ABC22Bzutu - Predictions - Oct 08, 2008 - Progress Group, Australia

Location: Illawarra District, Austrailia
Date: October 8, 2008
Teachers: Midwayer Chief Bzutu
Transmitter / Receiver: George Barnard
  1. Safe Predictions

ABC22Bzutu - Predictions - Oct 08, 2008 - Progress Group, Australia

Illawarra District, Australia, October 8, 2008.

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22).

Subject: “Predictions.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “This evening I want to briefly speak with you both about predictions. One safe prediction, which I could make right now, is that if you were to be meditating here for much longer, without allowing me to speak, you would soon be sound asleep. However, that is not the object of the exercise for this evening.

“I want you to take your mind back to the turn of the century when all computers would suddenly, disastrously, come to a stop. That was an ‘unsafe’ prediction. I remind you of the so called safe prediction of 2005 that much of Africa would soon disappear into the seas, with the exception of its mountain ranges. Yes, let’s head for the hills, folks, but it didn’t happen. No.

“I remind you of the planet Jupiter, supposedly exploding before the end of last year, and indeed, now we are to be visited by a two-thousand-mile-long alien space ship? I guarantee you that in my long life on this planet I have never seen, nor even heard of, such a vessel. Rest assured that if we were to be visited by such, your Midwayer friends would be among the first to know, and likely pass on the message.

“I think it is out of the question that your lives would be greatly improved by your being transported from this beautiful world you inhabit to another place in the Universe of Nebadon. It is not the function of the Midwayers, Melchizedeks, Angels, and Universe Creator Sons to ship you from one planet to another when things don’t work out. And indeed . . . things are not working out.

“As nations, as individuals, as tribes and clans, you always have gone through, and always will need to go through, hardships to better your lives, your behaviors, your attitudes. They should be your desires -- and they certainly are our wishes that statesmen and women of character will find their places to the top of your nations’ and races’ governments, to better communicate with each other, to find trust and understanding, and to cooperate.

“They are our wishes -- our wholehearted wishes that -- such a time will arrive when brother will help brother rebuild, when sister will help sister in bringing up the next generation to love, cherish, and respect all. And, that this needs to happen, is my safe prediction.

“This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. We, too, look forward to the arrival of the new Planetary Educator, Monjoronson. That he may find that window of opportunity in time, to arrive on this earth, and commence his God-given task of spiritually uplifting this world, we pray.

“Until we speak again my love goes out to all. This is ABC-22.”

George: “We thank you Chief.”

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