Contemplating Future Possibilities

Date: November 9, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

Monjoronson: We have noticed that there are many eyes on the United States of America after an election that indicates even a deeper divide among its constituents than ever before. What does this mean to you as spiritual beings in this world?  How shall you respond to such a dilemma?

It matters less on which side you sit and more on what your view is, not only for the future of this country but also for the future of your world.  Before one can support plans for the future, you must first know where you are headed. 

We have stated that you have many options, many paths at your disposal all of which provide a different journey.  What must be clear to you in your choosing is the desired end result.

We would hope that you have already chosen to assist your world toward the will of the Father….which would be an enlightened and equitable future for all.  You may wish to ask yourself have we moved closer or further away from His will?  And through this process, you must then ask, can you reach this same desired result by any means?

In your most recent contemplations, you have been challenged by those who have purposely distorted the truth.  And to this day, we see that many are still influenced by these brainwashing techniques that feed your anger, distort your logic and sabotage your heart as you struggle to define the difference between falsehood and truth. 

What will provide you the better avenue toward truth… the stimulation of your emotions, the logic of your mind or the intuitive calling of your heart?   This depends on how well developed you have become in unifying all three avenues so that you can derive from each one an astute response.  And this my friends requires the activation of your God-given personality that aligns and unifies your human identity with the will and the way of the Father.

Morality is not determined as well by words, as it is by actions.  The development of your soul depends on how well you are able to align your emotions, your logic and your intuition so that it invariably encourages moral action.  What good is an emotion that is fed by anger?  What good is a logic if it is not based on the reality that what is done to one will ultimately effect all.  And what good is an intuition full of heartfelt love and unity if you do not express this in your actions?

You are spiritual beings who when unveiled of your human state will return to a better sense of your unified oneness with God.  For now, though, you have been placed in the deep density of a world that reflects division and separation so that you can understand these parts of yourself and in so doing respond to each part in a way that returns you to the womb of your creation.  This will not be accomplished by the development of one part without the understanding, development and coordination of all parts.  

So we say to you first, you must feel and know your desired result for this world and then you must pick the journey that seeks to expand and unify an understanding of your emotions, your intellect and your heart.  For only then can your true personality express its God-given gifts in a way that will unify you toward moral actions and that will inevitably provide weight and substance to your eternal soul.

When one part dominates another, we urge you to enter into a place of stillness, to call upon the Fragment of God within you who guides you and to seek His will in a way that will provide you with the clarity you need to determine the best choice. That will truly lead to a more unified moral action.  May these words assist you in your contemplation of future possibilities.