• Vorondadek Sons (vor on' da dek)

    A group of the Local Universe Sons of God.

  • Value-level (va'l yoo lev' uhl)

    An experiential reality .

  • Van (van)

    One of the 100 corporeal members of the staff of Caligastia (see Ang), headed the supreme court of tribal coordination and racial cooperation. He was one of the 40 members of the 100 who did not join the rebellion, remaining loyal to Michael's government.

  • Vanite (vahn' ite)

    The descendants of Van who were in turn the ancestors of the Assyrians in the regions of northern Mesopotamia near Lake Van and Mount Ararat.

  • Vedas (vey' dahs)

    Among the most ancient of sacred books.

  • Vedic (vehd' ik)

    The cult of the Aryans .

  • Veluntia (vel uhn' sah)

    One of the largest suns in Orvonton.

  • Venus (vee' nuhs)

    Roman goddess of fertility.

  • Vergil (vur' jil)

    Roman poet.

  • Veronica (vuh ron' i kuh)

    Woman of Caesarea-Philippi who was healed.

  • Vesta (ves tuh)

    Roman goddess of the home.

  • Vevona (va vohn' a)

    Chief, during Adam's time, of the souls of peace, a corps of seraphic ministers belonging to the angelic order of planetary helpers. The angel who announced to the worlds the birth of Michael as the human Jesus.

  • Vicegerent (vahys jeer' uhnt)

    One with the authority to act on another's behalf.

  • Vicegerington (vahys ger' ing tuhn)

    One of the seven sacred life spheres of the Father which orbit the innermost circuit around Paradise. This is the home sphere of those beings who take origin in the actions of the Father and the Son.

  • Vilton (vil' tn)

    A tertiary Lanonandek Son now serving under Lanaforge as secretary of the Lanonandek ministry of Satania.

  • Vishnu (vish' noo)

    Third member of the Hindu Trimurti.

  • Volitional (voh lish' uhn ul)

    The power or capability of choosing; having freewill

  • Vorondadek (vor on' da dek suhns)

    The second order of local universe Sons of God created by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. These beings, one million in number in Nebadon, are also known as 'Constellation Fathers'.