Stand Tall in the Winds of Change

Date: August 14, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

Monjoronson:  Stand Tall in the winds of change.   Bend as a willow and you will not break. And as your thoughts scatter like leaves in the wind, see the possibilities that emerge and know that there is more than one way to hear, more than one option that works, more than one way to validate truth and more than one way to share our message with others.

Look out at the windblown landscape and discern truth.  Do not let the words of others restrict you from believing what you feel in your heart.  Do not let others challenge a method that works for you.  Question those who insist there is only one way, for these may be signs of contamination and control.  You live in a world of diversity that provides many paths to truth.  What works for one, may not be the path of another.   And because of this, you must discern.

Do not be afraid of the force of this wind for it may take much to uncover the shackles that bind you from discovering truth.   Stand tall in the wind and wait for clarity to emerge as each gust settles into a new view, a deeper understanding of the chaos that surrounds you, a new vision of truth and what it may take to move into the future.

Know that as your life is impacted by the strength of this storm, that you will require rest and you will require recovery, so allow for that. Step back and provide yourself with moments of hope, peace and relaxation.   You are not machines, you are living, breathing, feeling, spiritual beings who must navigate the winds with confidence, yet also with care, contemplation, and mindfulness.

And if the winds of change dismantle your most precious dreams, know that there is a voice within that provides you with answers to your questions and concerns.  You are never alone.   Know that there is a plan and a purpose even in the fiercest of storms.   And that even in the most devastating aftermath, there will be a way that leads to a brighter, more sustainable future.  Stand tall my friends and understand that we have your back even in the most dire circumstances.

Be open, be flexible, be willing to listen to the howls of the wind, and to the rustle of a gentle breeze because each will provide you with a different perspective, a different piece of the puzzle.   And then when you hear the whisper within of beauty, goodness, compassion and love, follow it where it leads you, for in the calm aftermath of the storm, this will be your rainbow.