Truth Comes in All Colors

Date: June 3, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

During these times of uncertainty and unrest, let us talk about truth.

Truth comes in all colors. It does not matter whether you are black, brown, yellow, red, or white.  It does not matter whether you are affiliated with blue or red.  It does not matter whether your flags, your groups, your race, your hair, your skin, or any other affiliation has color designated to it.  Truth is not restricted by such designations or color boundaries.   Yes, it is a fact that some have skin that is brown or white. Yes, it is a fact that some have hair that is yellow.  Yes, it may be a fact that one affiliates with a particular group. But this does not designate that you then have a monopoly on truth.

In your imperfect world, where from our perspective you are young and just beginning to grow toward perfection, truth is not static, it is often relative. Relative truth changes its view, its color, its status, from the conditions around it and by the way it is understood and perceived at the time.  It is why it is often so difficult for the people of your world to seek justice through truth because what is one person’s sense of truth is another’s falsehood. What one person experiences as truth, may be absent in the experience of another. Truth then shifts as individuals and whole collectives acquire experience.

To find true justice, you must acknowledge the existence of certain universal, agreed upon laws and then use them to accurately judge the color of the truth at that time.  And that my friends, in a world where some would rather stretch and distort the truth to gain or maintain power and privilege, requires continual discernment.   The conditions you live under today are not black and white.  There exist many shades of grey, many shades of all colors. Your very survival requires that you transcend the negative influences around you, that you weed out the distortions of others and that you find the purest indicators of where truth stands at the time so that you may understand and then secure justice for each other. 

Truth is best discerned through an open mind and a loving heart. By discerning through a window of objectivity and loving kindness, you are freed from fear and its emotional counterparts of helplessness, resentment, anger and vengeance.  You can more easily transcend opinion and access a more balanced overall view. A loving heart stimulates feelings of empathy, compassion, fairness and forgiveness. An open mind unifies you with others at times when divisiveness prevails.

And so, we ask that you brush up on your discernment skills.  Seek clarity in understanding the experiences that drive the motives of others.  Revisit the experiences within your past that drive your own motives.  And then measure this against the purest forms of truth, beauty and goodness to find the most enduring form of justice for your times.

From out vantage point we are encouraged to see that those who are standing up for the rights of others are from many races and realities. Use this as a sign that progress from the past has been made.  That regardless of one’s color or affiliation, there is emerging a critical mass of individuals who share in your concern for equal opportunity and justice.    That though we have traveled miles to reach this point, we have miles to go.  Yet as each new travesty and each new challenge is exposed, you are better equipped to find solutions that move you forward toward a future that will bring an equitable life of peace, joy and happiness to all.

We hope you will open your hearts and minds my friends and join us in bestowing the love to others that we bestow upon you as we travel this road together!