AhmaNiden - The Coming Avonal Mission, What will Monjoronson begin to teach?

Location: Lafayette, Colorado
Date: December 1, 2003
Teachers: AhmaNiden Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: JoLin Johnson
  1. About the Coming Avonal Son (Monjoronson)
  2. What Will Monjoronson Begin to Teach?

As I was sitting crocheting this morning, suddenly my head was filled with my teacher's presence. So I asked, "Are you there AhmaNiden?" He responded, "Of course, child" I then asked him if he wanted to speak? What follows is the session as it happened:

AhmaNiden: Yes, first I would like to thank you for being so receptive. And yes, I already anticipate your next question; there will come a time when that will be much needed, indeed. (I assume he was referring to my receptivity). Do you understand JoiLin, that you are living in a time wherein you literally stand at the threshold of an entirely new era?

JL: Well, that sort of statement has been made before, numerous times in our past, so what is different now?.....and back in '96, I believe it was either you or Prince Machiventa who told me that we would receive our bestowal of an Avonal Son, or he may have said our Magisterial Son, in our lifetimes.....

[About the Coming Avonal Son (Monjoronson) ]

AhmaNiden: Yes, JoiLin, it is that of which I speak. Your world will indeed be given, has in fact, already been given your Magesterial Son. He is already in contact with numbers of your population, although many have no idea of his true identify.

JL: Is he in a physical form or is it spiritual contact you speak of?

AhmaNiden: It is both; when possible he has shown himself, but to only a few and then those knew not to whom they spoke; for the most part he had kept his contact on a purely spiritual plane.

JL: I never heard of, or at least I don't recall any in the UB that worked on both levels at the same time....

AhmaNiden: It has always been possible for such as a Magisterial Son, although rarely necessary. Your world as you well know, has too many variables within the emotional make-up of its people. This bestowal must move on a very slow and very circumspect path in order to not cause undue fear or undue, or perhaps I should say un-wanted adulation.

JL: Is there anything you want me to do?

AhmaNiden: Yes, for the moment, continue to be open and receptive to my vibration as you were just now, in order that I may continue to adjust your own vibration, as well as apprise you of my needs when the time is ripe for sudden change. I will go now, leaving you with my love as ever. Shalom.

JL: Thank you AhmaNiden, shalom.

Before I continue, let me say that there were two things that happened today that were different from my past work with my teacher. The first being that it has not been AhmaNiden's habit to contact me, in the past it was always me who contacted him. I have asked him numerous times if he would be the one to initiate contact; that it would make the whole process more believable to me, and his comment has always been that the reason he doesn't is to allow my faith and trust to develop more fully. The second thing that was different is that today we had an interactive communication...in the past I would NEVER ask questions; I would simply allow his words to come through.

[What Will Monjoronson Begin to Teach?]

So, I thought the communication was complete and went back to my chrocheting...within minutes I found my thoughts with him once again, and asked: In what way will our Magisterial Son work with us?

AhmaNiden: He will begin teaching a better understanding of our Father in Paradise and His many, many agents at work on the planets and within the universes. He will also show ways in which one can rid themselves of much of the emotional baggage their lives are hindered with. These classes will in essence, be very similar to those taught on the first several Mansion Worlds.....of course, many will be closed to this... at first, only a few will be open to it.

JL: In what way will he meet with people across the world? When he is in physical form he probably won't be able to be everywhere at once will he?

AhmaNiden: That is quite true and so for the most part these classes will be taught through a mechanism utilizing the deep conscious (sub-conscious?) mind, while the rest of the body is at rest.

JL: So we will virtually be in class while we sleep?

AhmaNiden: Yes, this has always been an option for you on this world and many have made use of it, as you well know, having been a student for many years yourself!

JL: Hmmmm, I always thought that was true, but this is the first time I ever had it validated for me, so thank you for that!

AhmaNiden: You're quite welcome.

JL: Did you want to say anything further on this subject?

AhmaNiden: Yes, one main thing, or perhaps it really translates to two; First, will be the understanding that those individuals who participate in the physical classes as a result of having both the time and the desire, will be given the opportunity to volunteer for positions as assistants or perhaps ambassadors would be a more appropriate term, to your Magisterial Son.

And second, I would have you understand that for those who are or will be working in Michael's service and under the command of Prince Machiventa, there will continue to be numerous ways we will want and need to utilize your assistance and these, or I should say the level of our need will escalate as more and more of your population become aware of the existence of a great, new teacher living among the people.

JL: Will he remain in some sort of headquarters area?

AhmaNiden: At some point in time perhaps, but at first, he will move around frequently in order to touch the lives or many different people...eventually, he will have headquarters throughout your world and will spend time in all of them....during his absence, classes will continue with the help of many assistants of differing levels.

JL; Wow! Is all I can say! So, it's really happening! How will people other than those who have been taught to be receptive to you teachers, know when they are being contacted?

AhmaNiden: Your Life Carriers and Midwayers are and have been working to upstep the vibrational receptivity on your world in order to prepare your people to receive broadcasts.

JL: Are these broadcasts the ones from the Universe Headquarters that are mentioned in the UB, or are they different?

AhmaNiden: At first they will be of a lower frequency, but eventually, theyall will be able to receive the higher broadcasts, yes.

We will close now JoiLin, as I have work that needs to be seen to on another realm, but will meet with you again soon,

Shalom, dear child.

JL: Shalom AhmaNiden, and again, thank you.