About Me

Post-graduation in Master of Computer Application (MCA) from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India. I always had special interest towards technology, whether it is about Computers, Electricals, Electronics, Mechanics or something else. I was creative by nature and like a scientist, I wanted to invent something new. I am working as a full time employee in an IT company and have almost mastered the art of coding skills. The goal of my life is to use all my 15 years of IT experience to form the biggest spiritual networking website, which is free from any commercial ads, politics, religion and everything which is not spiritual.

I was born in 1974 in a Hindu family, but I always felt that there is something more beyond the religion. I used to look at the sky and think about the mysteries of the universe. Science was not able to provide answers to the questions I had in my mind. Most of my life was full of struggle, and I never got anything easily. There was no guidance from parents or any relative or friends. It was due to the inner guidance from the spark of God, that I crossed all the obstacles in my life with ease. Started my career as an IT professional in 2000 and changed many companies but I didn't get the complete satisfaction. May be I had more to give than the company wanted from me.

I started seeing 11:11 prompt from 2005 onwards after my marriage. For the first 5 years I had no clue about what it is, and why I see 1111 or 11:11, which is beyond the laws of probability. Sometimes I used to think that it might have some connection with my previous life, but still I wasn't convinced about it. It is only in January 2011 that I came to know about that this is worldwide phenomenon and I am not alone. Then I came to know about George Barnard and Chris Maurus, the founders of 11:11 Progress Group and The Correcting Time sites respectively. And then my spiritual journey has started....

Now when I am awakened, and know something about the universe realities, my whole perception about how I see the world has changed. I see how news channels try to sell negative news, and how so called religious and spiritual gurus, play with the minds of the innocent people. Temples are being used for business and poor people who cannot buy temple ticket, are not allowed to go inside. Humanity is almost lost. There is darkness everywhere and everybody is running after the material wealth, as if there is no tomorrow. My aim is to use all the spiritual tools and technologies available and use them for the benefit of restoring the spirituality in this world and to bring the world one step closer to the age of Light and Life.

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