' ti kuh)

    Continental land mass straddling the south pole.

  • Antares (an tair' eez)

    The largest star in the universe, four hundred and fifty times the diameter of the sun.

  • Antecedent (an tuh seed' nts)

    Preceding; pre-existing.

  • Antigravity (an tee grav' i tee)

    The antithesis of gravity.

  • Antioch (an' tee ok)

    Capital of the Roman province of Syria.

  • Antipatris (an tee pah' tris)

    A city built by Herod, between Caesaria & Lydda.

  • Antonia (an toh' nee uh)

    The Roman castle in Jerusalem.

  • Anu (uh noo')

    One of seven chief deities of Mesopotamia.

  • Aphrodite (af ruh dahy' tee)

    Greek goddess of fertility.

  • Apollo (uh pol' oh)

    Greek sun-god.

  • Apostate (uh pos' teyt)

    One who foresakes his religion.

  • Apostle (uh pos' uhl)

    one of the 12 initial followers fo Jesus.

  • Appalachian (ap uh ley' chee uh'n)

    Mountain range in eastern U.S.

  • Appian Way (ap' ee uh'n wheh)

    The great Roman highway extending from Rome to Brendisi (350 miles).

  • Aquila (uh kwil' uh)

    One of the Cynics whom Jesus contacted in Rome.

  • Arabia (uh rey' bee uh)

    Land mass situated north-east of Africa.

  • Aram (air uhm)

    River settlement near Erech.

  • Aramaic (ar uh mey' ik)

    One of the three languages that prevailed in Palestine in the days of Jesus.

  • Ararat (ar' uh rat)

    Mount Ararat was the sacred mountain of northern Mesopotamia.

  • Arbela (ahr bee' luh)

    One of the cities of Perea, the most beautiful and picturesque province of all Palestine.

  • Archangels (ahrk' eyn jelz)

    Archangels are the offspring of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit.

  • Archdeceiver (ahrch di seev' ur)

    Lucifer, a brilliant primary Lanonandek Son of Nebadon.

  • Archelais (ar kee lay' is)

    A new Greek city near the Jordan.

  • Archelaus (ar kee lay' us)

    Brother of Herod Antipas.

  • Architectural spheres (ahr' ki tekt uhr ul sfeers)

    The headquarters worlds of each superuniverse are architectural spheres, space bodies specifically constructed for their special purpose.

  • Archrebel (ahrch reb' uhl)

    Lucifer, a brilliant primary Lanonandek Son of Nebadon.

  • Ardnon (ard' nohn)

    Leader of Chaldean priests to whom the birth of Jesus was revealed.

  • Areopagus (ar ee op' uh guhs)

    The Apostle Paul stood before the council of the Areopagus in Athens and told the Athenians about ""the Unknown God."".

  • Areopolis (ar ee op' oh lis)

    One of the cities of Perea, the most beautiful and picturesque province of all Palestine.

  • Aristotle (ar uh stot' l)

    Greek philosopher, successor to Socrates.

  • Arius (uh rahy' uhs)

    Contender with Athanasius at Nicaea.

  • Armageddon (ahr muh ged' n)

    The headquarters of the orange race some three hundred thousand years ago.

  • Armenia (ahr mee' nee uh)

    Landlocked mountainous country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

  • Aroer (ar oh ahr')

    One of the cities of Perea, the most beautiful and picturesque province of all Palestine.

  • Artemis (ahr' tuh mis)

    Most famous goddess of Asia Minor.

  • Artisan (ahr' tuh zuhn)

    These beings are the master artists and artisans of the morontia and lower spirit realms. They are the spirits and semispirits who are engaged in morontia embellishment and in spiritual beautification.

  • Aryan (air' ee uhn)

    Descendents of the Andites who invaded India just prior to the days of Melchizedek.

  • Ascendant (uh sen' duhnt)

    The universal plan for the creation, evolution, ascension, and perfection of will creatures.

  • Ascender (uh sen' der)

    A will creature who is following the divine plan of progress.

  • Ascender-trinitized (uh sen' der trin' i tahyz d)

    One of three orders of creature-trinitized sons.

  • Ascending (uh sen' ding)

    Climbing to the supernal heights of finaliter sonship with God.

  • Ascending Material Sons (uh sen' ding muh teer' ee uhl sohns)

    Liberated Adams and Eves, now on their paradise journey.

  • Ascendington (uh sen' ding)

    One of seven sacred satellite spheres of the Father in circuit around Paradise. This particular world is the rendezvous sphere for the ascendant creatures of time who are traversing Havona on the way to Paradise.

  • Ascension (uh sen' shuhn)

    The plan for spiritualizing and training evolutionary mortals. The amazing plan for perfecting evolutionary mortals and, after their attainment of Paradise and the Corps of the Finality, providing further training for some undisclosed future work, does seem to be, at present, one of the chief concerns of the seven superuniverses and their many subdivisions; but this ascension scheme for spiritualizing and training the mortals of time and space is by no means the exclusive occupation of the universe intelligences. There are, indeed, many other fascinating pursuits which occupy the time and enlist the energies of the celestial hosts.

  • Ashtoreth (ash' tuh reth)

    Palestinian goddess of fertility.

  • Ashur (ah' shoor)

    God of the Assyrians.

  • Ashurbanipal (ah shoor bah' nee pahl)

    Assyrian king.

  • Asmonean (az muh nee' uhn)

    A palace in the upper court of the Jerusalem temple.

  • Asoka (uh soh' kuh)

    Low-caste Indian monarch responsible for the spread of Buddhism.

  • Assigned Sentinels (uh sahyn' d sen' tn ulz)

    A group almost exclusively concerned in keeping the Associate Inspector of their universe fully informed on all matters relating to the welfare and state of the systems of their assignment.

  • Associate Inspectors (uh soh' shee yet in spek' terz)

    The Associate Inspectors are the personal embodiment of the authority of the Supreme Executives to the local universes of time and space.

  • Associate Power Directors (uh soh' shee yet pouer dih rek' terz)

    These marvelously efficient beings are intrusted with the assignment and dispatch of all orders of the Master Physical Controllers in accordance with the ever-shifting needs of the constantly changing energy status of the realms.

  • Associate Registrars (uh soh' shee yet rej' uh strahrz)

    The morontia world has its own recorders, who serve in association with the spirit recorders in the supervision and custody of the records and other data indigenous to the morontia creations.

  • Associators (uh soh' shee yet ohrs)

    The associators are the first group of life to appear on an organizing material sphere.

  • Assuntia (ah sun' ter)

    A neighboring local system in the constellation of Noriatiadek.

  • Astarte (a stahr' tee)

    Fertility goddess of northern tribes.

  • Athanasius (ath uh ney' shuhs)

    Greek who vanquished Arlus at Nicaea.

  • Athens (ath' inz)

    Location of the council of the Areopagus in Greece.

  • Aton (aht' n)

    Egyptian sun-god.

  • Attis (ay' tis)

    Son of Cybele In Phrygian cult.

  • Augustus (aw guhs' tuhs)

    Roman emperor who reestablished state religion.

  • Australasian (aw struh ley' zhuh)

    Of Australian-Antarctic ancestry.

  • Automatism (aw tom' uh tiz uhm)

    A self-operating machine.

  • Autorevelation (aw' toh rev uh ley' shuhn)

    Truth is always a revelation

  • Avalon (av' uh lon)

    A local universe neighbor of Nebadon.

  • Avonals (av' uhn ulz)

    One of three descending orders of revealed Paradise Sons of God, also known as Magisterial Sons.

  • Azariah (az uh rahy' uh])

    King of Judah.

  • Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers (uh soh' shee yet tran sen den' tl mas' ter fohrs awr guh nahy' zers)

    A group of living beings having to do with force control and energy regulation in the master universe.

  • Architects of the Master Universe (ahr' ki tekts uv thuh mas' ter yoo' nuh vurs)

    The Architects of the Master Universe in administration prior to the appearance of specific rulers, foster and care for the fundamental needs of the master universe as a whole, from Paradise to the fourth and outermost space level.