The Earthbound Borderland: Cleansing the Grid

Date: February 2, 2018
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden

(Publicly released December 11, 2020)

Vicki:  Good Evening Monjoronson. 

Monjoronson: Good evening my friend.

Vicki: It appears from conversations I’ve had with those doing this work and from a collection of recent transmissions, that we have another campaign to clean the grid.  Can you validate this for us?

Monjoronson:  Yes, we have once again accumulated a number of earthbound incarnates and negative thought forms that are weighing down the collective consciousness on your planet.  This requires that we step up our effort to cleanse this part of our borderland realms that surround the Earth.

Vicki: From what I understand, this will be an ongoing project.  Am I correct?

Monjoronson: As long as there are individuals who for some reason are landlocked to the Earth from fear at the time of their passing, and others who leave traces of negative and malevolent energy, we will continue to require frequent sweeps to rid these realms of unnecessary influences. 

Your planet is undergoing massive changes.  Though we see continual progress and significant change in the consciousness of the human inhabitants on Earth, there is a turbulence that results in the minds of many as they experience this change at a much faster pace.  There are also those who want nothing more than to hold on to antiquated, destructive and unproductive habits.   It is almost as if they dig in their heels and refuse to move on. 

This will continue for generations. It will require a concerted effort to rid this collective consciousness of the negative vestiges of rebellion as we move in a slow and steady pace toward the path originally planned for the evolution of your planet.  The cleansing of this grid of energy that encompasses your planet is part of the co-creative effort of both humans and spirit beings.

Vicki:  Having witnessed the effort of some of the humans doing this work, I know that it presents its challenges.   It requires long hours, expended energy and for some interrupted sleep patterns to mention a few.  I am amazed at the determination and courage exhibited by these people.  They deserve our recognition and gratitude.  Don’t you think?

Monjoronson:  Absolutely.  They are contributing much to those who reside on Earth and the majority of your population is unaware of the service these individuals provide.  There are some who have maintained an ability to do this work over a large span of time and some who work at full time employment all day and then do this work at night. We are truly grateful to all the seen and unseen participants of this project for whatever time they give.

Vicki: There is one piece that confuses me.  It appears that many are calling this place where these earthbound individuals and these negative energies reside, ‘the borderland’.  Yet for those of us who read the Urantia book, the borderland is referred to as a much larger area including the mansion worlds that we reside on after leaving Earth. I believe it includes all of the Morontial realms between the material and spiritual worlds. In fact at one point the Urantia book talks about how much we will enjoy living in this borderland.  It does not sound like we are talking about the same places.   Am I correct?

Monjoronson: You are indeed.  The term, borderland is used to define these realms.  This term is often used to describe the border areas of many other realms as well.  It is another example of the limitations we confront in our attempt to use the vocabulary in your language to describe superhuman concepts.  The   borderland areas where these negative energies and earthbound individuals reside is not a place that most individuals will experience as they pass from their life on Earth to the mansion worlds.   

Vicki:  Since we do not wish to confuse readers, what do you suggest we do?

Monjoronson:  A simple qualifying term would suit the purpose.  This is an ‘earthbound’ phenomena where these individuals are unable or unwilling to break away from earthly attachments.  Perhaps that could be the qualifying term.

Vicki:  That is what I was thinking.  This then could be described as the ‘earthbound borderland’ by those who choose to differentiate.   

Monjoronson: Correct. That sounds like a worthy solution. 

Vicki:  Is there anything else you wish to share Monjoronson?

Monjoronson:  We have covered this topic well in the past but it never hurts to refresh one’s memory and to expand one’s understanding.  We continue to see much confusion among the Earth populations regarding malevolent spirits and their ability to influence others.  So, let me remind our readers that since the bestowal of Jesus Christ and the time referred to as the Pentecost, no spiritual entity can enter the mind or body of another without one’s permission. 

The universe is a friendly place, a place of learning. Your planet has experienced a considerable ‘clean up’ since adjudication of this rebellion. The number of those in the universe who participate in nefarious activities is really quite small.  And those individuals who reside in the Earthbound areas of the borderland are for the most part quite harmless. 

This may be an appropriate time to emphasize how important it is that you protect yourselves and your young ones from the dark imaginations of those who produce books, movies, games and other media that portrays dark spirits, demons, etc.. in the throes of much violence and that then exaggerate the ability of these beings to do harm to others. Many are unable to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy. This contributes extensively toward the confusion and fear we see in those who become earthbound at the time of their passing.  The fears and misconceptions they harbor in their minds produces prolonged suffering and significant delays in their spiritual progress.

My presence on your planet as a representative of the Universal Father is to demonstrate for you what is ‘truth’ supported by universal laws and principles.  For too long you have been fooled by the misrepresentations of those who incited this rebellion, instilled so much fear in humankind and then discouraged any form of spiritual communication.  That is why it takes a concerted effort to free yourselves of unnecessary fears and to trust your ability to receive.

I encourage you to communicate with your Divine Monitor within and to seek the help of your guardian angels, spirit guides, midwayers, and mansion world teachers. You are also free to contact the leaders of this Correcting Time who form a triumvirate consisting of Christ Michael (Jesus), Machiventa Melchizedek and myself. Since the adjudication of this rebellion, circuits are now opened and many lightworkers in the spirit world are available to you. 

In most situations, a simple intention or request to receive only ‘beings of light’ is all you need to secure a circuit that is free from malevolent energies.

Vicki:  Thank you Monjoronson for taking the time to clarify, validate, and review this information.

Monjoronson: You are most welcome.  I would encourage all transmitters to practice validation for one another and not to be concerned if one answer varies from another. There are often so many ways to answer the same question that you would find your knowledge base expanding.  And when there are discrepancies, we count on each one of you to practice discernment and to do so with respect for one another.  

We understand that these are uncertain and challenging times but know my brothers and sisters that there are many in the spiritual world that look upon your lives with admiration for the courage and effort you exhibit toward the spiritual progress on your planet.  Good Evening to all.