• Caesar (see zahr)

    Title of Roman emperors.

  • Caiaphas (key' uh fuhs)

    The high priest of the Sanhedrin.

  • Cain (keyn)

    Son of Eve and Cano.

  • Caleb (key' luhb)

    Only Caleb and Joshua from among all the hosts that went out of Egypt lived to enter the promised land.

  • Caligastia (kal I gas' chah)

    A secondary Lanondek Son who served as Planetary Prince of Urantia until he betrayed his trust and joined the Lucifer rebellion approximately 200,000 years ago.

  • Caligula (kuh lig' yuh luh)

    Roman emperor.

  • Calvary (kal' vuh ree)

    Where Jesus died on the cross.

  • Cana (key' nuh)

    A town in Galilee near Nazareth.

  • Canaan (key' nuhn)

    Melchizedek told Abraham the story of the future occupation of Canaan by his offspring after their sojourn in Egypt.

  • Cano (kay' noh)

    A brilliant leader of a Nodite colony near the Garden of Eden with whom Eve was encouraged by Serapatatia to mate, thereby causing the Adamic default approximately 37,800 years ago.

  • Capernaum (kuh pur' ney uhm)

    Town where Zebedee's boat-building shop was located.

  • Capitolium (kap i toh' lee um)

    A temple in Rome dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva.

  • Capua (kap' yoo uh)

    A town in Italy linked by the Appian Way to Rome.

  • Carthage (kahr' thij)

    A city in northern Africa.

  • Caspian (kas' pee uhn)

    A sea in the vicinity of Lake Van .

  • Caspin (kas' pihn)

    A town in Perea.

  • Caucasoid (kaw' kuh soid)

    The Andite blend of the Nodite and Adamic stocks.

  • Causality (kaw zal' i tee)

    The response of effect to antecedent action.

  • Cedes (seedz)

    Believer who made brief gospel record in A.D. 78.

  • Celestial (suh' les chuhl)

    The spiritual equivalent of terrestrial.

  • Celestial Artisans (suh' les chuhl ahr' tuh zuhn)

    The master artists and artisans of the morontia and lower spirit realms.

  • Celestial astronomers (suh' les chuhl uh stron' uh mer)

    Star students.

  • Celestial Guardians (suh' les chuhl gahr' dee uhnz)

    Officers of the courts of the Ancients of Days.

  • Celestial Overseers (suh' les chuhl oh' ver see erz)

    A recruited corps embracing all types of individuals connected with the scheme of educating and training the ascending mortals.

  • Celestial Recorders (suh' les chuhl ri kawr' derz)

    The recorders who execute all records in duplicate, making an original spirit recording and a semimaterial counterpart .

  • Celestial visitors (suh' les chuhl viz' i terz)

    Observers, exchange pupils, and student helpers.

  • Celsus (sel' sus)

    Believer in Caesarea-Philippi.

  • Celta (sel' tuh)

    One of the first ten women evangelists.

  • Census Directors (sen' suhs dih rek' ter)

    The Census Directors are a special and completed creation of the Infinite Spirit. These directors, by a not-fully-understood technique, are made immediately aware of the birth of will in any part of the grand universe.

  • Center-source (sen' ter sohrs)

    The Paradise Trinity.

  • Central Universe (sen' truhl yoo' nuh vurs)

    The never-beginning, never-ending creation of divine perfection — the central universe of Havona.

  • Centrum (sen' truhm)

    The three zones of absolute force presence and performance on the nether side of Paradise.

  • Chang (tjaen)

    Chinese merchant with whom Jesus had many visits.

  • Charax (kar' ax)

    A city on the Persian Gulf .

  • Chazan (khah zahn')

    An officer of the synagogue.

  • Chedorlaomer (kee dohr lay' oh mehr)

    King of Elam during Abraham's time.

  • Chemosh (kee' mosh)

    God of the Amorites.

  • Cherubim (cher' uhb im)

    Assistants to the seraphim.

  • Chorazin (ko ra' zin)

    A city that did not well receive the gospel.

  • Christ (krahyst)

    Michael, the sovereign of our universe of Nebadon .

  • Christ Michael (krahyst mahy kuhl)

    Son of Man and Son of God.

  • Christian (kris' chuhn)

    A cult started by Paul on “the blood of the everlasting covenant.” .

  • Chronoldek (kronol' dek)

    An order of frandalanks, or Master Physical Controllers, who register time as well as quantitative and qualitative energy presence (see frandalanks).

  • Chuza (choo' zah)

    Steward of Herod Antipas.

  • Cicero (sis' uh roh)

    Roman orator.

  • Circle of eternity (sur' kuhl uv ih tur' ni tee)

    God is the perfected circle of eternity.

  • Circuit (sur' kit)

    May be material or spiritual .

  • Circuit Regulators (sur' kit reg' yuh ley ter)

    The unique beings who co-ordinate physical and spiritual energy .

  • Circular-gravity (sur' kyuh ler grav' i tee)

    The energy presence of the Isle of Paradise.

  • Claudia Procula (klaw' dee uh pokk' yoo lah)

    Wife of Pontius Palate.

  • Claudius (klaw' dee uhs)

    (1) Wealthy slave holder with whom Jesus talked in Rome, (2) Discouraged young woman who became a preacher.

  • Clement (klem' uhnt)

    Pupil of Pantaenus at Alexandria.

  • Cleopas (klee' oh pas)

    Shepherd of Emmaus who observed 7th morontia appearance of Jesus.

  • Cloa (klo' ah)

    Ancestor of Mary.

  • Clopas (kloh' pas)

    Husband of Jesus' aunt.

  • Coabsolute (koh ab' suh loot)

    One of three superfinite possibilities for universe manifestation contained by the Supreme Being.

  • Cocreative (koh kree ey' tiv)

    Not wholly subject to the fetters of antecedent causation.

  • Combined Controllers (kuhm bahynd' kuhn troh' lerz)

    Highly mechanical beings sensitive to, and functional with, physical, spiritual, and morontial energies.

  • Confucius (kuhn fyoo' shuhs)

    Chinese proclaimer of truth in the 6th century B.C.

  • Conjoint Actor (kuhn joint' ak' ter)

    The spirit-mind personality, the source of intelligence, reason, and the universal mind.

  • Constantine (kon' stuhn teen)

    Roman emperor who adopted Christianity.

  • Constellation (kon stuh ley' shuhn)

    One hundred systems (about 100,000 inhabitable planets) make up a Constellation.

  • Constellation Centers (kon stuh ley' shuhn sen' ter)

    Ten of these living power centers are stationed in each constellation.

  • Constellation Univitatia (kon stuh ley' shuhn yoo nee veh tay' shah)

    The corps of permanent citizenship listed in the Uversa Personality Register.

  • Consummator of Universe Destiny (kon' suh meyt of uv yoo' nuh vurs des' tuh nee)

    A member of The Absolute Trinity.

  • Continuum (kuhn tin' yoo uhm)

    The nonbeginning, nonending aspect of the Infinity, the I AM.

  • Corinth (kawr' inth)

    The capital of the Roman province of Achaia.

  • Cornelius (kawr neel' yuhs)

    Roman centurion who became believer.

  • Corps of Havona Finaliters (kawr uv)

    Part of the seven Corps of the Finality.

  • Corps of Mortal Finaliters (kawr uv mohr' tul fahy nal' i turs)

    Part of the seven Corps of the Finality.

  • Corps of Permanent Citizenship (kawr uv pur' muh nuhnt sit' uh zuhn)

    One of the seven grand divisions of the divine family of living beings registered on Uversa.

  • Corps of the Finality (kawr uv thuh fahy nal' i tee)

    The group that embraces, among others, those mortals of time and space who have attained perfection in all that pertains to the will of God.

  • Corps of Transcendental Finaliters (kawr uv tran sen denl' tl fahy nal' i turs)

    A member group of the Paradise Corps of the Finality.

  • Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny (kawr uv un ri veel' d sohns uv des' tuh nee)

    One of the seven Corps of the Finality.

  • Cosmic-force (koz' mik fawrs)

    All energies deriving from the Unqualified Absolute but which are as yet unresponsive to Paradise gravity.

  • Cosmic-mind (koz' mik mahynd)

    Mind circuits of the grand universe.

  • Courtesy colonies (kur' tuh see kol' uh nees)

    The seven courtesy colonies sojourn on the architectural spheres for a longer or shorter time while engaged in the furtherance of their missions and in the execution of their special assignments.

  • Created Citizens of Paradise (kree ey' ted sit' uh zuhns uv par' uh dahys)

    A member group of the Corps of Permanent Citizenship.

  • Creator (kree ey' ter)

    God the Father is the personal Creator of Paradise and, in association with the Eternal Son, the Creator of all other personal universe Creators.

  • Creator personalities (kree ey' ter pur suh nal' i tees)

    The Supreme Creator personalities, ranging from the Master Spirits to the Creator Sons, emerge from Paradise to engage in the agelong task of bringing the evolving universes into factual being.

  • Creator Son (kree ey' ter sohn)

    The fathers of the inhabited worlds and the sovereigns of the local universes.

  • Creature-trinitized (kree' cher trin' i tayhd)

    The union of finaliters and Paradise-Havona personalities.

  • Crispus (kris' pus)

    Chief ruler of synagogue at Corinth.

  • Crucifixion (kroo suh fik' shuhn)

    A harsh method of punishment learned by the Greeks and the Romans from the Phoenicians.

  • Cruse (krooz)

    A container.

  • Cultism (kuhl' tiz uhm)

    A symbolism of rituals, slogans, or goals.

  • Custodians of Records on Paradise (kuh stoh' dee uhnz uv rek' erdz ohn par' uh dahys)

    One of the groups comprising the Messenger Hosts of Space.

  • Cuthites (cuth' itz)

    One of the groups sent to replace the Jews of the northern kingdom of Israel who were taken into captivity by the king of Assyria.

  • Cutites (cue' tahyts)

    One of the groups that occupied the first garden after it was vacated by Adam.

  • Cybele (sib' uh lee)

    Mother of Attis In Phyrgian cult.

  • Cymboyton (sim boy' ton)

    A wealthy Urmia merchant at whose school of religion Jesus taught in the spring of A.D. 25.

  • Cynic (sin' ik)

    Roman philosophers who derived much of their doctrine from the remnants of the teachings of Machiventa Melchizedek.

  • Cyprus (sahy' pruhs)

    A Mediterranean island settled by the Mesopotamians around 5000 B.C.

  • Cyrene (sahy ree' nee)

    A city in northern Africa.

  • Cyrus (sahy' ruhs)

    Persian king who seized Babylon in 538 B.C.

  • Creative Daughter (kree ey' tiv daw' ter)

    A daughter of the Infinite Spirit, the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of a local universe.

  • Cro-Magnon (kroh mag' nuhn)

    Members of the post-Adamic blue race.

  • Corps of Paradise Finaliters (kawr uv)

    Part of the seven Corps of the Finality.

  • Caesarea-Philippi (see zahr)

    The capital of the Tetrarch Philip’s domain.

  • Creative Spirit (kree ey' tiv spir' itz)

    Partner of the Creator Son of a local universe.

  • Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters (kawr uv kuhn joint' trin' i tayhd fahy nal' i tur)

    Part of the seven Corps of the Finality.

  • Corps of Trinitized Finaliters (kawr uv trin' i tahyzd fahy nal' i turs)

    Creature-trinitized sons.