The Current Reality of Vaccines

Date: May 18, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

Vicki:  I am struggling right now in identifying the healthiest most honest way to look at some issues that are surfacing and that I have been investigating.  I truly feel some feedback from you would help me.  Are you willing to discuss this with me?

Monjoronson:  Yes, let’s proceed.

Vicki: Ok. Well let me get right to it… how do you feel about our current vaccination practices?

Monjoronson: Let me say first, the need to take measures that will control widespread illness on your planet is a necessary endeavor. As we have spoken of this many times before, the lack of adequate upgrades that were denied your species early in your evolution, have left you now inundated with pathogens of many origins that compromise the health of your populations.

Your planet is tremendously overpopulated which lends itself to the immediate spread of pathogens that at earlier times humans may not have been exposed to or which may not have had an opportunity to develop to pandemic proportions. 

In addition, due to neglect and mismanagement of precious natural resources and the continual pollution occurring in your water, your soil, and your air, you are now producing pathogens that feed on these polluted remains.

Though some headway has been made to control these pathogens through vaccines, therapeutics and social practices, there is still a strong need for further advancement in these areas.  Unfortunately, it has also been a common practice among some to control the research and development of these vaccines and therapeutics for political and financial gain. In the process they have restricted some of the least harmful and most efficacious possibilities to control and eradicate these pathogens.

Though we see breakthroughs in healthy sustainable practices among some in your populations, there are just as many who are unwilling to open their minds to the need for change.  And they will take extreme measures to restrict the development of new and more natural options.

Vicki:  There is a rising movement among our populations to restrict, refuse or re-evaluate the current use of vaccinations.  How do you feel about this Monjoronson?  Are you in favor or opposed to these vaccinations?

Monjoronson:  It is not a question of need here.   If you are to overcome the increased payload of diseases among your species, you must continue to dedicate an ample of amount of resources toward the research and development of effective deterrents. 

At this time, you have had what we would call a spotty success at eradicating or treating some of these illnesses.  Unfortunately, in some cases the cure is as harmful as the disease itself. Though some individuals receive current vaccinations without an apparent negative reaction, we see others experience side effects resulting from the chemicals that are being used in these vaccinations that actually feed the development of other illnesses.  The side effects for some are immediate but in others they accumulate with each new dose and they lay dormant until months or years later. 

Some of you are just beginning to connect the dots to the harmful additives in your current vaccines and pharmaceuticals and even your foods. As one example, through the use of these additives, the contents of these vaccines are capable of crossing blood brain barriers and exposing your brain to harmful substances that do not belong there.

In addition, your limited testing and regulatory practices of these vaccines do not yield a good representation of what is or is not safe for the vast majority of your populations. At times, your scientific procedures have been compromised by small sampling numbers and placebos that are not neutral but contain harmful additives as well that then skew the results. Because of this, as you add more and more vaccinations to already tightly spaced schedules, amounts of these additives are no longer miniscule in quantity and more individuals in your populations are beginning to develop serious side effects.

This is well known to some in your society, often those whose loved ones have been adversely affected and at times with devastating results. This is also known to your judicial agencies, since it has been brought to their attention with many documented cases.

It is again a problem of certain individuals who wish to hide what they already know are poor testing and regulatory practices but who are unwilling to take the proper measures to insure safe results.

And then there are those with good intentions, who see these current vaccinations as the only option to protect the world’s populations and who perhaps have not investigated this thoroughly enough to discover where the breakdown in testing and trials occur and to the degree that it is actually affecting others.

Vicki: And so there lies the crux of it.  We are caught up in a dilemma. So, what are we to do?

Monjoronson: In every era of your evolution and development, humankind has sought solutions to the challenges you faced.   Often, the only ones available or accepted at the time were those that added an additional negative load to the health and wellbeing of your planet and the species that inhabit it.  Most of you now carry unsafe levels of heavy metals and harmful chemicals within your bodies as a result of these early efforts.  Some are just becoming aware of it and are seeking alternative methods to remove them.

It is from the building of this awareness, that your species will seek and eventually find better alternatives.  In the meantime, it would be prudent to open your eyes to this reality.  It is only through one’s willingness to look beyond his or her own long held beliefs, that correction and progress can be made.

Vicki. This is such a difficult time to challenge vaccines it seems since we are in the midst of a pandemic that has literally shut down our societies and devastated certain parts of our economy. I am concerned that it will create even more divisiveness among our populations.   What do you say to this, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: Your scientists are preparing vaccines that they hope will be administered to the entire population of your planet.  Wouldn’t it be wise to closely scrutinize all stages of their development and to monitor the composition of these products to ensure their safety for a widely diverse population?

I say to you again, with challenge comes opportunity.  When the eyes and ears of so many are on the production of a vaccine to control this virus…it becomes a perfect time to draw attention to the quality of testing and regulatory practices of all vaccines and pharmaceutical developments. It is the perfect opportunity to not only develop products to control or eradicate this virus, but also to explore ways of improving the future development and management of existing vaccines and therapeutics so that they are safer and more efficacious.  I would caution against the desire to rush or cut back on the time and procedures needed to truly test these products.

Some of you are already discovering that this will require more than one option and more than just a vaccine.  Your overall health affects the results.  Which means, you must also scrutinize and improve upon your daily habits as well.

Vicki:  Yes, of course that makes perfect sense!  Which brings up another point and that is the universal requirement for all to be vaccinated.  How do you view such a requirement?

Monjoronson: I would be remiss if I said to you that all should be required to be vaccinated.   We must always remember the driving force in our universe is to protect one’s free will.  In saying this, it places a huge responsibility on individuals. It is important that you be informed at times like these. It is indeed your responsibility to choose wisely and to make a decision that is based on adequate investigation of the facts and careful consideration of your unique situation as well as that of humanity.    This is not a decision we will make for you.  It is one you must make for yourself.

We will say that above all, when it comes to deciding what will be injected or ingested into your body, your freedom must be retained. This is not only important for the retention of your free will but for the sake of your diverse physical compositions as well.   I would be very cautious in allowing others to make this decision for you.

For those who cannot make this decision on their own such as the very young, the very old and the very ill, then we must employ another important principle in our universe and that is to do no harm.  Learn what you can about their health conditions and when you decide on a treatment, observe your loved ones carefully for possible side effects.

We ask that you not put your head in the sand, but to educate yourself. Many of you are discovering that it is necessary not just to rely on medical authority, but to rely on what you know about the diverse nature of your own bodies to make intelligent and well-informed decisions.  So, it becomes all the more important that you respect the rights of others to make the appropriate decision for themselves and their dependent loved ones as well.

Vicki: Thank you for this advice, Monjoronson.  I see us now facing one of the biggest paradoxes of all and that is what comes first? Is it the health and welfare of billions of people or the health and welfare of our economies?  It is not an easy decision since they are so dependent upon one another.  Could we wrap up this session with a comment from you on this?

Monjoronson:  Yes. Indeed.  During this current crisis, you are facing paradoxes that you may not have been aware of before and there appears to be no easy answers.   As is true in all of life’s dilemmas, you are entering a trial and error period. A carefully thought out and balanced approach is needed.  As a member of society, you are becoming acutely aware that whatever you decide will not only impact the health and welfare of yourself but also that of your sisters, your brothers, your significant others and those that are dependent upon you, young and old.

How will you respond?  To what degree will you be willing to unselfishly give up some freedom in order to ensure the safety of others?   And what is the proper balance between restoring your economic status and reducing the risk to others as well? 

These are not easy questions to answer.  They are fraught with paradox and loaded with social, and moral issues.  It is why we say to you, do not lose sight of who you are and what your purpose is, in this life you are leading. 

Prepare for the change that is occurring.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Find the flexibility within you to adapt.

Exercise your right to speak up when need be, but do so only after you have engaged in an adequate and objective investigation of what is fact and what is fiction.   The quality of the decisions you make are not always weighed by bad or good intentions.  One’s intention can be very good and yet be based on false information.   You must investigate. 

Do not be threatened by those who have a different point of view. Exercise your right to hear diverse viewpoints. You must learn to listen carefully and objectvely to one another and to sort through other’s theories for the kernels of truth.    This is the only way you will be able to navigate the muddied waters of opinion that exists in your societies today.

Move forward with confidence and know that you have within you the determination and creativity to find viable solutions.  Yes, insist on strict testing standards and encourage those in authority to open these tests to other more natural treatments that support and do not compromise the healing energies within your bodies.  If you find a need to change your view in order to take the higher road, know that you and your fellows will be better off for it. 

And when your investigations do not render a clear answer for you, go within and we will be there to guide you. Though we cannot make these decisions for you, we are here to shine a light on the issues that surface and assist you in defining what is good and true.

These uncertain times provide the potential for great progress.   We have hope that you will be able to stand up to the challenges and courageously make a difference.  I extend my blessings, compassion and love to each and every one of you.

Good Day!