The Future is Yours to Choose

Date: April 10, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

It may be hard to take your thoughts away from current events, my friends.  But let me encourage you to digress a bit from your daily reminders and travel with me into future possibilities. As you may have noticed life goes on despite this crisis.  Weather changes, animals flock to new destinations and chores still await you, as you slowly adjust to some new routines.  And though you may find yourself distracted by media cries of the latest model and the daily counts of this current crisis, behind the scenes, your technological community hurls forward. You are living in such fast times that if you blink twice in a row, you just might miss an innovation that could change your life.

There was a time when those of you who wished to serve this mission desired the ability to contribute more time to this life.  We heard early cries for life extension and indeed we responded in kind by saying “Yes, we could support that possibility.”

Not knowing for sure how this would develop, some then waited for the magic wand to appear and with the flick of a wrist and the spray of fairy dust, you would find yourself on the road to a much longer life.  And though we have said for many years, that in this universe, all things are possible… you began to realize that this very belief requires a certain degree of participation on your part for such measures to manifest.   Some have already discovered that the choice of who would live longer, would not be ours to choose, but yours.

Those who have put their noses to the grindstone to improve their lifestyles through healthy sustainable habits may have indeed found themselves feeling years younger with minds that are still spry and in turn we have supported your efforts.  And yet even with these positive outcomes, you may wonder will this actually lead to years of life extension?

Let us point out to you now, that indeed in your lifetime there are new developments that may actually allow you this possibility.  Innovations that in the first years of your request were mere pipe dreams, have now begun to take shape as actual realities. Your scientists are discovering how to use components within you that can actually regenerate parts of your body requiring less surgery and longer lasting results.

We have shared with you that the science of your time is not a separate entity from your spiritual existence but indeed an integral component in the impetus for future longevity. We have also shared that within yourselves and the vehicles you inhabit lie the potential for self-healing.  And so, we ask that you look around at the innovations that you are just awakening to, one being a whole new field called epigenetics that as it unfolds, holds the key to a regenerative and extended life.

There is no longer the question of which influences you more, nature vs. nurture.  The latest discoveries reinforce the fact that you have not been unduly restricted by genetic predispositions, but instead it is actually the environment that you create around you that serves as the lever to excite and turn on genetic expression. You have more control over your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by merely manipulating your own environment than you ever understood before.  This new innovative field is there at your fingertips for you to explore and to make use of.

So, what creates a healthy environment and allows your body to express the healthy activation of genes?  It is an environment that is rich in the most nurturing aspects of life…good nutrition, sound sleep, adequate exercise, healthy interpersonal relationships, opportunity, and a degree of challenge. Most important though is a healthy inner environment where meditative practices, self-control, curiosity and determination allow learning and growth to occur.   Yes, it is true as your scientists are now discovering, that the major influence in creating a healthy environment is in maintaining a healthy consciousness.

It is important to note that your body can only respond to one stimulus at a time. You as a conscious being must choose to either promote growth through a healthy frame of mind or activate protection through a stress filled one. This is why we say to you, “First choose to reduce your stress”.

Humans are indeed electro-magnetic beings who make use of the electromagnetic spectrum that surrounds you. It not only fuels your body but it serves as fuel for future innovations.  Your scientists have discovered that those who indulge in electromagnetic applications have mixed health results not only depending upon the level of exposure but also the environment they create within themselves.

The ability to tolerate electromagnetic waves has more to do with your consciousness than you may realize since it has been shown that under stressful, fear-ridden conditions, you activate stress hormones, that actually leave you more susceptible to the harmful impact of electromagnetic waves. You cannot separate your physical health from your mental and spiritual well-being.  What you choose to think, manifests into what you are, on all levels.

You are entering an era where your society is beginning to apply artificial intelligence research to all avenues of your life.   So as new innovations from advanced technology surface, we suggest you take time to inform yourself about the possible benefits and risks.  These too will have mixed results.

It is important that you remember that though you are technologically advanced in many areas, you are lagging behind in others.   Your species is still quite young in social and moral development as well as in your understanding of the biochemical aspects of the material bodies you inhabit.

At this time in your development, you are just beginning to explore the tremendous potentials within your own mind. Through technological advances, some are discovering ways to connect the biology of the brain to small computer chips that may actually control your media machines without literally having to lift a finger. It is at this point when we say to you, exercise caution before you imbed computerized chips into your brain mechanism. By doing so, you may avoid harm to innate and natural abilities that have not yet developed and that you have not yet even become aware of.

These are fast growing times.  You are seeing that technological advances do not exist alone but will impact all aspects of your life. Technology will continually challenge your ability to determine if certain innovations will serve your society not just for convenience or for life extension, but for moral and social reasons as well. It will require the determined practice of a well-balanced and healthy mindfulness to direct you down a path that will not only add to the quantity but also the quality of your remaining years on this planet.

So, let us not become too distracted by the fearful cries of current events but look to the future with a healthy consciousness.  Bath your inner world with the ‘fruits of spirit’ that have been bestowed upon you, those of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Then contemplate your future in a technologically advanced world with social and moral discernment.  You may then truly realize your dream of finding that fountain of life extension and you can expect that we will be there to support you. Dear ones, always remember, the future is yours to choose.