Monmacion Melchizedek - The Present Culture is Dissolving in Disarray

Location: North Carolina
Date: October 6, 2010
Teachers: Monmacion Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Tiahuan
  1. Enjoining the pressures from above and below to create change
  2. The influence of the Magisterial Son
  3. Witnessing the benefit of this combined force or effort
  4. You hold the plans within you.
  5. You cannot fail

Monmacion Melchizedek - The Present Culture is Dissolving in Disarray - Oct 06, 2010 - Tiahuan; North Carolina

Subject: Monmacion Session

Date: October 6, 2010

Teacher: Monmacion

T/R: Tiahuan

Well, my friends! What a night and what a display of creativity in action; the divine dwelling on earth.

My friends, this is Monmacion. I have enjoyed as ever listening in and appreciate your willingness to share with each other and myself, inviting so many others into this arena, exploring the inherent creativity of the inner life.

You have all been students of a dimension of experience that is profound in its need. The descriptions of disarray, disorder, dysfunction, such as you have considered this evening are representative of this culture that is rapidly dissolving because what is unfolding is the gift of the Creator, in you, working through you, acting as one with you upon this sphere as many others do upon other worlds who have never known the ordeal through which you have lived.

You have described in your consideration of administrative influence the very nature of the work of the Magisterial Mission, enjoining the pressures from above and the pressures from below, converging upon a point from which change will come; not without a plentiful array of sparks indicative of the release of power held so rigidly in solid, cold, steel, as if imprisoned in this form, but these pressures that are brought to bear upon this seemingly immovable, intractable dilemma, are softened by this friction, this force of action, choices of living souls mobilized by the motion of morontia reality that you are making manifest - now.

Yes, there is apparent suffering when pressures are applied, when the temperature is raised by virtue of this increased mobilization that is born from the depths of spirit within each person, liberating the souls for action. Much is in motion now upon Urantia. Our Magisterial Son is engaging, and will be engaging those, you might say from a position of power, wielding that influence upon individuals in positions of administrative authority who have themselves been frozen into a form that resists the reality of love. This influence of our Magisterial Son working from his arena of influence coupled with the entourage of personalities which I am a part, working with individuals such as you are, bringing to bear upon this plane of experience the same liberation but blossoming from what you would call the level of the grassroots, and together we will wield a force that no resistance can stand for long.

You are part of this force, you mortals upon this realm are engaged in every dimension of this initiative whether working from levels of administration high above plains of the commonplace experience of the mortal, or working with each of these mortals walking upon the streets of Urantia. This influence of liberation, the liberation of love is the same, but in a world such as this that has never received the benefit of a Magisterial Mission, where the exercise of discretion is actually enforced by virtue of the power of this love that you have never seen this unfurled upon your world in the manner in which it is unfolding now - it may startle you.

My friend Xxxx, were you not startled, surprised by joy perhaps, witnessing this gift of opportunity given to you so freely, but perhaps you are even more surprised by the energy released by your truth telling, your witness of truth, and the compelling need for healing. Was it a surprise to you my friend to see yourself unfurling this power? It is not your power, it is not Monjoronson’s power, it is not my power, Michael would freely acknowledge that it is the power of our Father, our First Source, the Center of our being, coming forth, being lead forth by those who are competent, well trained in their roles as teachers.

You have not been recipients of such extensive and intensive labors over such a long period, relatively speaking, for your own personal benefit alone, but now, with your increased confidence, you are witnessing this benefit that you have received as individuals being unleashed in your world, to guide your world and govern your world by the power of love that is manifest in every human being, that is affirmed in every moment, that easily enfolds whatever resistance there may be, like the tide that comes in. And while there may be rigid structures that stand in its way, the tide moves nonetheless, enfolding these points of resistance which then become points of reference for just how far this tide can enter your realm and yield an influence that changes the ground upon which it moves, over which it floats freely, without struggle.

There is no contest, there is no competition, it is an influence that is destined to govern. It is the state of love administered in every location where there are souls who would extend its light, and if I may refer to your friend, the light builder who would construct a house of light. Not a lighthouse necessarily, a house itself of light, the light of love. Each of you holds the architectural plans of this construction project within you. When you doubt whether you are able to implement and execute these plans, simply pause to reflect that you are, your life, your labor, all of your experience is part of this plan. You cannot fail.

And so I would bid you a good evening, knowing again it is late, but my friends, you are beginning to discover in your practical experience how it is that love will rule this world, and how it is that our materialization is occurring now, in and through you.

Carry on. Call upon me anytime. Soon we shall begin to move into arenas of experience and exploration, dimensions of which you have only begun to dream.

Carry this energy of joy into your workplaces wherever they may be.

I love you, friends. We are growing strong in the exercise and administration of this love.

Good night.

Students: Good night and thank you.