Heads Up! We Are Prompting You

Date: March 27, 2020
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

Machiventa: Greetings from this neck of the woods….in the space I share with the United Midwayers of Urantia…those who have been sending you prompts, as long as some of you can remember.

We ask that you think back to your very first prompts when for some reason, they grabbed your attention. At that very early time, they may have seemed like nothing more to you than an amusement, a quirk of coincidence. But as time went on, what appeared to be a coincidence took on new meaning. You began to explore, to share these prompts with others only to discover that you were not the only one receiving them. And that is when you may have felt the first stirrings of belonging to a membership much larger than you could wrap your thoughts around.

We have gathered together, so that you may know that on this side, we are united in our efforts to rehabilitate your world. Though the Triumvirate of Christ Michael, Monjoronson and myself provide the leadership for this mission, you have now heard the voices of others, residing throughout this vast domain of our Father, each having much to share, much to contribute to your growth and development and to the welfare of your planet.

We are hoping that this opened the door to a new world for you, a crossing of the realms so to speak, a discovery that there is much to experience beyond your existence on this material plane.

And now, we say to you, “Heads Up!” and remind you as well, that included in these prompts will most likely be a message. Yes, our prompts tell you what you have come to understand…that we have a presence among you and that you are not alone, but do not walk away without knowing, that we wish to share something of added significance as well… a personal message designed for you and specifically related to your place in time.

With each prompt, we ask that you pause, and listen long enough to create a space for us, so that you may download the contents of the message. And when you can, we ask that you take the time to sit back and ponder, in a state of calm, in the quiet moments of stillness… and listen with your heart.

It may come to you in many forms… an insight, a reminder, or a feeling. You may see an image, hear a song or feel an urgency to lend someone a hand. It may even highlight for you the significance of something you were doing at that time. Though the possibilities are endless, know that however you perceive it, a message is waiting, that includes you in this larger family, that may extend your awareness, assist you in a time of need, or that may propel you toward an action.

And on any given day, if you notice a relentless stream of prompts, that beg you to ask, “What does that mean?” It would be wise to pay attention and to seek an answer within. For this will be a true sign that you are being called to respond.

I leave you with the thought that, prompts have a purpose, that you have been prepared and that you are now ready to receive. As your Planetary Prince, the ruler of your world, I wish you a day of purpose and peace.