• Kaaba (k?h' buh)

    Ancient Jewish tribe.

  • Kanata (Kah' nuh tuh)

    A city in Israel where Aden built a substantial following of believers.

  • Karahta (Kah' rah tuh)

    A city in Israel.

  • Karkar (Kahr' kuhr)

    An ancient town in northwestern Syria.

  • Karuska (Kahr oosh' kuh)

    Wealthy believer with whom Jesus lodged at Sidon.

  • Kashmir (kazh' meer)

    A former princely state in SW Asia, adjacent to India, Pakistan, Sinkiang, and Tibet.

  • Kateri (Kah' te ree)

    People of southern India.

  • Katro (kaht' rouh)

    The head of the family with whom Melchizedek lived for more than 30 years.

  • Keilah (Kei' luh)

     A city in the lowlands of Judah, the modern Khurbet Kila.

  • Kenan (Kee' nuhn)

    Great-grandson of Adam and Eve, grandson of Seth, Adam and Eve's first-born son in the second garden, an early Sethite priest who instituted the foreign missionary service to other tribes in the Mesopotamian area in approximately 35,000 B.C.

  • Kenite (kee' nait)

    A nomadic clan in the ancient Levant, who long embraced Melchizedek's teachings about the Trinity.

  • Kerioth (kuh ree' ohth)

    A small town in southern Judea, where Judas Iscariot was born.

  • Keturah (ki toor' uh)

    One of Abraham's concubines.

  • Kheresa (kihr res' uh)

    A city in Israel frequently visited by Jesus and the apostles.

  • Kidron (kee' druhn)

    A ravine east of Jerusalem, leading to the Mount of Olives.

  • Kirmeth (Kir' meth)

    Trance prophet from Bagdad.

  • Kish (kish)

    Ancient city and the site of the Salem school.

  • Kopet Dagh (Koh' pet Dah)

    A mountain range east of the southern end of the Caspian Sea within which a high Adamite civilization flourished for 7,000 years from the times of Adamson and Ratta.

  • Kung Fu-tze (koong foo' tze)

    Confucius, a younger contemporary of Lao in sixth-century China who based his doctrines upon the better moral traditions of the long history of the yellow race, and was also somewhat influenced by the lingering traditions of the Salem missionaries.

  • Kush (koosh)

    Hindu Kush, a mountain range in Afghanistan.

  • Kyrios (Keer' ri uhs)

    Semite name for Deity.