• Twelvefold Adjutants of the Havona Circuits (twelv' fohld aj' uh tuhnts uv thuh ha vohn' a sur' kitz)

    One of the groups of the Supreme Spirits, of origin in any one of the Paradise Deities or otherwise created by any one being of direct or indirect descent from the Paradise Deities.

  • Those High in Authority (thohz hahy'in uh thawr' i tee)

    The second group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, are all Adjuster-fused beings of mortal origin. These are the perfected mortals who have exhibited superior administrative ability and have shown extraordinary executive genius throughout their long ascending careers.

  • Third Source and Center (thurd' sohrs and sen' ter)

    The Third Source and Center is known by numerous titles

  • Trinitized Custodians (trin' i tahyz d kuh stoh' dee uhn)

    Trinity-embraced seraphim and midwayers.

  • Tidal-gravity (tahyd' l grav' i tee)

    Tidal-gravity, a force between space objects, will shatter the moon into small particles, when it gets too close to the earth. These particles may assemble about the world as rings of matter resembling those of Saturn or may be gradually drawn into the earth as meteors.

  • Those without Name and Number (thohz with out' neym and nuhm' ber)

    The remaining three orders, Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without name and number, are glorified ascendant mortals.

  • Trinitized Sons of Perfection (trin' i tahyz d suhns uv per fek' shuhn)

    Creature-trinitized wards of the Teacher Sons, further embraced by the Paradise Trinity.

  • Taanach (tan' ack)

    Small village in Israel.

  • Tabamantia (Tab ah man' chah)

    An agondonter finaliter who survived the experience of the first rebellion ever in the universes of time and space.

  • Talmai (tahl' my)

    King of Geshur, whose daughter David married.

  • Tamar (tey mer)

    Ancestor of Mary.

  • Tao (tou)

    Lao-tse built directly upon the concepts of the Salem traditions when he declared Tao to be the One First Cause of all creation.

  • Tarentum (tuh ren' tuhm)

    Coastal city in Southern Italy.

  • Tarshish (tra' shish)

    Biblical destination of Jonah on his ill-fated journey.

  • Tarsus (tahr' suhs)

    Capital of the Roman province of Cilicia.

  • Tasmania (taz' mey nee uh)

    Island to the south of Australia.

  • Technical Advisers (tek' ni kuhl ad vahy' zer)

    Technical Advisers are dedicated to the work of preventing delay, facilitating progress, and counseling achievement.

  • Technicians (tek nish' uhns)

    A division of seraphim who help new ascenders adjust themselves to the new and comparatively strange environment of the morontia spheres.

  • Teherma (Teh her' mah)

    A Persian businessman in Amathus in early A.D. 27 who, despite Simon Peter's fumbled attempts to present the gospel teachings, responded to Jesus and entered the kingdom.

  • Tenskwatawa (Tens kwah' tah wah)

    A teacher of the Shawnee Indian Nation who in the early 1800's accurately predicted the eclipse of the sun, thereby contributing to the evolutionary process of replacing shamanic conjuring with science.

  • Terah (teer uh)

    Father of Abraham.

  • Tertiaphim (tur' she ah fim)

    The second order of angelic ministering spirits of the superuniverses who are children of the Infinite Spirit. These high angels function as the staff of the Creator Son until the Bright and Morning Star is personalized.

  • Thaddeus (thad' e us)

    Other name for James Alpheus.

  • Thamna (tham' nuh)

    Ancient city in Greece.

  • Thapsacus (thap' suh kuhs)

    Ancient town along the western bank of the Euphrates river.

  • Thebes (theebz)

    Capital of Egypt, before and after Arman.

  • Thomas (tom' uhs)

    One of the twelve apostles.

  • Thomas Didymus (tom' uhs did' y mus)

    Thomas Didymus, a fisherman of Tarichea and onetime carpenter and stone mason of Gadara. He was selected [as an apostle] by Philip.

  • Thor (thawr)

    Thor, the victorious commander of the armies of the north in the final battle of the Somme, became the hero of the northern white tribes and later on was revered as a god by some of them.

  • Thoth (thohth)

    Wise Egyptian god.

  • Thought Adjuster (thawt uh juhs' ter)

    Pre-personal fragment of the Universal Father that indwells the human mind. Man is spiritually indwelt by a surviving thought adjuster. If such a human mind is sincerely and spiritually motivated, if such a human soul desires to know God and become like him, honestly wants to do the Father’s will, there exists no negative influence of mortal deprivation nor positive power of possible interference which can prevent such a divinely motivated soul from securely ascending to the portals of Paradise.

  • Thrace (threys)

    Historical and geographic area in southeast Europe.

  • Threefold (three' fohld)

    (1) The Universal Father achieves freewill liberation from the bonds of infinity and the fetters of eternity by the technique of trinitization, threefold Deity personalization; (2) The grand universe is the threefold Deity domain of the Trinity of Supremacy, God the Sevenfold, and the Supreme Being; (3) God is spirit in a threefold sense

  • Tiberias (tahy beer' ee ahs)

    The new city which was soon to succeed Sepphoris as the capital of Galile.

  • Tiberius (tahy beer' ee uhs)

    Emperor of Rome.

  • Tibet (ti bet)

    Plateau region in Asia, north of the Himalayas.

  • Tiglath (Tig' lath)

    The young man whom Jesus picked to accompany and assist him during his six-week sojourn on Mount Hermon in A.D. 25 during which Jesus completed psychic circle mastery.

  • Time-bound (tahym' bound)

    The concept of the I AM is a philosophic concession which we make to the time-bound, space-fettered, finite mind of man, to the impossibility of creature comprehension of eternity existences. Shortsighted and time-bound mortal minds should be slow to criticize the time delays of the farseeing and all-wise administrators of universe affairs.

  • Time-evolving (tahym' ih volv' ng)

    In the time-evolving universes of space there is greater divinity attenuation, more difficult problems to be solved, and larger opportunity to acquire experience in their solution.

  • Time-life (tahym lahyf)

    Mortal identity is a transient time-life condition in the universe; it is real only in so far as the personality elects to become a continuing universe phenomenon.

  • Time-space-conditioned (tahym speys kuhn dish' uhnd)

    God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, now evolving in the experiential universes, are not existential — not past eternals, only future eternals, time-space-conditioned and transcendental-conditioned eternals.

  • Time-space-transcended (tahym speys tran sen' duhnt)

    God the Ultimate implies the attained realization of the synthesized absonite-superpersonal, time-space-transcended, and eventuated-experiential values, co-ordinated on final creative levels of Deity reality.

  • Timeless (tahym' lis)

    The absolute level is beginningless, endless, timeless, and spaceless. This cosmos of the Infinite I AM is therefore endless, limitless, and all-inclusive — timeless, spaceless, and unqualified.

  • Timothy (tim' uh thee)

    Companion of Paul in Corinth.

  • Titus (tahy tuhs)

    (1) Roman conqueror of Jerusalem, (2) Nobleman of Capernaum.

  • Todan (toh' dahn)

    Convert at Rimmon.

  • Todas (toh' dahs)

    The Toda tribe of India now observes this practice of praying to no one in particular, just as did the early peoples before the times of religious consciousness.

  • Totalizing (toht' l ahyz ing)

    This experiential power arising out of the divinity achievements of God the Sevenfold itself manifests the cohesive qualities of divinity by synthesizing—totalizing—as the almighty power of the attained experiential mastery of the evolving creations.

  • Training worlds (trey' ning wurldz)

    On the training worlds of the superuniverse you pass through the true spirit stages of progression and are prepared for eventual transit to Havona.

  • Tranosta (trah nohs' tah)

    The transcendental energy system operating from the upper level of Paradise in connection with absonite peoples.

  • Transcended space (tran send' ed speys)

    God the Ultimate — the eventuating God of supertime and transcended space.

  • Transcendence (tran sen' duhns)

    Typically used in association with the terms

  • Transcendence of finite limitations (tran sen' duhns uv fahy' nahyt lim i tey' shuhnz)

    The Supreme Being function as the universe approach to the transcendence of finite limitations, for he is the actual embodiment and personal epitome of all creature evolution, progression, and spiritualization.

  • Transcendental (tran sen den tl)

    God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, now evolving in the experiential universes, are not existential — not past eternals, only future eternals, time-space-conditioned and transcendental-conditioned eternals.

  • Transcendental beings (tran sen den tl bee ings)

    There is to be found on Paradise a vast host of transcendental beings whose origin is not ordinarily disclosed to the universes of time and space until they are settled in light and life.

  • Transcendental Recorders (tran sen den tl ri kawr' ders)

    Certain other gravity traversers are personal beings, such as Gravity Messengers and Transcendental Recorders….

  • Transcendentaler (tran sen den' tl er)

    EVENTUATED TRANSCENDENTAL BEINGS. There is to be found on Paradise a vast host of transcendental beings whose origin is not ordinarily disclosed to the universes of time and space until they are settled in light and life.

  • Transfiguration (trans fig yuh rey' shuhn)

    They beheld Jesus in intimate converse with two brilliant beings clothed in the habiliments of the light of the celestial world. And Jesus’ face and form shone with the luminosity of a heavenly light.

  • Transfigure (trans fig' yer)

    He (Jesus) enters the human mind to elevate, transform, and transfigure it. It is literally true

  • Translated Midwayers (trans leyt' ed mid' wey ers)

    The primary group are destined to various finaliter corps, but the secondary or Adamic midwayers are all routed for enrollment in the Mortal Corps of Finality.

  • Translation (trans ley' shuhn)

    Between the time of planetary death or translation and resurrection on the mansion world, mortal man gains absolutely nothing aside from experiencing the fact of survival. This experience of translation from the material life to the morontia state — fusion of the immortal soul with the indwelling Adjuster — increases in frequency commensurate with the evolutionary progress of the planet.

  • Triad (trahy' ad)

    Aside from certain natural couplets, such as past and present, day and night, hot and cold, and male and female, man generally tends to think in triads

  • Triata (try ah' tah)

    The energy-matter systems of Havona, which are threefold in organization and are responsive to linear gravity.

  • Trimurti (trih moor' tee)

    The supreme trinity of Hinduism.

  • Trinitarian (trin' i tahr e uhn)

    Interdependence of the three divine personalities .

  • Trinitize (trin' i tahyz)

    It is beyond the possibility of any being successfully to portray to the human mind the nature and purport of this extraordinary transaction.

  • Trinitized Ambassadors (trin' i tahyz d am bas' uh ders)

    Trinity-embraced ascendant mortals of Son- or Spirit-fused nature.

  • Trinitized beings (trin' i tahyz d bee' ings)

    Beings created by all three Paradise Deities, either as such or as the Trinity, together with the Trinitized Corps.

  • Trinitized Corps (trin' i tahyz d kawr)

    All groups of trinitized beings, revealed and unrevealed.

  • Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (trin' i tahyz d see' kritz uv suh prem' uh see)

    The highest order of the Stationary Sons of the Trinity.

  • Trinitized Sons (trin' i tahyz d suhns)

    A group of composite origin which includes all beings embraced by the Paradise Trinity even though not of direct Trinity origin.

  • Trinitized Sons of Attainment (trin' i tahyz d suhns uv uh teyn' muhnt)

    Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number.

  • Trinitized Sons of Destiny (trin' i tahyz d suhns uv des' tuh nee)

    Beings trinitized by a finaliter and a Paradise-Havoner .

  • Trinitized Sons of Selection (trin' i tahyz d suhns uv si lek' shuhn)

    The Trinitized Custodians and the Trinitized Ambassadors.

  • Trinitizing (trin' i tahyz ing)

    A technique that produces tertiary maximums — things, meanings, and values that are neither perfect nor perfected yet are co-ordinate with both ancestral factors.

  • Trinity (trin' i tee)

    Trinities are truths of relationship and facts of co-ordinate Deity manifestation.

  • Trinity embrace (trin' i tee em breys')

    The divine embrace of the Paradise Deities.

  • Trinity embraced (trin' i tee em breys' d)

    Becomes a Trinitized Son.

  • Trinity-embraced (trin' i tee em breys' d)

    Beings having the experience of trinitization, either as a part of their origin or as an experience of Trinity embrace subsequently attained.

  • Trinity-origin and Trinitized Beings (trin' i tee awr' i jin ahnd trin' i tizd bee' ings)

    Groups of beings created by all three Paradise Deities, either as such or as the Trinity.

  • Trinity-origin Beings (trin' i tee awr' i jin bee' ings)

    One of the seven grand divisions of the divine family of living beings registered on Uversa .

  • Trinity Teacher Sons (trin' i tee tee' cher suhns)

    Beings who range the grand universe as the supernal teachers of all personalities, human and divine.

  • Trinity Ultimate (trin' i tee uhl' tuh mit)

    The Master Architects, the grand universe Supreme Creators, and the Supreme Being .

  • Triodity (trahy ohd' eh tee)

    Any of several triune relationships on the level of the existential Absolutes, not including the Father, which are directly involved in the cosmic appearance of the experiential Deities (Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute).

  • Triple velocity (trip' uhl vuh los' i tee)

    About 558,840 miles per second.

  • Triune-origin Beings (trahy yoon' awr' i jin bee' ings)

    Created by all three Paradise Deities.

  • Triunities (trahy yoo' ni teez)

    The basic association of Absolutes.

  • Triunity (trahy yoo' ni tee)

    A threefold functional aggregate unanimity.

  • Troas (troh' ahs)

    A city between Athens and Ephesus.

  • Troposphere (trop' uh sfeer)

    The lower five or six miles of the earth’s atmosphere .

  • Tubal-Cain (too' buhl keyn)

    Son of Lamech.

  • Turanians (too rey' nee uhnz)

    Descendants of the Aryan conquerors of India.

  • Turkestan (tur' kuh stan)

    The region east of the southern end of the Caspian Sea, near the Kopet Dagh.

  • Tut (tuht])

    One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff (see Ang). Tut headed the governors of advanced tribal relations.

  • Tutankhamen (toot ahng kah' muhn)

    Son-in-law of lkhnaton.

  • Twelve Apostles (twelv' uh pos' uhlz)

    Laymen, unlearned in the lore of the rabbis and untrained in the methods of rabbinical interpretation of the Scriptures.

  • Two-brained (too breynd)

    The Urantian type, somewhat more imaginative, adventurous, and philosophical than the one-brained mortals but somewhat less spiritual, ethical, and worshipful than the three-brained orders.

  • Tyrannus (tahy rahn' us)

    A school in Ephesus.

  • Tyre (tahy' uhr)

    A city closely associated with Sidon.

  • Tyrus (ti' ruhs)

    A town in Perea.