Location: North Idaho
Date: January 29, 2006
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Elyon, Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark T., Jonathan
  1. Inauguration of the Days of Light,
  2. Community, Transparency and Transfluency,
  3. "AM",
  4. New Paradigm.

Machiventa (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Machiventa. It is my privilege to join this forum with you today. I desire to impart to you some little glimpse of the magnitude of what has been accomplished in this process of celestial teaching and mortal grasping as has been witnessed here. If you could see in your minds' eyes the profound appreciation for the accomplishments that have brought us to this forum, the air of respect and awe and expectation on my side of the curtain is deep. We observe the massive distance that has been covered from truly the center of all things and all that is, all the way down through the many connections and synapses and junctures and possibilities. To be manifest so evidently all the way out here at your outpost of light is nothing short of awe inspiring. Truly it is a demonstration of miraculous proportions of the power of this great plan we are all engaged in. You have no conception that what you are building here now is the beginning of the promise of a new age.

What will come to rise from your efforts will be not only your personal transcendence but your contribution to the beginning of a new dimension. You who are working with us in these early stages and formative years are providing us with the necessary experience. Your contribution to this process is one of assisting us in formulating technique and approach. It is humbling to see the process at work so effectively and so efficiently as regards you children of light. If the rest were as of your caliber we would have a very different condition on our hands to work with, but we welcome the task at hand as we find it, and we recognize the privilege before us to work together to bring about the inauguration of the days of light.

We will one day look back and have even grander appreciation for that which we have had the privilege to be involved in. In the meantime we often focus on the very next step ahead, the very next level to ascend. But once in a while it serves to step back and glance at exactly how far you have come in your ascension and where you are standing at this point and look to the next levels and to consider approach and to ponder movement. These are our privileges in this time. I thank you all for being the earnest students and devoted comrades that you have shown yourselves to be. I am honored to work with you, and I now allow for contacts by others.

Elyon (Jonathan): Thank you, Machiventa. This is Elyon. I have a few words and two points, one being on the topic of community. As you know of your physical structures, atoms, an atom with a single electron clearly defines its state of being. Add another and that state of being is redefined as an entirely different entity. Community, in a spiritual sense, is the addition of more electrons. The greater the number and orbit, the more expanded the community. As you face your life tasks events will require the application of yourself in community, and some will require your pursuit solitarily, and you know that your various atoms create different elements, and each element provides a vital and distinct function. So you are encouraged to discern wisely how many to associate with to fulfill a function. Jesus drew to himself twelve to function in a specific manner and organized seventy to fulfill other functions.

Community feeds the soul, for it gives that strength of fellowship, but it also empowers the soul, for it broadens the range through which an individual may function, and function beyond personal talents and skills. My other point is on transparency and transfluency. You are aware of the effort required in spiritual discernment to look through and beyond a limited arena of your own self definition. In this effort you come to behold the presence of the divine.

To begin to perceive the influence of spirit, to rise to the point where you proclaim it is the grace of God that works upon and through, this ability to see through, to see over and into a reality beyond oneself, is the lift that is required for the emergence of your being into the morontia soul realm. Transparency leads to transfluency wherein you are able to entirely shift over and to do so easily, that you may at one time ascend the mountain to commune with the Father and another time walk amongst the throngs and be jostled about in the turmoil of daily life. This flexibility, in a spiritual sense, prevents you from pulling muscles. You know that when you are physically active that every muscle group works in conjunction to support the efforts of each other, and that when one pulls harder than another a tear occurs.

The controlling mind places too much burden upon one area, but in fitness the mind is able to use greater groups, multiple configurations to accomplish the work, and this is transfluency, that you can walk into a room as your human self and also enter into that room as the divine self, to pick up a fork and eat as a human being and to intake the energy of love and light emanating from a soul of another. This ability expands your power, not the power of your self, but power in general. This power you can give away, for it is not yours but shared.

Machiventa (Mark): This is Machiventa once again. In an attempt to expand the horizons of this communication channel, I would offer that there are a great number in attendance today who are available to take your questions, and I would open the floor for your requests of personalities or questions you may have.

Jonathan: I chuckle that you offer to open the floor; from my perspective it's more like opening the sky. Do you have anything to offer on the lesson on "am", seeing that verb distinct from a subject or object?

Machiventa: Predominantly I would offer the observation that you, as the serious students that you are, once again demonstrated your ability to seek and then to find. Through your direct effort and pursuit of knowledge you came to find the materials wherein you were able to assemble your understanding of the concept. It truly is a treat to any teacher or headmaster, in this case, to observe students who will actually do their homework and follow up on their own with available materials and take the initiative to pick up the challenge and return the serve, as it were.

I think that the examples that were given and the subsequent discussion represent at this time your highest model of ideals that you are in a maturity level to grasp. I would not add one drop to this pool of wisdom that you have assembled out of what you have been given. At this time this pool is its maximum perfection, as it is filled to the very overflowing with all that has been added to it. Now it is to drink from this wellspring and to enjoy this refreshment of accomplishment and even to recline in appreciation of such a beautiful bouquet of fruition.

Jonathan: I would gladly take Monjoronson's response if he is attending or yours or any other's for this question. We discussed a new paradigm, the external vision of changing the world to a different way and also a higher, more mental and spiritual shift. Once upon a time salt was like money; today it still has a value but we throw it on our sidewalks to melt ice. In Revelations heaven is described as having pearly gates and gold streets. Again, something valuable used as building materials. So a paradigm shift is a change in function rather than changing the matter involved. Would a teacher address that?

Monjoronson (Mark): I welcome this opportunity, I am Monjoronson. Thank you for your request to commingle energy signatures once again. Your question supplied its own response when you noted that values were shifted and this shifting of values was not a change in the material having altered its state but rather the change was in the choice of those interacting with the material. You are growing very close to the proper understanding of this dynamic shift which will soon be upon us, and there will be material manifestations that are indeed altered as a result of the choices being altered. The relative prominence of a given material or system or value may be almost overnight shifted when the perception of value is altered by choice. When the priorities of individuals begin to shift as a result of more spiritual orientation then likewise the choices begin to shift. As a result of this spiritual and material choosing the manifestations of our material surroundings will then shift to accommodate our new perceptions.

Many seem to view the world as out there interacting with them and not realizing that they are in fact choosing the world that they will interact with. This choice may be altered, may change. When this choice changes, the very nature of their environment, surrounding, and condition follow suit and will change. To many this may appear on the outside as though the material manifestations are causing the spiritual growth when in fact it will be the spiritual growth which precedes the shift in material manifestation.

This is where pioneers in this new paradigm such as yourselves are important. Having traversed these understandings of spirit and matter and spirit content then you become valuable guides to those who will be buffeted about by the interaction of spirit and its subsequent material manifestations. You who are growing to understand this connection will be valuable guides to many who have yet to understand this connection.

So, to answer your question, I would say that you are correct on all fronts. There will be magnitudes of change on the spiritual front and as a result there will be magnitudes of change on the material front as the new choices are reflected in the new material manifestations brought about.

Jonathan: Thank you for your response.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your inquiry and thank you all for choosing to make this space part of your reality, choosing to embrace this reality that would not exist were it not for your choice. I am humbled to accept your choice to be here now. I appreciate and honor the choices that have brought you to this place. I am assured by you having made such choices that we will have a rather glorious future to work together. Thank you all.

Michael (Jonathan): This is Michael, greetings. You are my beloved. I hold you close; I do so now and always. In your development of wisdom you have, as Monjoronson speaks, made significant choices. Once upon a time you drew water from a lake to quench your thirst and soon discovered that if you were but to foray upstream you could dip from water a little more pure and clean and clear. Soon, as you ventured further, you discovered the spring, the source, from which this water issued forth, and you discovered even greater clarity and purity. Then there was a shift in your paradigm as you realized that you could sink a well and directly tap into the aquifer and thereby take in the water at even greater purity, even more refreshing. I am your aquifer. There are many wells about in your world where you may dip your jar and take me up. These wells may be your religions or your prophets -- even Monjoronson --, your many books. The Father is all moisture in all ways. I am He collected that you may drink. It is your choice to dip your jar into this water and take it into yourself. Drink fully, my children, drink deeply.