Machiventa - Announcement of Monjoroson and the Magisterial Mission

It may be freezing out here in New Hampshire, but my heart is warmed by the sense of spiritual connection and community in the proclamation process. January 29th, 10 pm EST, Dave and I were meditating while I sat at the keyboard. Here's what came through - I understood the speaker was Machiventa:

Where there is sorrow let there be joy, where there is war let there be peace, where there is hunger, let there be plenty. May the earth and her peoples rejoice. The long awaited time has come for the arrival of a new Teacher son on your shores. His reach will be powerful and his weapons will be loving mercy, unfailing kindness, and joy everlasting. The fields are indeed white for the harvest and he comes to aid in the work of the salvage of lost souls. Great are the tidings of jubilation throughout Nebadon. Long may his reign on behalf of Michael, endure.

Let it be known that this coming Son will come bearing the plans crafted by Michael himself, and charged with a commission to bring new hope to the planet. Look for his arrival anyday, for soon he will talk amongst you, walk amongst you and greet you as a friend and loving representative of the celestial administration on high. Our hope is to prepare you for His arrival by this proclamation, for the time is now very short for his appearance. Let the faithful stand ready. Let the women see to their tasks, and the men fortify their intentions. Let each look well within himself, asking the question, am I ready to aid in this great endeavor? Am I ready to march bravely forth when He asks? Am I ready to give my all, even as the early christians did to promote the kingdom of heaven on earth? The hour draws near. Let the faithful arise and stand ready to act on his behalf. There will be those among you who will sa! y they cannot believe until the mighty have fallen. There will be those who will prove fainthearted and run away at the first sign of ridicule or persecution. Only the pure hearted, the true, and the strong will survive the early times of this new visitation. We exhort you to let go of your fear and doubts, to move forward with new courage and purpose, to be prepared to die if need be in the service of the Son who comes. We thank you all for your loyal cooperation in this trial event. I bid you good night.

Meredith Tenney