Rayson 101903 NOCO Presence Of Monjoronson -Respect

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: October 19, 2003
Teachers: Rayson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Student
  1. Preparations for the Magisterial Son
  2. Completion of circuits
  3. Preparation of mortals
  4. Why Urantia?
  5. Increases in morontial potential
  1. The "presence" of Monjoronson
  2. Caligastia’s fate
  3. Enhanced senses
  4. Example of community development
  5. Zero-point energy
  6. Reclamation project
  7. Disruptions and religious chaos
  8. Meeting Monjoronson
  9. Emulating respect for individuals

Rayson 11-21-04 NOCO58: Gabriel, AnnouncementTo Publish New Urantia Book Volume

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: November 21, 2004
Teachers: Rayson, Gabriel
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Second Revelatory Commission
  2. Organization, personnel and function
  3. Pronouncement of Inauguration
  4. Enhancement to the Urantia Papers
  5. Co-creative – mortals, midwayers & Melchizedeks
  6. Natural development – Rational, reasonable & timely
  7. Machiventa is the beginning presiding officer
  8. Monjoronson will take over when he is established
  9. Will not replace Urantia Papers
  10. Purpose: answer questions and provide additional information
  11. Dependent on development, not time
  12. Validation process
  1. Examine intentions for participation
  2. How will TR’s be involved?
  3. Who will publish these new papers?
  4. What is its relationship to the Urantia Book?
  5. More on purposes
  6. Important role of mortals
  7. An example given by Rayson
  8. What will not be included - example

Malvantra, Elyon - BalancedGrowth - Authority to speak the truth

Location: North Idaho
Date: February 20, 2005
Teachers: Elyon, Malvantra
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan, Mark Rogers
  1. Balanced growth
  2. Our authority to speak the truth

Elyon; Serena - Spirit is Like Water, Petitions, Force of Will, The Magisterial Mission

Location: North Idaho
Date: January 29, 2006
Teachers: Serena, Elyon, Christ Michael
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Jonathan
Moderator: Jonathan, Sheila, Warren
  1. Petitions,
  2. Force of Will,
  3. Deliberate Intention,
  4. Encircuiting in Energy Signatures,
  5. Various Questions.
  1. Discussion on intention and allowing, as well as wanting and whining
  2. Are we prepared for the shift?
  3. How will Serena look when we see her?
  4. Will the shift be gradual or sudden?
  5. Questions about being on Monjoronson's staff
  6. What beings will we work with?
  7. A circuitry question

Monjoronson; Elyon; Nebadonia - Adjustment - Your Grand Being- Solar System Metaphor

Location: North Idaho
Date: November 19, 2006
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Nebadonia
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Sheila
Moderator: Mark T., Evelyn
  1. 1. Adjustment,
  2. 2. Your Grand Being,
  3. 3. Love and Comfort.

Monjoronson; Serena; Elyon; Michael - Developing Capabilities - Four aspects of Rest -Savor Attainment

Location: North Idaho
Date: May 20, 2007
Teachers: Elyon, Christ Michael, Monjoronson, Serena
Transmitter / Receiver: Mary Rogers, Jonathan, Kathy
  1. Developing Capabilities,
  2. Savor The Attainment,
  3. Rest: Relaxation,
  4. Ease, Silence, Trust;
  5. He Who Knows Me Knows The Father.

Elyon - Adjuster Input Conditioned By Soul Experience

Location: North Idaho
Date: May 31, 2007
Teachers: Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Rick Giles

Michael, Elyon, Memory Loss & the Next Realm

Location: North Idaho
Date: August 5, 2007
Teachers: Elyon, Christ Michael
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
  1. Reach Beyond,
  2. Contact from the Dead,
  3. Memory Loss and the Next Realm,
  4. Mind and Brain,
  5. Fire the Grid. Teachers: Michael, Elyon

Group Anniversary, Perseverance, Be of Good Cheer. Teachers: Elyon, Michael.

Location: North Idaho
Date: November 7, 2007
Teachers: Elyon, Christ Michael
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan

Gabriel - New Potentials in Nebadon- Gabriel's role with Monjoronson

Location: North Idaho
Date: November 8, 2007
Teachers: Gabriel
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
  1. Experiencing supremacy in Nebadon
  2. The Willingness of the Father to be with you
  3. Learning to exercise your will and the will of the Father
  4. Gabriel's role in the Magisterial Mission with Monjoronson
  1. How do you, as the third in command in Nebadon, factor in to the Magisterial Mission?