Monmacion - The Role of Advancing Communications - Reflectivators

Location: North Carolina
Date: April 20, 2011
Teachers: Monmacion Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Tiahuan
  1. The role of advancing communication circuits
  2. Monjoronson limits/needs in human form
  3. Reflectivity
  4. Reflectivators

Monmacion: Hello my friends! I greet you this evening. Thank you for joining yourselves together, sharing your adventures in this time upon Urantia.

You have broached many topics this evening in your visit, ranging over many fields of concern but all germane to doing the will of our Father upon this world in this moment, manifesting his love in the context of social institutions being reshaped, reconfigured to foster more directly this primary relationship between the Parent and child, the Source and Center with all the children, each in their respective and unique relationship with our Creator.

The role of advancing communications in such work should be obvious to you in terms of the influence of these newly installed and emerging circuits upon Urantia. You have the most potent material example in your recently established Internet, your worldwide communications system that is in itself wielding a profound impact upon your world, but I would have you realize that this phenomenon that you observe and use in your daily life, that you have taken for granted now having become acclimated to the seeming miracle of being joined with persons relatively independent of time and space within the context of your terrestrial sphere, how this itself an extension of the reflectivity of the universe at large. And since your discussions have focused upon these emerging mind circuits that are little known upon Urantia, let us probe this a little further together.

You know when your Internet began, if you will recall, in your early days of its use, you may have had to contend with certain limitations upon your capacity to receive and or transmit, and those capacities were largely confined to the most elementary forms of communication, specifically involving textual exchanges via email. Certainly your email messaging systems were instrumental in the original unfolding of what is now the Internet. Very quickly, what emerged, and much to the surprise and dismay of many who would rather have retained control over access to the thinking of fellow citizens around the world, was the capacity to transmit not merely words, but you could call it a representation of the phenomenon we know as Universe Reflectivity whereby those who dwell in various parts of the universe have access not merely to what persons are thinking, but their actual living circumstance, their life experience, and so we can truly know each other in our respective spheres of influence.

What we would like to see emerge is the capacity of your still very elementary Internet to more fully represent this Universe Reflectivity phenomenon. However, as you well imagine, it involves the use of human minds that must be the human counterpart of the various reflectors who make such a network possible, and this would entail some adjustments to the existing orientation that you have with regard to our normal interface, such as we enjoy now.

You have remarked upon what appears to be a relationship with a technique employed in the transmittal of the Urantia text itself, and without going into great detail, I would simply say yes, there is a relationship, however in the context of isolation, extraordinary procedures had to be employed in order to effect the desired result.

What we have existing now in the context of this emerging exercise of mind circuits such as you have witnessed in the Teaching Mission and are employed now in the context of the Magisterial Mission, these will be enhanced, and you can look forward to the activation of circuits that entail transmissions that are not alone limited to textual definition. How this will transpire will entail some growth on your parts not only in your mindal orientation but also in your capacity to reproduce the content of your mind for general distribution in formats that require some additional dexterity. But do not fret, all these things have their time and place. You are by this very practice making the way possible for future enhancements to your roles as mortal beings in the context of enhanced circuitry and your transmittal of their content.

You have been advised of the circuits that require Brilliant Evening Stars. This is anticipated prior to the general work of Teacher Sons now upon this planet in preparation for the support of an Associate Son taking his place (upon your world) in a material form.

You know, as Monjoronson has articulated in previous sessions, that while he will retain a great deal of his contact with those who are yet to be incarnate, he will necessarily take on a greater limitation in the human form. He will not be as limited as you are in your normal mortal framework, however he will be greatly benefitted by the addition of these enhanced circuits of communication, let alone the content of spirituality that can be transmitted by such means.

All of you who have participated in the exercise of this transmitting technique are encouraged to avail yourselves of these additional circuitries. However, it will be (determined?) according to your assignments within the context of our Planetary Government, but your preferences are obviously very important to us.

None of you can realize the dramatic changes that your world will absorb. You look around you now, and you witness what you would describe as confusion and apparent chaos. Some would say they see the world falling apart. Well, this is the beginning, so gird yourselves, with what - with Stillness. Yes, this lesson that has been repeated over and over is for a reason, and the lesson of Stillness can never be understated.

Your principal orientation and your principal focus upon our Father, doing the will of our Father, allowing yourselves to realize ever higher frequencies of attunement such that there exists no difference between the mortal personality and the Adjuster partner. Such alignment is what has been in preparation. Many have approached this and some have attained this, and we are very encouraged by your forward movement. What we lack is a larger general recognition of the primacy of such orientation-attunement-focus upon the central purpose of doing the will of God. As you attend to this greatest of objectives, all of these other plans that are being prepared, that have been unfolded already, and those that you might not dream of in your current state (are best served).

So much is being given to you, and as you have been well apprised, Michael has availed himself of as broad a scope of counsel as is available to him. If you can imagine what such a resource is to a Creator Son, you can begin to appreciate the resources available to you, for these are in kind. There is a planetary destiny to be realized upon Urantia that is inseparable from the personal design of Michael of Nebadon and cognizant of the dominant influence of the governing Master Spirit of Orvonton.

You, my friends, to realize this destiny, must begin to think in more expansive tones, to gather into your thought the possibilities of such wondrous provision. The reference to these additional circuits of mortal “relfectivators”, reflectors of this central shining is not to be dismissed, but it is to be gathered into the framework of your understanding that greater things yet are to be revealed all of which points to the primacy of our Father resident at the core of your being, his Absolute Volition in partnership with your limited mortal freedom, your free will to choose.

This is your liberty unleashed upon this world that our Father would see manifesting itself as you discover the functions of mind that are indicative of advancing spirit status is the communication of spirit intelligence and fostering of spiritual communion. We measure the success of such communications by the depth of your communion with our Source. We, as Melchizedeks see this for it is registered on high as a frequency, a resonance that bespeaks of the harmony of Havona.

Friends, there are others who wait upon the exercise of these enhanced circuitries to communicate the content of their spirituality. When your Magisterial Son is seen upon your world, you mortals adjoined to this purpose assist well who have exercised (in) this way to transmit ever higher frequencies of such spirit intelligence.

I stand with you, and at some point I will stand among you with my brothers and others who have not been described in your text. Already you know that there is so much more for you to learn. You do this best by humbling yourself in the presence of the Source of all of these things, all of these personalities, all of these presences, living for the purpose of extending the light of the First Source.

We will withhold introducing others at this time as there is still tension in this one he has yet to surrender.

I offer you the promise of my support in your work that you are witnessing in ways that you once thought were never possible. There are tensions within you all just as in this one. It is not to be decried for you have grown so much in such a short span of time (having come) relatively far, but I assure you we have a great distance to go. You will see the mountains of human resistance melting, and you are the very means whereby we are melting the ice within the hearts of humanity. It begins within each individual but the repercussions are limitless.

Your institutions, seemingly strong as they are will yield easily just as you are seeing in your personal spheres of influence. This is a way of saying my friends do not hesitate to lay hold of the most grand and glorious reality that you, in partnership with your indwelling Spirit, can summon. As you do conceive of such possibilities, do not underestimate your influence. Though you are inclined to look to the structures of power around you as a symbol of power, you have been trained for some time now to recognize the illusion of such a perspective as the power of all the universe dwells within you, even you.

Many of you consider yourselves among the least of humanity bereft of all the advantages of material power. Do you realize just how true it was when Michael spoke of sometimes the last becoming the first? This is the justice of God being unfurled upon your world that is the work of the Magisterial Son. It is your privilege, and it is of great importance for this justice to be seen in the framework of mercy extended to each individual. As you are the ones who have received so much mercy benefitting from this ministry of mercy that characterizes Michael’ s presence, you are the ones best positioned to most effectively transmit this spiritual intelligence whose format engages your entire body.

Let us continue this line of inquiry.

Students: Thank you.