Transmitting is a Co-Creative process

Date: April 1, 2020
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden

Vicki: Dear Machiventa, it has come as quite a surprise for me to see you so frequently on my screen and standing next to Monjoronson. It is not that your presence is new to me. We have had many conversations in the past, but the other day, I received a full message from you and now I feel as if you are asking me to again transmit your voice. Is that correct?

Machiventa: That is indeed correct. In times like these it is often better that we are heard through more voices.

Vicki: And why would that be, Machiventa?

Machiventa: There are many reasons. Let me mention a few. First, each of you has your own unique data base and unique perspective as well. We seek diversity among those who transmit, so that more perspectives are presented.

We understand that this is a co-creative process, that no matter how hard a transmitter tries to weed his own prejudice out of the results, the message along with its choice of topics and words becomes a shared endeavor.

In addition, we find that you as humans, are often more prone to receive that which is most meaningful to you. This makes for a much more in-depth transmission. However over time, the transmissions may become more skewed toward emphasizing certain topics, certain attitudes and certain mannerisms that tend to stereotype the one being transmitted.

This is understood and accepted in the spirit world. We are grateful to those who devote their time and energy in providing us a voice. However, this is why we choose to encourage others to hear us so that readers get a more balanced picture. That is why I am asking this of you now.

Vicki: I understand. Thank you for talking so bluntly about this. Yes, we all have our passions!

I know as a transmitter, I work hard to detect and remove what is me, in deference to the higher more appropriate message I receive from beings with the caliber of you and Monjoronson.

Sometimes it works, but there are times when I am given a gist of a message rather than just a stream of words and this requires that I use my words to convey your message. At that point, I know I am adding a bit of myself. And other times I am not aware that I have influenced the message at all. So, that is when after transmitting, I approach you and Monjoronson to validate what I hear and to confirm that it is true to your message. This often involves more than one edit.

Machiventa: Yes, it does. We appreciate your efforts to maintain the integrity of our voices.

We are well aware that it is not easy for humans to discern, even transmitters. Many are young in this process and have not discerned thoroughly enough to truly realize when a message represents the voice of a high spirit and when it represents a human mind that is influenced by their own past experiences and maybe even the stereotype they have of the one they are transmitting. In saying that, we understand that it can be very hard for a transmitter to draw the line between what is the voice of the transmitter and what is the voice of the transmitted.

There is a beauty to this process that I wish to share with your readers and that is, that through time and education, many of you come to understand our messages and you begin to internalize and to live the very lessons we teach. It is at that point that we see great potential in that person becoming a transmitter because there is then a greater chance that if he or she deviates from the message, a view could still be shared that aligns with the principles we support.

However, even experienced transmitters can fall victim to their own voice. And that voice may truly not reflect the thinking of the transmitted being. It is a continual growth process. We do appreciate those who seek further validation before they publish our transmissions. This is why we ask all who are involved, the transmitters and readers alike, to practice discernment. Go within and use those soulful and heartfelt inner resources to determine what rings true.

Vicki: It seems that for me, I am better at transmitting someone who I have grown to know. Is that important?

Machiventa: You’ve touched on a point that few understand. Hidden behind the validity of each transmission is a relationship. Do not be quick to identify the nature of a spiritual being by only reading their responses in other transmissions. The more times you converse with this teacher on your own, the more questions you ask and the more answers you receive, the better you are at identifying their signature. It also increases your ability to determine if you are representing the teacher’s intention and point of view. And that makes it easier for you to discern and to validate the content of your transmissions.

Vicki: That really rings true to me. There have been times that I have assumed that Monjoronson agreed with me and when I presented my case to him, I was amazed at how the perspective changed. He shared a point of view that I didn’t quite understand before. That is when I truly knew I was not just listening to myself!

Machiventa: (He smiles). Like all relationships, the more time you spend with us and the more willing you are to be honest and open when sharing your thoughts and feelings, the more open we can be with you. We have a better chance to develop a deeper understanding of one another and that often leads to a more interesting and accurate transmission.

I say again to you, this is a co-creative process. It is not only our goal to guide you, but to involve you the process. It then contributes to your growth as well as to the correction and rehabilitation of your world.

It would help if readers were a little less judgmental of transmitters who are occasionally unable to hear their own contamination. We know that it is disconcerting for the reader. However, understand that there are other times when those same transmitters will share a part of themselves that actually elevates the spiritual level of the message. It is much better to look at our transmissions, as just that… a co-creative process that not only encompasses both the transmitter and transmitted, but also involves the co-creative responsibility of the reader to discern.

Vicki: Well, that was truly a refreshing conversation. One that needs to be said, over and over again. To me, it clarifies and validates this process all the more.

Machiventa: Indeed! And now are you ready to transmit more of my messages?

Vicki: (I smile). It would be an honor. Thank you for the opportunity.