Elyon - Adjuster Input Conditioned By Soul Experience

Location: North Idaho
Date: May 31, 2007
Teachers: Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Rick Giles

Elyon - Adjuster Input Conditioned By Soul Experience

May 31, 2007 - Teleconference

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 5-31-07

Teacher: Elyon

T/r: Rick Giles


Where are you from?

What kind of being are you?

Why do some in the mansion worlds opt out of the ascendant journey?

Elyon: Hello to you all, I am Elyon. It is my pleasure to be in contact to share in this association of light beings. The many of you on this planet who are aware of your relationship with the many celestial guides present are a treat to us you have been told of the long isolation of your world from others and while you in coming to learn of this previous condition began to notice how quiet it really was and how much more easily you are able to make contact. But we also are happy for we too have left that zone of restricted silence and it is great joy to be in contact, and I mean in contact for our approach to you is from within by way of the grace of The Father's presence for without the permission of The Almighty and His resident Son in Nebadon, Michael, we would be unable to embrace you in this form of communication.

Once upon a time your world believed that the sun rotated around the earth and soon you grew in your understanding of the position of the planet and stars and realized that you as a planet revolved around the sun. I bring this up because the divine presence that indwells you is that very sun around which you revolve. There are days however when you still perceive the divine presence circling around you, the sunrise and sunset of adjuster contact, but it is merely your own attention that has shifted for that divine spirit is ever in divine contact.

But my analogy falls short for in reality you in relationship with the divine indweller are rotating around a common center and that is your soul. Much like a double star observed by your astronomers the momentum of your revolution is provided by the guidance of the pilot light, the divine ministering spirit of God and by your sovereign will bestowed on you, licensed to you. Your exertion of will and the grace of guidance causes the rotation of the relationship of the thought adjuster to the human personality and thereby in the center emerges the supreme soul.

When you communicate one to the other you pass though the realm, the dimension, the state of being that is your soul. It is the communication translator. The Father's presence is therefore limited by the extent of soul experience. Your ability to interpret that communication is also thusly limited. And so to achieve greater intercommunication, your most expedient task is to foster living experiences which expand your soul. You need not pursue séances, trances, mystic experiences in a direct effort to contact rather build the foundation of a strong, stable, balanced soul.

Acquire living experiences that grant you wisdom, that reveal truth, that offer you the opportunity to experience divine joy, that cause you to bend on your knees and cause you to humbly receive guidance. These soul enriching endeavors make that arena richer wherein the voice of God may speak and the ear of the human being can truly hear. You then become like two dancers holding hands and spinning around each taking a step contributing to the others movement, your free will and divine guidance one step after the other working in consort. It is the divine embrace, for that matter your soul is the divine embrace, the meeting of God and His creature. I will offer the opportunity to ask me questions or make comments as you desire.

Q: Teacher Elyon I am curious about your name. Are you a former ascending mortal?

Elyon: I am, I am of the status of a fused ascending mortal. I am a resident of Norlatiadek, our constellation, and I am of a different system than the one of which your planet is associated.

Q: And your name means one who is high or of high place.

Elyon: In one of the languages on your world this is true. It is the appellation by which I interface with my students in this Teaching Mission. It is my working name for the correcting time. [Thank you.] You might liken it to your terms of admiral, general or lieutenant.

Q: Hello Elyon. [Greetings.] This is **** on the east coast, How are you doing?

Elyon: I am blissfully happy.

Q: I just wanted to ask the question concerning the morontia life. I'm sure you are well experienced at that. I read something recently that some human beings from this planet were discouraged when they get to the morontia world and they choose not to embark on the Paradise journey. Could you give me some idea as to what are the difficulties that humans from Urantia are facing on the mansion worlds or are facing that will discourage them from choosing to continue the Paradise ascent?

Elyon: There are several risk factors. One is the legend which holds that after death all things are idyllic and perfect, that you dwell in glory and are granted the status of one who dwells on Paradise and it can prove disappointing to some personality types to discover a long road of ascension still ahead and there are also certain personalities who mistakenly [perceive??] post human life was really nothing at all and the adventure of the ascent to Paradise is a revelation, and some may choose to opt out.

Father has given every creature of the ascending order free will that you may climb the universe ascension ladder and dwell with Him in Paradise. This is not a forced curriculum and wisely has our divine parent organized this universe that you may acquire the state of a paradise being through evolutionary experience. It would be cruel for The Creator to give you a life such as one you live on Urantia with all its struggles, its trials, its uncertainties, the fear and the moderate levels of attainment only to in the blink of an eye to make you radiantly perfect.

You know from the Urantia papers that many beings are already perfect from their moment of origin. Your evolutionary climb is an experience The Father seeks and there are personalities who wish not to give that experience to God, but I assure you that most, upon resurrection are overjoyed at the discovery of the afterlife. Even those who held it in faith to begin with are confirmed at the rising into consciousness once again and it is with great joy that the ascension course is chosen. Some are further invigorated knowing that they have challenges ahead that they may attain.

Few are ever disappointed that they are not granted full perfection immediately for the resurrection halls appear to be heaven, especially on planets that have not attained light and life. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Q: Yes, thank you so much Elyon. Q: This is **** in Salt Lake, and appreciate you coming by and addressing us today with your connective words and just want to say I love you and appreciate you being around and the opportunity to learn.

Elyon: My direction is to ever be genuine in your manifestation of spirit, to allow that manifestation without the manipulation of a desired outcome. Be the light unencumbered by the desire for a result or an influence or impact upon another that meets your human desires for as I have taught today of the relationship of the divine spirit with your human self, that same relationship is in existence in others. Be the light sincerely knowing full well that the soul of another can and will recognize and apply that light food to their own experiential needs. And also, be unhindered by manipulative efforts of others in this same regard. Trust the revelation of spiritual light from others. You will recognize it and you will be able to use it and let all other ego driven forces pass aside.

Q: Thank you Elyon, I appreciate the direction of love and spirit and .........

Elyon: You are most welcome.

Q: Elyon, I understood part of your response about why someone would get discouraged and change their mind about their ascension was impatience, that things were not happening on a time frame that they had envisioned. I know that has beleaguered our species for a long time. Thank you for letting me make that comment.

Elyon: Indeed impatience is an energy force that has plagued many on this planet. Had you benefitted from the presence of a physically structured planetary headquarters, every new child born on this world would begin to grow up and learn of a legacy of effort that has covered millennia and your world history would be much different. You would learn of the long intervals of time that transpired while the effort to develop an advanced civilization was underway.

Your history would not be so much about humans fighting humans but about advancements and attainments of culture and of art and so you would also leave this world fully aware of that great adventure ahead and relish the expanded opportunity beyond Urantia for soul attainment, for spiritual realization and for the ultimate meeting with Father God of all.

Q: You said you were from a planet in a different system and I think maybe this planet was more advanced than ours and since we have been talking about extra terrestrials and UFOs and that sort of thing, what was the protocol on your planet for the introduction of your planet to the galactic neighborhood so to speak? How did that proceed if in fact that took place?

Elyon: I have shared previously with my assigned students that I have hailed from the nativity world that was part of a prior rebellion and we suffered much of the same aftermath that the rebellion that affected your world had. Interface with the other worlds was permitted when the world I came from developed the ability to be cosmically sociable, to have spiritual manners, to set aside the human tendencies of greed and of power. When this is attained you are more likely to receive more widespread intergalactic contact but the few worlds in your system that have emerged from isolation are still in a transition mode and it will take some time for the Magisterial Son on your world and efforts across the other worlds are arranging the planetary administration but the human beings resident on these worlds still have great lengths to go in becoming ready. I will add however that we are aware of the pioneers who are willing to venture forth and establish such contact but the physical interface will be few and far between until the world becomes a safer place to be visited.

Q: We are hearing much about certain difficulties that affect our planet and I'm also reading from the galactic federation that permission has been granted by heaven for first contact for moving our planet forward. Are we going to expect any assistance from ETs to clean up our planet or are we going to be required to do this on our own with our limited technologies?

Elyon: It is of prime importance that an individual learns a lesson and possesses that enlightenment truly as their own, that a forced mode of behavior is not enlightenment but coercion by some powerful other individual and this is true also with your world. Humanity must learn to clean its house, to keep it tidy and yes, external custodians can assist you but you must first appreciate the value of such order and care. Then it is your decision to call in assistance but with the lack of maturity currently, you will have to experience the messiness long enough to change your values for these other beings will not automatically do your laundry until you understand the need for clean clothing.

Q: Thank you so much Elyon for your contribution and being here tonight .

Q: Teacher Elyon, I would like to carry on with that last comment that you made about having to appreciate the need for cleanliness. Seems to me that the people of this world truly desire peace and brotherhood. Seems to me that there is an element that is in control of our power on this world that is out of control. That is my comment about the kind of help that we need.

Elyon: I ask you to trust the Magisterial Son to address the issue you express. The pattern of approach that Monjoronson is taking is the same that Michael took with Lucifer. Your world is gradually accumulating greater population which desire the purity of spirit mind and social structure that you speak of and the folly of human power which seeks to manipulate resources and peoples and for personal and corporate gain will be revealed. The squeeze in on. It is a top down approach from the Magisterial Son through his staff and of the many light workers to bring this about.

But these individuals also have free will and it is the desire of all celestial ministers that they see the light and the opportunity to be of great assistance in those positions of power to the many across the globe. This would be a grand turning of orientation. This is when your world will start to move forward at a pace that many of you who seek spiritual progress hope and pray for.

I now address Michael, our light of all lights in Nebadon. You our Sovereign Son are the standard which we desire to become. Your love is ever-present and we strive to be so loving ourselves. Your hand of guidance is forever sustaining us and we hope to be stable as well for the many in our lives who are shaking and desire that tranquility of spirit contact and assurance. In all the complexities of our life experiences may we clearly hold central the aspiration to become like you who is like The Father on Paradise. Forever will we be grateful for your gift of life and this experience under your watch care. Lift us up when we are down and send us forth when we are ready. So be it.

I thank you all for your attention tonight and I will now detach and will promise to be with you again. Thank you.