Elyon; Unknown; Monjoronson; Michael - Setting The Stage for Participants - Divine Plans Choosing Them Activating Them

Location: North Idaho
Date: May 16, 2000
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Unidentified
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  1. Setting the stage as a daily occurrence
  2. Taking the necessary steps to insure activation
  3. You may serve different roles
  4. Using the switch word, "togetherness" to set the stage

Abraham - Committing to the Mission - The Magisterial Son "Is Here"

Location: Wood Cross, S.E. Idaho
Date: July 27, 2001
Teachers: Abraham
Transmitter / Receiver: Bill
  1. The Magisterial Mission is Correlated with the Correcting Time
  2. Our Magisterial Son is here.
  3. Doing in the Light of a Longer View
  4. Making a Commitment

Daniel 020802 Magisterial Son Dispensation_More

Location: Group: Pocatello, Idaho
Date: February 8, 2002
Teachers: Daniel, Minearisa, Ham, Abraham, Aaron
Transmitter / Receiver: Bill
Moderator: Ken, Bob
  1. Speed of Progress - Soul Growth and Ascension
  2. Physiology - Another Factor in the Growth of Perfection Attainment
  3. Mansion Worlds are a Necessary Part of Universes
  4. Different Between the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Son’s Mission
  5. Words and Concepts as a Framework for Decisions and Actions
  6. Evidence of Progress
  7. Spiritual Growth is not Easy

Niagara Falls 2003 -Transcript 3- July 11, 2003 Conference Living Waters

Location: Niagara Falls, USA
Date: January 11, 2003
Teachers: Monjoronson, Machiventa Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Paramahansa Yognanda, Tomas
Transmitter / Receiver: Leoma Sparer, Eugenia Bryan, Gerdean, Stella Religa, Mark Greer, Simeon
  1. Getting to Know God
  2. The Higher Frequencies of Spirit

Elyon032303SpringCleaningOnSpiritualLevels, The beginning Age of the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson , Light & Life

Location: North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Date: March 23, 2003
Teachers: Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
Moderator: Ginny
  1. Spring Cleaning on a Spiritual Level
  2. Beginning Age of Magisterial Son, Monjoronson
  3. Monjoronson's Function
  4. How does the transition to Light & LIfe work?

Niagara Falls 2003 Transcrip #10 Living Waters Conference

Location: Niagara Falls, USA
Date: July 12, 2003
Teachers: Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Porshunta, Bertram, Mantouba, Tomas
Transmitter / Receiver: Judy Nyland, Wendy Creel, Tara Logan, Gerdean, Jim Cleveland

Elyon 072003 Monjoronson-Satisfaction-The Mission

Location: North Idaho
Date: July 20, 2003
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
  1. Satisfaction -Spiritually speaking, satisfaction begins your journey
  2. The Magisterial Mission
  3. Stir up the Love Dust

Monjoronson 092103 NOCO #40 Rayson- Changes In Planetary System-Senses

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: September 21, 2003
Teachers: Monjoronson, Rayson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Upliftment of Urantia
  2. Unexpected development
  3. Anticipation of Descending Son
  4. Co-creative reconstruction
  5. Michael’s resources
  6. Role of Monjoronson
  1. Details of Mortal/Morontial blending
  2. Enhanced senses
  3. Mortal responsibilities
  4. Bi-location
  5. Changes in planetary system
  6. New evolutional ways to uplift world
  7. Photon belt and Mayan calendar
  8. Genetically transferable in potential
  9. Determining readiness
  10. Relationship to physical/health problems

Monjoronson – A Magisterial Son. "Not A Random Moment in Time"

Location: Illawarra District, Australia
Date: September 23, 2003
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: George Barnard
  1. Not A Random Moment In Time.
  1. The gradual closing of one age and the beginning of a new spiritual age

AhmaNiden - The Coming Avonal Mission, What will Monjoronson begin to teach?

Location: Lafayette, Colorado
Date: December 1, 2003
Teachers: AhmaNiden Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: JoLin Johnson
  1. About the Coming Avonal Son (Monjoronson)
  2. What Will Monjoronson Begin to Teach?