You Cannot Be Overly Prepared for a Pandemic

Date: March 13, 2020
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Pandemic

Date: Friday March 13, 2020 - 8:35 A.M.

Vicki: We are in the middle of what could be the most significant pandemic we have experienced in our lifetime. There are those who wonder if we are taking adequate measures to ensure the care for all who may suffer from the Coronavirus. I have been asked to approach you with your take on this. Are you willing to discuss this at this time?

Monjoronson: Yes, Let’s engage this topic now.

Vicki: First, do you have an opening statement to make?

Monjoronson: Yes. Let me say this, you cannot be overly prepared for what is about to take over your world. You have some world statistics in your hands. Now the question is whether the leaders of your countries are willing to take the appropriate measures to ensure that there are enough resources to adequately fulfill the need for hospitals and clinics to respond. We have already seen where those who are taking a very aggressive approach to this virus have been able to curtail the rising number of serious illness and death.

Vicki: You mention the statistics and yet there are some who feel that our statistics here in the U.S. are not accurate due to lack of testing resources. Is that a concern?

Monjoronson: Yes, I would say your statistics are woefully underestimated. Your communities have been exposed to this virus for quite some time before testing occurred. Your statistics do not represent the number of people who have already been exposed and who are unable to verify this through testing. The steps that are now taking involving increased testing, travel restrictions, working from home, social distancing and temporary financial support for the needy are all highly effective measures and I commend the citizens and leaders of these countries for having the courage to do this. This will indeed save lives.

Please remember, in a pandemic as dire as this one, the most important resource you must manage is time. You cannot delay the need to prepare ahead of time over your concerns for monetary issues. We have consistently seen within some of your governments, a naivety and stubbornness that has resulted in life threatening delays to mobilize your resources in preparation for the spread of this virus.

In addition, we also discourage those who choose to respond in fear of this situation. This is a time when a level head is necessary and when common sense must reign in the minds of each and every one of you who has the potential to be exposed to this virus. Undue stress is a recipe for reduced immunity. Educating yourself and also maintaining calm is the best formula for surviving these times.

Vicki: Monjoronson, you have spoken to us many times about future cataclysms and have often mentioned pandemics as a real threat to our societies. Is this an example of one?

Monjoronson: Of Course. But take note that it is probably not the most severe one you will see during your lifetimes. As humans ignore the changing climate issues and fail to protect the life on your planet, you are creating a toxic mix in your air, your soil and your water. This makes much more severe pandemic incidents all the more likely. We have spoken to you about the interconnectivity of living things to one another. This is indeed what is playing out.

Vicki: What do you see resulting from this Pandemic, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: There will be a rise in the number of deaths particularly among the elderly and infirmed as has already been noted. In addition, there will be hidden physical handicaps that result in some individuals who survive this. Your leaders have mentioned scarring in the lungs. This is similar to the after effects that occurred from the H1N1 virus where as you know, others ended up with weakness of the heart muscle. These after effects can ultimately compromise your health. We highly suggest that if you contract this virus, you follow through with additional checkups and tests if you continue to notice symptoms and side effects well beyond the average time of recovery.

We are hearing from some of your leaders that there is a need for you to help loved ones and to take responsibility on your own to protect yourselves and your families. We are hoping that this will exemplify just how much humankind is interconnected with each other and with their environment. We are also hoping that lessons will be learned to maintain a position of preparation and readiness for the next pandemic even as the number of infections decrease.

Vicki: As you know, in our society there is a huge divide between our people and what they consider to be true. How do you suggest we respond to this?

Monjoronson: Your ability to discern what is fact and non-fact is highly colored by the attitudes, beliefs and priorities that you have acquired during your stay on this planet. The expression: “Truth is in the eyes of the beholder” is truly at work here when one’s own attitudes, anger and desires replace the facts.

Where we in the spiritual world acknowledge and respect diversity, many of you are threatened by a divergent point of view. We have seen this develop to the degree that some will compromise their own values to believe someone or something that is not true. It is as if these individuals cannot separate themselves from their own egos long enough to consider another’s point of view. Some of you are afraid to acknowledge that you may be wrong, and correct your thinking even when the evidence overwhelmingly points to immoral and prejudice behavior.

This is the reality on your planet at this time. And though three years ago, many of you were unaware of the extent of this divide, it should be blatantly obvious now, that this exists. Too many times people listen with half an ear to what someone is saying and an ear and half to how they will respond next. There is a moral imperative involved in this situation that requires you to fully listen, open your mind to this reality and take the higher road.

Much can be accomplished when people truly listen to each other, when sincere questions are asked and thoughtful answers are given, when one can objectively look at both sides and choose exactly what would be the moral way. This one ability to be open to diverse opinions will be the tipping point of whether you will continue with the current status quo or whether this pandemic and the struggles that accompany it will open your heart to become more compassionate and united.

Taking a divided and prejudicial stand toward others in your society will never allow you to reach a state of unity. It is when people unify behind a moral code as outlined in your U.S. Constitution that allows your democracy to survive.

You have the guidance you need at your fingertips. You have ample examples set by centuries of moral individuals to know the difference between right and wrong. And you have within you, the Spirit of Truth that essentially outlines for you the highest and most effective moral response to your challenges. We ask that when you feel this prejudice, this divided, angry feeling toward your brothers and sisters, that you go within and take a look at your behaviors as they apply to your best moral code. Examine where your feelings and behaviors fall and correct all you can so that your thinking favors the most moral way. Do not be afraid to admit when you are wrong. That will actually elevate you not only in the eyes of your peers, but also in the eyes of the Father, the one and only First Source. And if after a thorough examination and assessment, you feel you are exemplifying the life of the most moral man you know, then stand firm and fast to your moral convictions.

Vicki: Thank you Monjoronson. This is good advice. And yet you and I both know there are individuals who are not ruled by a moral code, who are ruled by money, power and their huge egos. How do we then minimize their effect on our society?

Monjoronson: First of all, exercise your constitutional rights. Exercise your right to freedom of speech. Exercise your right to vote. Apathy and ignorance will erode these rights. You do have a responsibility to your country and that is to help ensure that your rights and the rights of others are honored. That means to be actively aware of the events around you and to stand up for your moral convictions.

Do not look at diverse opinions as a threat. Instead view them as opportunities to expand your awareness and understand at a deeper level, the underlying cause of others’ behavior. These opportunities are gifts not threats. And just by chance you may hear something that further informs you and enlightens you to the struggles and needs of others. At that point, you may actually find a solution.

Vicki: I want to thank you again for covering so much ground with us today.

Monjoronson: You are most welcome. May God bless each and every one of you with healing and good health. And if by chance you lose loved ones to this pandemic, please know they will be lovingly cared for during their journey in the spiritual world. Good day!