Welcome to Magisterial Mission !!

"The mind truly is an undisciplined faculty of your whole being. In most people it is vastly unrecognized as trainable. You are admonished and advised to begin training your mind for right thinking. This is part of a conscious living, and living with intention, and these are important facets of who you are and who you become."

— Monjoronson

About Magisterial Mission

Welcome to MagisterialMission.org. If you find you have perhaps stumbled upon this website, consider the possibility that you may have been directed here, for what you are about to discover could alter your life. We are indeed living during a very special time on our planet. This site is being carefully assembled to announce the coming of a magisterial son of high divinity whom we know by the name of Monjoronson. He is expected to manifest in adult form during our lifetime. The purpose of this website is to introduce him to the world as one whose mission extends to all who reside on Earth. His message will include and at the same time transcend all religious and spiritual affiliations. He will represent the way of the Father, the First Source and Creator demonstrating for us the one family that we all belong to.

It is our goal to highlight certain communications we have received from him and to facilitate the mission he is currently leading on our behalf which will eventually bring our planet back to an orderly, peaceful and sustainable course.

In the words of Monjoronson he states,

“The laws of sustainability are well known in the universe on millions of planets--- except yours. You are beginning to come into the awareness of sustainable social laws, political laws—not the laws written in books, but the laws of behavior, the laws of decision---this is the law of harmony, this is the law of love. Your God, your creator, the First Source and Center loves you! What does that mean? It means simply that you live; you were begotten in a universe that is benevolent, beneficent and wholesome--- outside of the decisions of selfish and evil individuals who harm you… You live in a universe of love. This means that good begets good, and that oneness begets wholeness. You can be a part of this, and when your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, your decisions meld with others, then you are an agent of love. You are an agent of love and light.”

Though you will find that most of the communications on this site originate from a small movement of individuals who have been carefully and lovingly trained and directed to understand and facilitate this mission, we have been informed that Monjoronson has maintained a spiritual presence and influence on our planet and its associated realms for thousands of years and has been communicating with many others around the world. He is therefore known by different names among other populations.

In reference to this and his purpose for coming here, he says:

"You call me Monjoronson, but my name is not Monjoronson. Many groups around the world call me by different names. I am the anticipated Anointed One, the Holy One sent by God. …I am on a mission from Paradise as well, to uphold this work here and assist the mortals on this planet to rejoin the universe in peace and light and love.”

…“My presence on this planet has only been known for the last several years. It has however been anticipated for centuries as many religions do anticipate a personality of divine character who would come here and assist your world to be saved. My presence here is not to heal you by fait accompli, but by a co-creative participation with you where you make decisions to assist yourself and your world to uplift itself, to sustain itself into the future.”

This website is our co-creative effort with Monjoronson and his staff to bring his communications and words to the forefront in an effort to prepare others for his arrival. It is not our intention to document all communications from Monjoronson, but to provide communications that give what we consider to be a balanced, consistent and truthful picture of who Monjoronson is and the message he conveys. This website will be under a continual updating process. We anticipate that it will also include future communications from Monjoronson as well.

As you search the resources offered on this site, you will find documents that provide historical background of what has occurred on our planet. Search further and you will be guided to resources that assist you in understanding the cosmology of the universe that surrounds us. You may even discover why you are here in this time and space continuum.

In addition, you may choose to access our site on facebook, www.magisterialmission.org which provides biweekly lessons taken from the transcripts of our communications with Monjoronson. These short lessons 'link' back to the original transcript on this site in case you wish to read more.

Due to the nature of spiritual and human communications with Monjoronson at this time, it requires the cooperation of a human transmitter who at times may leave a human fingerprint to these messages. For this reason, we ask all who reads these communications, practice continual inner discernment in determining what rings true.

As each one of us awakens to our spiritual roots and discovers our role in this “Correcting Time” for our planet, we hope that you as a member of the human race will join us on behalf of this generation and many others to come in a unified effort to create a better world. We wish to extend a welcome to each one of you who chooses to contribute in your own unique way to this endeavor.