In the Name of My Brother

Location: Mattawan, Michigan US of A
Date: June 29, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

In the name of my brother, the Creator of this particular universe and from whom many of you have originated, I come to share what only He, Jesus of Nazareth known widely as Christ Michael can profess.  That there will be no resolution until each and every resident of this world is given the opportunity to assist in the return of this planet and its inhabitants to their rightful place beside our Father.

I come as a descending son, a Magisterial Son not only to judge the current status of this realm but to pour upon its inhabitants, the mercy that is required for you and yours to move forward.

Some will view my arrival as an omen, as something to dread and as a punishment for all the shameful acts that have occurred on this planet.  So, let me remind you once again, what I am actually here for.

It is through the love that prevails in the universe you inhabit, that I step forward to represent all those that witness your struggle and who see within your hearts a desire to bring to Earth, equity, peace and happiness. 

It is because of your misery, that I offer the view of another side of this self that you have created.  For the side of yourself that suffers, only recognizes the anguish that you feel.  And buried beneath that fear and frustration, buried beneath that anger and desperation, is your emerging soul that together with our Father you have also created.

It breaths with the memory of the spiritual world you have come from and the spiritual world in which you will return to. It speaks to the purity and compassion of the very source you were spawned from and reminds you of who you really are.  It rattles the cage you have put yourself in, and opens the door to the world beyond your suffering. 

I am here as tangible proof that your efforts have been noticed. That in the midst of confusion, you will rise to this challenge and find the hope and faith that will carry you.  And with that hope and faith you will once again detect the ever-gentle presence of He who resides within you.  It is He who converts your good deeds however small or large into an everlasting piece of your eternal soul.  It is He who follows your journey and who relieves your misery, as He gently guides you home.

So, I ask that you set aside the ominous proclamations from those who have misguided you. There will not be one coming from the Father or Christ Michael who exacts fear and revenge upon you. The global challenges you face are only the reverberations of a world that struggles to correct itself.  Know that the supreme signature of justice in the greater universe does not reflect the need for revenge or punishment that is commonly recognized as justice on this planet.  I am not here to express the wrath of God, for there is none in our Father nor in my brother.

As their representative, I am here to tell you that a Divine Father can only respond to His children through love, compassion and mercy.   That neither your Universal Father nor Christ Michael are the source, nor are they the voice of the fear, the guilt, the anger or the vengeance you feel.   I am here to show you that there are more merciful ways to correct the wrongful and heal the wounded.   I come to reveal that you are already in the presence of the One who can heal you.  And that it is my goal however long it takes, to help you create a world that represents the compassionate nature of your Creator. 

In the name of my brother, I come in peace and love to prepare this world for His return and to assist you in creating a civilization that is worthy of His arrival.