Abraham - Committing to the Mission - The Magisterial Son "Is Here"

Location: Wood Cross, S.E. Idaho
Date: July 27, 2001
Teachers: Abraham
Transmitter / Receiver: Bill
  1. The Magisterial Mission is Correlated with the Correcting Time
  2. Our Magisterial Son is here.
  3. Doing in the Light of a Longer View
  4. Making a Commitment

Abraham(Bill): I am Abraham. Good evening.

Group: Good evening.

Abraham: Indeed, my friends, I am pleased my words struck a chord in your hearts and that you realize that we have come to a serious phase of the Teaching Mission where enough information has been given and enough life experiences have occurred that you can now make this long term commitment, this true marriage agreement. I address you as a part of the united group of Woods Cross and S.E. Idaho; and even though I don't come here and regularly teach as I do in Utah, know that my affections for you are similar to and every bit as sincere as they are to your sisters and brothers to the south.

Yes, I am here because I love this planet and its people, having lived here myself. My name is still held in great honor amongst several religions of the world. It is almost embarrassing to me, the inappropriate adulation that I receive. If it were possible for people to truly know what kind of life I lived they would understand that they, too, are just like I was, a mortal living in a world whose enormity and mystery was practically overwhelming. If they knew that I am actually still here on occasion, what would they make of it? They would have to stop honoring me on a pedestal and start taking my words seriously. So, I do not tell you my name as commanding any more respect than any other mortal. I, like you, am a servant, brother, and son.

When I was with Melchizedek, learning his precepts and understanding to some degree what he was teaching me, at the same time I was engrossed in my "own thing", as you would say. I wanted to be the chief sheik, the head honcho, the big guy in charge of vast areas of land; and to some extent that earthly ambition was realized. But at least to some degree I did follow through on my commitment with Melchizedek and that degree of commitment was counted by Heaven as righteousness. That degree of faith that I had was sufficient for my connection with Father within to bring me to the place where I am now. Now I am in the role of Melchizedek with you all: teacher to you; authority to you. Indeed, I have been given considerable authority in this Teaching Mission. Again, my friends, it is because of commitment and faithful follow through that any and all of us will be given further authority. As our Master often described it, he who has done faithfully in little things will be given larger responsibilities.

You have been discussing the Magisterial Son's mission, his coming and certain presence on this planet. Of course the Correcting Time is correlated with a magisterial mission; could it be otherwise? Our Son is here, as you have been told. He is in process of beginning his mission.

He will not likely knock on your door and ask to have a bite to eat, however...

Ken: It would be nice if he would. (Laughter)

Abraham: ...he will make contact according to his agenda, and according to his purpose.

Yes, you have been told repeatedly that you are surrounded by spiritual presence and when it is permitted for someone to see the morontial events, you are all strengthened. This is as it should be. I encourage this kind of faith building information. Indeed, the Urantia Book is here for similar reasons.

I ask you all to once again examine your commitment to this mission. Is it a sideline hobby? Is it a thing you do when there is no other pressing materialistic endeavor? Or, is it your first love? Is it your passion?

Can you see that the purpose of your life (and here I say "life" in the long view, your eternal life) can you see that the purpose of your life far transcends the material level? Can you, therefore, agree to do all that you do in the material realm in the light of a longer view? Can you do at least as well as I did, as a mortal, given all this information now?

These words are not directed to you to produce guilt feelings. Guilt feelings are worthless! They are mind's excuse for not doing what needs to be done. They are a psychological penance which results in absolving the personality of the responsibility to progress. Move beyond the level of error that caused the guilt feelings in the first place. No, my words are not intended to produce guilt feelings. I am simply telling you that this is the ball game, friends. This is where it really is!

From the beginning we have told you that our reason for contacting you was not to generate mysticism, occult enthusiasm, a sense of specialness, or any other of these unworthy purposes. Our purpose was to announce to you that the Correcting Time has begun, that this planet has ended its isolation, along with the others, and is now a part of the universe of Nebadon in full status. Your planetary quarantine is over, the darkness is lifting and there will be continued evidence of this from day to day.

You are the first to hear the news although many others have heard it in a different key with different chords. You are hearing this because you have evidenced a willingness to serve, for that is what this call is towards, a life of service. So, yes, as I did with Woods Cross, so I do with you. I ask you to again make the decision of commitment. Renew it, reaffirm it, or make it, as the case may be.

I am Abraham, your friend, your teacher. I conclude the meeting without questions. Shalom.