Elyon, Serena Keep trying, Key to Success, Thought, Word then Deed, Healing

Location: North Idaho
Date: September 28, 2008
Teachers: Elyon, Serena
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris
  1. Keep trying. It is the key to success
  2. Be easier on yourselves
  3. Engage your ego in a positive way to help
  4. Moving through thought, word, deed
  5. Understanding and applying the many levels and triads
  6. Healing

Subject: No. Idaho Team

Teacher: Elyon, Serena

T/R: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris

September 28, 2008

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again I am grateful to accept your invitation to join this circle of friends. I have been interested as always in your discussion of matters of spiritual significance to you and I would talk for a moment about some more of these keys to success as you refer to them. I would contribute one more to this set of keys that you have to navigate your many chambers of growth and awareness.

You will notice that in every case, in all cases of success without exception there is one key and critical ingredient and that is the one who has been successful has been repeated in their attempts to be successful. They were motivated to try again and again and to miss their results closer and closer until in the final successful attempt they overcome and succeed in the challenge that they have undergone. This truly is one of the keys to your success as well, either individually or collectively and that is that you must keep trying and try again and keep trying because there is only one way which is certain to bring you no success and that is if you fail to try.

And so see each of your unsuccessful attempts as you might consider them as one more try that you have gotten out of the way and condition yourself that you will keep trying because you know by doing so it is one of the keys to your success. In this way you show yourself devoted and faithful and true to your cause. You will be known as one who will keep trying until you get it right and this intention of yours will be made manifest in these very ways you have discussed of originating the intention, authoring the ideal and manifesting the truth.

So as far as it is possible be kind on yourselves with the many many misses and near misses that you charge yourself with making because these are all steps to your [tips] and your successes and so see each one of these as contributing to your ultimate success and lighten the burden to yourselves of considering it failure or somehow wrong or to be regretted for it is not, it is simply part of the process involved in your ultimate success and if you can see it as such and forgive it as such, even love it as such then this will make your transformation that much smoother and easier.

As mortals of the realm you are driven by your yearning to be successful, to be fruitful and this journey, this motivation from within can indeed be your greatest ally. We have referenced your ego and the part it plays in your life before and here is an example where your ego may be utilized to promote you to try again, to not give up, to keep going. It may be quite useful and serviceable in this regard and so you may consider the implications of the proper application of that component of yourself you refer to as ego in the overall scope of your intention.

So truly you are gathering these keys and you are collecting them to yourselves and they are yours to utilize as you see fit. You will learn that there are innumerable combinations of these keys that can be brought to bear on your ascension career and you will become proficient in the use of these keys and principles. It is my supreme pleasure to be associated with you in this stage of your evolution and development as spiritual beings. I so cherish this opportunity we have to be this close and be associated while we both are growing in our awareness.

There is something unique and treasured about those souls who share in the journey together and I feel this association with each of you. Thank you for making this so for were it not for your intentions, this format and my presence here would not be permitted. I now withdraw to allow for others, thank you and farewell.

Serena: [Kathy] I received some words from Serena. In the course of daily life you have many opportunities to express joy and beauty. There are moments that can be set aside for meditation as well as spontaneous instance of focus on gratitude, beauty and love. You are always able to access the stillness and the Father through your intention to make that connection. The idea of making a connection while passing by during your daily activities can be quite useful in producing change in your perception and the perception of those around you. This is one way of transforming the very atmosphere of our world. As you participate in the intention for connection, for change, you will find success in small steps as well as a broader change in the collective atmosphere around you. This is a way you can bring light into the places of darkness. All efforts will be a positive move towards the change desired.

Mary: I wanted to speak to some thoughts about what you were saying that our yearning and our striving, that part of us that does that, is very serviceable and keeps us moving forward. I was reflecting that the chain of thoughts at some point would be to not get stuck in this driving gear and move to the next gear of accepting and allowing it to be. That sort of a thought, word, deed thing where if you get stuck in the word and don't get to the deed of just being and so the thought, word, deed and having an idea of wanting to move towards God and then striving to move towards God and then being with God. This is a constant flow and I tend to sometimes catch myself thinking in terms of well, there's the thought and then there's this long time that happens of the word and then there's this long time until the [deed] to realize that it can actually happen in each now: the thought, word, deed, thought, word, deed, thought, word, deed of wanting to be with God, striving to be with God, being with God. Anyway, those were some of my thoughts I had about your thoughts.

Elyon: Thank you for making such a thoughtful contribution. I support all your thought put into words and already join you in projecting them as deeds accomplished. An analogy came to mind which some might find useful. You mentioned some shifting of gears and this analogy sprang forth. In a minds eye consider you are on a 10 speed bike and it is your intention to have a destination before you, but in between this destination there are hills and flat areas that change throughout.

At some point in your journey there will be required much gear shifting to find a gear which can work to get to the top of the hill and your equation will be shifted requiring much work after you have decided to take your journey and you must shift between the gears available to you to make this work the most palatable, shifting constantly to find a good gear to operate in. Then you find your terrain changes and it is required that you find another gear that operates smoothly within your new paradigm.

So you are constantly shifting these gears back and forth in this projection of thought, word and deed. You are finding it necessary to engage different aspects at different times and your driving force, the one you call ego, is the one that is insisting that you will finish the course and complete the journey. This may be serviceable to those who are familiar with the ups and downs and the gear shifting in simply trying to get to your destination.

Mary: I was thinking about the attitude that you have towards what you are doing at any given time is important to having that sense that all is well, contentment, and while you're in gear and climbing the hill, having the same attitude toward that as you have when you are coasting down and the terrain has ups and downs but your attitude, your sense of well being can be carried on that one level.... while you are doing any one of these things that you find yourself doing.

Tom: In trying to wrap my hands around this concept of thought, word, deed, does that apply to the physical, intellectual and spiritual or is the deed based on the spiritual, the thought based on the intellectual and the word based on the physical? How do these three separate fields utilize this concept of thought, word, deed or is it all one?

Elyon: Elyon here again, ultimately of course it is as all one, that is all are contained in as was stated before, the single step but there are triangles and triangles which can be extrapolated from this concept of triads forming off of relationships and contrasts. You are free to associate these terms as are comfortable to you and there is probably no incorrect combination that you could assign to the triad we refer to in this case. It is in fact viewed on many different levels and can be seen accurately with many different configurations.

As you see with such a simple and not complex pattern, it can be so very hard of description and analysis and definition. There are layers and layers involved that can be uncovered in relationship to this same triad so I encourage you to do it on any number of levels that you can conceive. They may very well be brought back to overlay over this triad quite effectively and accurately. Do not trouble yourselves with attempting the final observation of such a complex condition but do content yourself with seeing it from any angle that you manage to get a perspective from. Be pleased with each way you can look at it and every way it may be seen and harbor no concerns that you are inaccurate or ineffective in your assignment of relative values to any such triad.

Just allow yourself the freedom to be creative with it, what would it look like to you, what do you see it as, how do you feel it. We just are attempting to use these words and thoughts and act in these deeds but they are words and thought until they become part of your individual consciousness and awareness and then they become real there. So it is with your exposure to these universe principles, they exist outside of you but are not part of you until they exist to you on an inner consciousness level. You may know about certain things but you only know of certain other things and this is the value in repeated attempts at your understanding of what is apparently such a simple and basic structure. There is much to be gained by repeated attempts to understand this particular basic structure.

Tom: Elyon, thank you for that explanation. What comes to mind is Michael's encouragement to His apostles to pray freely and not be restricted but [even] in their attempts to do this they constantly requested a pattern that He might give them. In that same sense, since you are good at this, could you give us an example maybe of something that say may be related to healing and how we could use this step, could you walk me through that, is that possible?

Elyon: As you know, all things are possible. As you request we will attempt to formulate a hypothetical situation to illustrate the principles involved. You all are familiar with these principles and engage with them regularly. As pertains to the healing or restoration of dis-ease within an individual, there are many components in this situation involved. If it were an interior direction, it would involve the individual concerned coming into awareness that there is an imbalance and proceeding with the directed intention to facilitate the correction of any imbalance, then in this scenario there would be the bringing the condition and circumstance into the environment wherein they may solicit extra energies to be used in the equation and construct an arena of awareness around this condition thereby enabling others to join in and sign on.

Then there is the step of totally embracing the new projected reality. Many times this last step is the most difficult for you can more easily talk the talk than you are able to walk the walk and so many times the equation falls just short of success for any number of reasons along this route but the entire situation is compounded in complexity when other individuals are added to the equation either as contributors [as] in the case of attempting to manifest for others and pray for others.

In most cases this is highly ineffective because there needs to be genuine association with the affected party and simply attempting to manifest for another is never truly successful. It is easy to state the principles, it is easy to discuss the factors but each one of these factors has many levels within it of sincerity, of alignment, of allowing, of embracing and any one of these levels may be shortchanged by a lack of sincerity, a lack of awareness, a lack of understanding or simply inappropriately channeled energies.

So once again, back to the key of the day we must keep trying over and over again so that by contrast and in relationship to this contrast we eventually develop what is right for us, each one, and it is necessary to keep trying so that we will eventually arrive at our destination choice. But don't be hard on yourselves for in every successful endeavor are many many others which were less than successful which were the steps up to the platform of success. All these are necessary and valid as a means to get you from where you are to the next level of success.

Thank that each one for the step that they are and the service they provide in this capacity and be kind and gentle with yourselves as each one of these steps fail to bring you to your platform of choice. You will one day most certainly arrive at your destination for this is your most major act of creative beings, that you have chosen to proceed forward. All these little lessons and keys and steps are subservient to this one great choice that you have made and you have had this ideal, you have continually upheld this ideal even now.

With your words and your deeds you continue to uphold this ideal and most certainly your success is assured. However there are a number of contrasts and steps which must be obtained along the way for you to gather all that is offered to you in this journey of self discovery. Thank you all for your contributions and questions and insights and companionship, even friendship throughout this journey together. I cherish the relationship I have with you all. I wish you all peace and bid you a good day. Enjoy the beauty of this day and yes, bring the light, thank you, farewell.

Mary: I will share something I was thinking about the overarching attitude of love and that whether we find ourselves in the middle of a thought or word or a deed or we find ourselves in the space of our mind or our body or our spirit, to bring that overarching attitude of love to whatever position we find ourselves on the wheel, and enjoy the ride.