Nebadonia 071706 MarinTM Warfare & Crime

Location: Mill Valley, California
Date: July 17, 2006
Teachers: Nebadonia
Transmitter / Receiver: JL
Moderator: Student
  1. Contact with Our Spiritual Parents Changes Our Inner Definitions
  2. Your Relationship with the Supreme Being: Effort
  3. Growing the Ability of Pure Effort
  4. Apocalyptic Catastrophe
  5. Warfare and Crime
  6. Effort and Faith
  7. The Trial by Living
  1. Monjoronson (Monjoronson, N. Colo. TeaM 7.09.06) was saying that a coming… no time factor, but there’s coming a decimation of the human species. Human beings, from one-third to two-thirds, will be gone. Could You clear that up a little bit, please?

Santa Barbara Conference - WAVE; Machiventa; Serena; Monjoronson - Jul 22, 2006 -

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Date: July 22, 2006
Transmitter / Receiver: DD, AV, LS, RV
Moderator: Student
  1. Preparedness for serving Michael,
  2. Energy Weaving,
  3. Energy Signature of Monjoronson

Monjoronson~Serena~Elyon~Michael - ExpandingThe Spiritual Box

Location: North Idaho
Date: July 23, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Serena, Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Sheila
  1. Expanding the Spiritual Box;
  2. There is Always Connection;
  3. Love for, Love with, Love as;
  4. Follow Us

Zarath 072306 NOCO86 Gathering Forces To Change The World, The warning of Decimation

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #86 Boulder, Colorado
Date: July 23, 2006
Teachers: Zarath
Transmitter / Receiver: Jerry Evans
Moderator: Student
  1. Gathering Forces to Change the World
  2. Pure Joy of Associations
  3. Giving Hope to Others
  4. The Warning of Decimation
  5. Easing Your Fears
  6. Physical Preparations to Make for Disruption
  7. Wisdom of Sharing Warnings
  8. Space Exploration
  9. What Can Individuals Do about War?
  10. Choose Wiser Leaders
  11. Signs of the Apocalypse
  12. In Support of Monjoronson
  13. Sharing the News of the Magisterial Son

Monjoronson 072906 CCC~ Michael-Population Decimation Discussion

Location: Oakland, California
Date: July 29, 2006
Teachers: Christ Michael, Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Donna D’Ingillo
  1. Re: Planetary Changes

Monjoronson 073006 Elyon, Michael We Will Redesign The Kitchen

Location: North Idaho
Date: July 30, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
Moderator: Kirk
  1. 1.Essence and Expression;
  2. 2.My Communion;
  3. 3.Socialization;
  4. 4.Enter the Boat, Sit with Me.

Monjoronson 073106 MHT NegativePlanetaryEvents

Date: July 31, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: MHT
  1. 1.Timing of Negative Planetary Events
  2. 2.The Role of Spiritual Community
  3. 3.Remaining on the Planet in Morontial Form
  4. 4.Watchcare of the Family of Mission volunteers

Monjoronson 080606&092406 North Idaho~3Sessions~Michael, Planting Light Anchors

Location: North Idaho
Date: August 6, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan, Sheila Graves
Moderator: Jonathan, Sheila, Ginny, Harold
  1. Breathing
  2. Leveling of Love
  3. Light Anchors
  4. Pride
  5. Creators
  6. Free Will.

Michael 081906 North Idaho~Elyon~Machiventa~Monjoronson~Pioneers Of New Age

Location: North Idaho
Date: August 8, 2006
Teachers: Christ Michael, Monjoronson, Machiventa Melchizedek, Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Sheila
Moderator: John, Jael, Kathy
  1. My Words Through You,
  2. Be Intentional Now,
  3. Pioneers Of A New Age,
  4. Eyes Open,
  5. Inter-associated Projects,
  6. Gridworks Of Energy.
  1. Machiventa answers these questions:
  2. 1. How do I create energy?
  3. 2. Do we make it available through our contribution?
  4. 3. How do I get this energy through me and out?

Rayson 081306 NOCO 87 Monjoronson Asking Questions, Changes

Location: Morthern Colorado
Date: August 13, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Rayson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Student
  1. 1.Rayson:
  2. 2.Asking Meaningful Questions:
  3. 3.Kinds of Perspectives—what Information Is Sought?
  4. 4.Of the Messenger and the Message
  5. 5.The Reason Behind the Message—why Has the Tenor Changed?
  6. 6.Is There a Reaction?
  7. 7.Seeking Validation
  8. 8.Training Leaders for the Future
  9. 9.Influencing the New Civilization
  10. 10.Deciding Your Intention Toward Participation
  11. Monjoronson:
  12. 1.Circumstances Are Changing
  13. 2.The Antidote for Fear Is Awareness
  14. 3.Building Leadership in Mortal Ranks
  15. 4.An Opportunity to Participate Actively
  16. 5.Declare Your Intention to Serve as a Leader
  17. 6.Self-determination
  18. 7.Distribution of Resources
  19. 8.Forming New Societies
  1. 1.Forming Spiritual Communities—what Is Required?
  2. 2.Cooperative but Not Co-dependent
  3. 3.Responding to Subject of Armageddon & the Rapture
  4. 4.Activities of the Most Highs
  5. 5.More Info on Population Decimation
  6. 6.What about Atomic Bombs?
  7. 7.Middle East Is a Compounding Factor
  8. 8.Worry about Tomorrow Does Not Serve You Well
  9. 9.Remain Grounded in the Present