Group Anniversary, Perseverance, Be of Good Cheer. Teachers: Elyon, Michael.

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group Topics: Group Anniversary, Perseverance, Be of Good Cheer. Teachers: Elyon, Michael.

November 4, 2007

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon, and I am going to override Jonathan's reluctance to acknowledge today being the anniversary of my first attendance to you as a collective ear and acknowledge the efforts on your parts in allowing our communications and in adapting to our encouragements.

You have been faithful and loyal, and you have grown tremendously because of doubt and uncertainty. These are like weights on a barbell that as you lift you grow stronger. To not have doubt, to be always certain is to grow weaker. Yes, indeed, the human soul desires the peace of certainty and relishes the stability. It is as yet an ideal that is beyond reach for your well-being in that you will continue to grow toward it. The ability to persevere is a noble quality; it is valuable to your spiritual unfoldment. It is to growth what love is to relationships. You have learned that growth is unconscious, but you also know that the conditions for growth can be quite determined by your own intentions. You can steer your growth; you can paddle the boat, and it is perseverance that takes you through the long stretches where the roadsigns, the landmarks, none shows you a confirmation of your progress. But what the soul longs for the soul has already recognized within. So your reach to attain higher levels of being is really the effort to reveal what has been foretasted. Just as an artist knows in the creative mind's eye a painting to be expressed, there is still the unfolding, the trial, the experiments, the corrections, and the accomplishments.

Finally what was known deep within was expressed externally. Some of you were in the room when I first voiced myself, and your curiosity was due to your openness, for you already had experienced the rewards of the investigation into things you hoped would be true and discovered to be so. And the benefits you derived only prepared you for the receptivity of our extension into your spiritual lives. I know others have joined in the course of time, and I will say that there really is no beginning to my or other teachers' teachings; that just as eternity is cyclical, non- lineal, so are our outreach efforts. It may, to one, seem repetitive, but each stage in your growth you will find that these lessons hold new value. Just as the weight trainer continually lifts and re-lifts to grow strong, you will encounter and reencounter many visions and concepts of such as we express to you. But my greatest joy is to witness your accomplishment, for now I see a stability, even as you yet have long stretches of space to travel to be at the truly stable location of Paradise.

One time you were as a dry sponge, thirsty for moisture, and now you wring out that moisture that others may be quenched. Your trust has expanded, and your ability to embrace what was once too extreme has prepared you for our further efforts to bring Urantia to its rightful balanced evolutionary state. You knew early in the mission that beings would come to your world, even in the form that you inhabit now.

You were excited though skeptical, some quite impatient. Fifteen years have passed, but I assure you that these years have been profoundly foundational and will prove extremely supportive as events unfold. One of the tragic effects of this planet's plunge into rebellion was the assertion of the falsehood that you do not need nor deserve God, that you are either sufficient without or unworthy. The two extremes of self power and the other of no self value has crippled the soul. But your cultures have pursued in spite of such wrong directions and have grown slowly to learn of the precious position the human creature has in the divine family, that with God all things are possible, and that the love between the deity and each personality is stronger than any drawing power can be. It is a love that is so encompassing it is absorbing. You realize that, loved as a child you are, you are being transformed into the One who loves you. It is a love that takes away any separation. We are working for a better world; that is Michael's instruction to this Teaching Mission in this Correcting Time. The first efforts to do what we have been mandated to do is to establish in each one of the you the abilities that will uplift you personally continually.

A grassy lawn is beautiful in its collective growth but requires every shoot to be strong and vigorous, and that is how Urantia is progressing. You will once in a while receive the fertilization of celestial ministers. You will, just as the branches of the vine must be pruned, once in a while be mowed that your growth may become more vigorous and fresh. While Machiventa and the corps of melchizedeks have been prime directors in this mission, you are now aware of the Magisterial leg and the efforts to foster the new era, that the time of correction is being realized, the goals are being met. While I must adjust for timeframe references, there will still be some years ahead to accomplish the goal in entirety.

But that does not prevent the beginnings of positive movement beyond correction. So you are being warmed up with such as Monjoronson, and you are learning of the potentials for creature experience in the interface with celestial personalities free of the superstitions and fears of the legacies that hang onto your traditions. I in my human life never dreamt that I would be in the position I am today, addressing brothers and sisters, yourselves, in this manner. While the world I lived on had contact, I never visualized being one who contacts. When I was assigned to Urantia, honestly I doubted I would be very successful. But you all have warmed my heart by opening yours and straining your ears to hear me and to express what you hear even if you were not quite sure.

I have assured you that error is okay, that I respect your efforts, and I will always offer more if it is helpful in bringing about clarification from misunderstanding. You have a virtual library full of expressions gleaned from my associates and myself, and much in there you could rehash and derive great benefit therefrom. But a lot of what we do that is most important is our interaction, our live interface. You each share before you turn your ears to the cosmic broadcast. In this sharing there is offered much to learn from one another. Teachers you are. Again, I express my gratitude and happy anniversary! I will be pleased to receive any questions, to have you comment. Thank you.

Evelyn: I appreciate that a lot. There are moments when I have considered tossing at least parts of the Teaching Mission out the window. So now I feel reassured that hanging in there is worthwhile, and that mistakes can be made, and that's okay. I was thinking about last week's lesson; there was a triangle in there. Aspiration, acknowledge and apply? It was a very dynamic motion, that if you get too much of one you could get sidetracked or discouraged, but if you keep moving from aspiring to acknowledging to applying there's opportunities to get straightened out, keep the bicycle upright. Somehow that applies to today, I guess. Yes, happy anniversary!

Elyon: Yes, you have recognized another three-fold teaching, and this triangle you speak of addresses the level of intention, motivation, and willingness of any being. It is coupled with the other triad of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom which may be gained but is effectuated by aspiration, accommodation, and application. To know without acceptance does little to help the soul. To understand without aspiring means you gain nothing from what you understand. Wisdom without reverence for high truth can be misapplied mischievously. As you wed the two together you become transformed, and you become what you know and understand. You become the literal expression of the truth.

Angie: From someone who would love to have been in the room the first time Elyon spoke, I would like to say a very deep and warm thank you that it was able to happen.

Elyon: In the mission of the Creator Son on your world he drew several people close in his project. Those near at hand wrestled greatly with the sense of pride for being located so specially in Jesus' efforts, and they were soon reminded of the equality of all the creatures who sought his teachings and that the personality was valued the same regardless of the role that was played by any one. There are those who entered the mission years on, and history has shown the great impact they had even though they were not of the first chosen. To many who start the first challenge is from the development of the sense of complacency and the loss of the excitement of the initial surge in curiosity. Some fall away. Others are re-enthused by the excitement of those who come along later. So, while some have set the stage and provided the arena, others invigorate and re-energize the effort. But we are working on a project that is an ever-expanding circle. It has never been our intention to run, in a sense, tryouts and eliminate people, down to the most worthy, for the goal is all of Urantia to be situated in the awareness of their sonship, their daughtership, with God and their siblinghood with one another. This ultimate value will change all lesser value held by mankind. So the chronicity of one's engagement is overlooked by your celestial advisors. Everyone belongs, in our view, on the team. Those who accept, who acknowledge and apply themselves in the mission, are put to work and accepted no matter how great their impact is.

Michael: This is Michael. Again I embrace you. I overlay you with the love of the heavenly Father, and I raise you up with the care of the heavenly Mother. Be at peace and be of good cheer, for you are held securely in the divine arms. Retreat when you are weary, and be refreshed by the Divine Spirit, that well of inspiration deep within you. And look not upon your world as troubled and confused. See it as striving and seeking, and let the answers you are seeking rise forth and come from you. There is hope and hope is for the ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness. Progress is always being made, even when it is invisible to the human eye. Even if you recognize discordance you are on the path towards harmony. Knowing that harmony is your value, discordance can be dealt with. If it were not, then discordance remains and remains as a norm rather than a transient condition toward harmony. Be of good cheer and be at peace.


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