Lantarnek Melchizedek - The Value of A Good Mind

Location: Teleconference
Date: April 17, 2008
Teachers: Lantarnek
Transmitter / Receiver: Rick Giles
  1. 1. The body is a shoe wrapped around the mind.
  2. 2. The mind is like a shoe wrapped around the soul
  3. 3. If your soul is to grow then so does your mind need to enlarge.
  4. 4. The mind needs to be both receptive and creative
  5. 5. You create the matrix in the mind arena where the pattern of spirit reality may overlay, inflow, interwork and be revealed.
  6. 6. You are not just a solitary mind but a network of shared connectivity
  7. 7. The mind as a referee
  8. 8. Take care of your mind for it is not only for you but also for the presence of God as well

Lantarnek Melchizedek - The Value of A Good Mind

Apr 17, 2008 - Teleconference

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 4-17-08

Teacher: Lantarnek

T/r: Rick Giles


1. The body is a shoe wrapped around the mind.

2. The mind is like a shoe wrapped around the soul

3. If your soul is to grow then so does your mind need to enlarge.

4. The mind needs to be both receptive and creative

5. You create the matrix in the mind arena where the pattern of spirit reality may overlay, inflow, interwork and be revealed.

6. You are not just a solitary mind but a network of shared connectivity

7. The mind as a referee

8. Take care of your mind for it is not only for you but also for the presence of God as well

Lantarnek: Greetings everyone, this is Lantarnek, I'm going to spend some time reflecting on the value of a good mind. It is perhaps the nearest element of your being that you have the greatest control over. It is through mind as it is extended through your body that you have some degree of control over your physical organism and it is the mind extended into your soul that you have an effect over your morontia being. From an external vantage point it appears that the body houses the mind, even that the mind is residing within the neural network of the brain and this is somewhat true. This body is somewhat like a shoe wrapped around the mind. But the mind is like a shoe wrapped around the soul; it is the means whereby soul functions just as your mind would have little effectiveness in a material environment without the body extension to do the actionable work.

Your greatest personal project while residing here on Urantia is to enlarge your soul, and if your soul is to grow, your shoe, the mind must also broaden and enlarge. You, as you have progressed down the spiritual path have reconditioned your mind many times, adjusted the conceptual framework that I might in this metaphorical way call the lacing for the mind's shoe; you have retied according to the demands of the journey forward. You know that when your body is functioning poorly you have experienced a sluggish mind, a cloudy mind and so the soul is also hindered when the mind is restricted. Some restrictions take the form of stubbornness and fear but they also take the form of cherished notions that while they served well in the past, it has begun to dawn upon you that they are becoming outmoded and the attachment creates the resistance to higher development.

As you attain the physic circles of mind mastery, you create a powerful receptive center wherein spirit can function and penetrate through mind into the material realm and thereby affect such apparent miracles as healing which is ordinarily a natural event from spirit perspective. Mind is however merely your thinking processes. It is a broad field wherein awareness and consciousness, contact-ability with others and other things takes place, where sensibility and organization is derived to create understandability. This mind however is not merely a receptive aspect of your being, it is also creative by the direction of your will and so while you may develop belief systems based upon your interface with your external environment, you also are able to create new realities derived from the overshadowing of spirit presence.

You create the matrix in the mind arena where the pattern of spirt reality may overlay, inflow, interwork and be revealed. Great souls have come about on your world in spite of the frailties of their physical form and you may also note that often many of these souls were not of highly educated intelligence but that is only one dimension of mind. Keenly receptive and intuitively embracing elements of mind can lead to deep spiritual insight regardless of ones logical acumen. It is a great treasure within you, it is the referee between the physical and spiritual realm as they impinge upon you. It is worthy of your respect and your care and yet while I give the mind such emphasis of high value, I must also stress the importance of spiritual factors which are powerful engines that will drive you paradise-ward such as faith and trust, peacefulness and devotion.

Many things in your external world tug at your attention and pull you into engagement with all about you, but there are these spiritual magnets which also draw your attention and lead you to those super-realities of the morontia existence. Give them greater power in your mind arena; they will help to stabilize you when you are confused or are uncertain; they will give you stability as you weather through the uncertainties and reach understanding and insight. For those of you who are versed in the text of the fifth epochal revelation you understand that the indwelling spirit presence of Almighty God is a pre-personal entity, and that spirit waits to become one with you and therefore personality, your personality. But this spirit is also antecedent to mind and it waits with equal open arms to receive the mindedness of an ascending creature, a son or daughter of God.

And so while I urge you to care for this dimension of your being, your mind, care for it not only for yourself but for God's presence; it is something you share. You also have been informed that mind across the entire universe is a multidimensional reality, and that the mind of the human is merely a "fractalized" diminution of the Absolute Mind and as you ascend, the requirements of your higher spiritual being will demand that you engage in a mindal upgrade. Yet while these higher mind encircuitments will be yours in future ages, they are not relevant to the level of mindedness that you are existing upon now and so to become prepared to receive that higher enlarged mind you must care for the circuitry of your current emplacement. But even in the realm of human consciousness you are not merely an isolated single mind, you are a network of shared connectivity and you will, as you ascend your circles of mind attainment become better able to make contact, one with another even beyond standing in the midst of each other physically.

There are morontia aspects of sensibility much like your eyes and ears and other senses. They are dormant at first in your human life until your soul takes on higher levels of maturity and then you begin to detect such sensibility and discern the realities those senses contact; and when the mind is clear you are able to make that contact intelligent to you, sensible in the understanding meaning of the word. I will close my comments by encouraging you to mind your mind and I will open to your questions or your comments at this time.

Q: Thank you Lantarnek for that lesson and could you speak to calming the chatter in the mind going into stillness and redirecting the mind back into stillness when we discover our mind is wandering.

Lantarnek: When your body is under stress it does one of two things: It may begin to breathe rapidly or it may hold its breath and stifle the necessary intake of oxygen which feeds the cells throughout your body. The mind chatter is like the rapid breathing of your physical body and so to calm the breath one may use such practices as stretching or deliberate long deep breathing to bring relaxation and relieve stress. Such also is true with the chattering of the mind. You can hold a thought just as you would hold a stretch with your body, your mind to stay in one place. This will assist in lessening the chatter but it will do so with some degree of struggle; just as one with a rapid breath will feel a suffocating sense when attempting to slow the breath but the mind will relax and a calm process will begin to unfold. But there is also another avenue and that is channeling, directing your thoughts into a purposeful stream, one that is not buffeted about by fluctuations of other ideas and thoughts and notions.

And this is the value of prayer and worship for a mind. Soon there follows the soothing spiritual experiences of contact with God, of the sense of love universal, of that compassionate embrace which is all accepting of your being and this is relaxing as well. As you identify more so with the morontia souls aspect of your being you will be able to rise above the chattering of the mind and let it run on as would one of your radios in a room and you need not pay any attention to it but it is difficult to attain this state for the mind is largely where you place your focus. So directive thinking and holding thought are two methods within your realm of habitual focus to quiet the mind and become receptive to spirit.

Q: Thank you for that, it reminds me that the radio that keeps playing songs and repeated words can be on the other side of the room for me and I can be distant from it maybe.

Lantarnek: And remember as well that in training the mind to function for your higher self, you make greater advances by way of loving acceptance as you would the training of a child or an animal and that the battling with your mind does not bring equal results but loving it and caring for it and laughing with it will assist you in accepting the natural state of mind to be active, to gather, to perceive and to digest any aspect of reality, inward or external. It is your friend first and in that acceptance there will naturally follow peace in the mind. Q: The circuitry cleansing that we're being introduced to by Aurora, Serena, and Monjoronson; can you link those two ideas on opening our mind to the cleaning bubble effect of the correcting time?

Lanatarnek: In the recent cycle of Urantia civilization progress, you might say that the mind circuitry of the one time quarantine phase was promoting, and I use this figuratively, a [dementia] like mind circuit for without the celestial guidance upon your world the mind circuits of Urantia were being misused and some aspects of this mind circuitry were not used at all and so now there is the need to freshen the connection, to stimulate the mind circuit just as you would stimulate the neural networks of your brain to maintain a sharp memory. There will be continued episodes of revelation which will challenge the viewpoint of humanity and this will cause better circuitry connections, one with the other. Sometimes in your religious realms there has developed what would be considered fantasy descriptions of higher realities yet some of these seers were going beyond the paradigm of your physical existence and their visions slowly take on reality.

Visitations of so called aliens, those who in reality are your brothers and sisters, is an example of what appeared one time to be a great stretch of thought and will in a reasonable length of time become a commonplace exchange; you are beginning to see that even through this mode of interface right now. If you each take care of your mind node in this interconnecting circuitry, you will assist in the multifaceted and complex interconnections of one another. Your mind is not like a four way intersection that your vehicles encounter, it is a 360 degree spherical intersection; many points crisscross through your being. And so the human mind is shifting from large attention towards things material or even a little higher of humanity or even art to the cosmic realm, grander than only a lofty human existence. We are here to assist, for the sharper the circuitry and the more alert every individual is, the greater will be our harmony and function and the faster Urantia will reclaim its normal speed of progress.

Q: Lantarnek, you mentioned taking care of our mind, could you expand on that a bit?

Lantarnek: My first advice entails attention toward "its shoe", as I spoke of before; the physical body that wraps around your mind, for if the shoe has holes in it the foot is injured and so health and care of your physical form assists the mind to function in its outward orientation. But it also benefits when diligent energy is spent towards reflective meditation and the calming island of spiritual worship. It is the internal massage which gives the mind energy and refreshment and while I speak of two dimensions which impinge upon the mind, there is also within the mind and those exercises which assist the mind to be healthy are such as; forgiveness, curiosity, critical thinking, teachability and that receptivity of teachability that [one] with the willingness to express what you understand, the perception that your mind thoughts are shared and that giving of yourself, your reflective awareness to others, brightens the mind; that the perspective of separation, of withdrawal and the evaluation of self as either greater than others or unworthy of others damages the mind. Mind inherently shares. Undertaking these exercises becomes a transformative process into a natural way of being on the level of mind and soon when mind is cared for thusly it becomes strong and functions that way without your coercion for it to do so.

I will close our engagement now. Let us pause and thank our Mother Spirit for the minds we all have. It is by Her that we are aware. She has made it possible for us to gain in intelligence, to recognize each other and to experience compassion in our fraternity. Thank you Mother Spirit and farewell to you all.