Zarath 072306 NOCO86 Gathering Forces To Change The World, The warning of Decimation

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #86 Boulder, Colorado
Date: July 23, 2006
Teachers: Zarath
Transmitter / Receiver: Jerry Evans
Moderator: Student
  1. Gathering Forces to Change the World
  2. Pure Joy of Associations
  3. Giving Hope to Others
  4. The Warning of Decimation
  5. Easing Your Fears
  6. Physical Preparations to Make for Disruption
  7. Wisdom of Sharing Warnings
  8. Space Exploration
  9. What Can Individuals Do about War?
  10. Choose Wiser Leaders
  11. Signs of the Apocalypse
  12. In Support of Monjoronson
  13. Sharing the News of the Magisterial Son

Nebadonia 071706 MarinTM Warfare & Crime

Location: Mill Valley, California
Date: July 17, 2006
Teachers: Nebadonia
Transmitter / Receiver: JL
Moderator: Student
  1. Contact with Our Spiritual Parents Changes Our Inner Definitions
  2. Your Relationship with the Supreme Being: Effort
  3. Growing the Ability of Pure Effort
  4. Apocalyptic Catastrophe
  5. Warfare and Crime
  6. Effort and Faith
  7. The Trial by Living
  1. Monjoronson (Monjoronson, N. Colo. TeaM 7.09.06) was saying that a coming… no time factor, but there’s coming a decimation of the human species. Human beings, from one-third to two-thirds, will be gone. Could You clear that up a little bit, please?

Rayson 043006 NOCO82_Instability Increasing & Update On Monjoronson's Activities

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #82 Loveland, Colorado
Date: April 30, 2006
Teachers: Rayson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Student
  1. Increase of Energy and Vibrations
  2. Creates Movement Towards Love
  3. May Cause Difficulty for Some Individuals
  4. Creates Rapid Social Change
  5. Remain Centered and Grounded at All Times
  6. Nervous Energy and Aggressive Behavior
  7. Pay Attention to Your Spiritual Health
  8. Energy Will Continue to Increase
  9. Intentional Effort to Destabilize Powerful Political Elements
  10. Breaking Old Bonds
  11. Need for Peacemakers
  12. How Long Will Energy Increases Continue?
  13. Techniques for Remaining Strong
  14. Maintain Daily Practice of Spiritual Growth
  15. To Inaugurate Era of Peace
  16. Joint Administration with Machiventa
  17. Building a Larger Culture of Leadership
  18. Beings of Maintenance and Renewal of Energy Circuits
  19. Monjoronson’s Many Functions
  20. Will Be Bounded by Time but Not Energy
  21. Basic Requirements of Staff
  22. Simplify Your Life and Prepare for New Activities
  23. Benevolent "Conspiracy"
  24. Making the Decision to Be "Saved"
  1. Christian confusion about the Magisterial Son being the anti-Christ

Zarath040206 NOCO 81 Fires Of The Spirit - News Media Manipulation - Update on Monjoronson

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #81 Loveland, Colorado
Date: April 2, 2006
Teachers: Zarath
Transmitter / Receiver: Jerry Evans
Moderator: Student
  1. Fires of the Spirit
  2. Manipulation by the News Media
  3. Update on Monjoronson
  1. Seeing with Physical or Spiritual Vision
  2. Personal Questions on Building Community
  3. Showing Respect and Honor Vs. Worship
  4. Dealing with Fear

Nebadonia - Preparation For World Changes Arrival of Magisterial Son - Nov 17, 2005 - CCC

Location: Center for Christ Consciousness, Oakland, CA
Date: November 17, 2005
Teachers: Nebadonia
Transmitter / Receiver: Donna D’Ingillo
  1. Preparation for the World’s Changes
  2. Arrival of Magisterial Son
  3. Forgiveness


Location: Marin TM Group, Mill Valley, CA
Date: November 14, 2005
Teachers: Nebadonia
Transmitter / Receiver: JoLin Johnson
Moderator: Student
  1. Michael and Mother Spirit on Our Lives
  2. Your Mind Has No Limits
  3. Attitude
  4. Getting Ready for Monjoronson
  5. The Mercy of Forgiveness
  6. Beaming Love into Everyone

Elyon; Serena - The Deep Presence of Spirit, The Two Fold Manner of Monjoronson's Mission - Oct 23, 2005 - North Idaho

Location: North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Date: October 23, 2005
Teachers: Elyon, Serena
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
Moderator: Tom
  1. Two Fold Manner of Monjoronson's Mission
  2. The Power of Personal Growth
  3. The Power of Soul Attainment
  4. The Deep Presence of Spirit

NOCO #72 - Rayson: Monjoronson; Serena; Machiventa; Michael - My Mission Begins With You - Sep 24, 2005 - Colorado

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #72 Loveland, Colorado
Date: September 24, 2005
Teachers: Rayson, Serena, Machiventa Melchizedek, Christ Michael
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Messages from:
  2. Rayson: Moderator
  3. Serena:
  4. Pro-tem Chief of Staff for Monjoronson
  5. Assignments and Appointments of Staff Members
  6. Monjoronson: Plans Are Beginning to Materialize
  7. Live in the "Now"
  8. Economy of Souls
  9. Machiventa:
  10. Tough Times, but Not "End Times
  11. Great Souls of Great Character
  12. Who Is a Leader?
  13. Planetary Energies
  14. Wars of Morality
  15. Reasons for Careful Preparation
  16. Christ Michael:
  17. Joyful Responsibilities
  18. What Monjoronson Gave up to Be Here
  19. His Greatest Challenges
  20. Have Trust
  21. Be Open to Be Led
  22. Enact Faith, Trust, & Faith Values
  23. Q & A:
  24. Meetings with Serena
  25. Technique of Sharing with Ub Readers
  26. Warning Friends Without Panic
  27. Jesus-style Meditation
  28. Validation of New Energy

Simeon - About This List and Monjoronson - Jul 01, 2005 - Helen Whitworth; Illawara, AU

Location: Illawara, AU / Nottingham, England
Date: July 1, 2005
Teachers: Simeon
Transmitter / Receiver: Helen Whitworth
  1. Monjoronson

Acknowledgement of Monjoronson's involvement on our planet

Location: Illawarra District, Australia
Date: January 18, 2005
Teachers: Midwayer Chief Bzutu
Transmitter / Receiver: George Barnard
  1. Acknowledgement of Monjoronson's foreseeable arrival
  2. Answers to inquiries of Monjoronson