Machiventa Melchizedek; Michael; Althena; Nebadonia - Population Changes - Center for Christ Consciousness

Location: Oakland, California
Date: November 24, 2006
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Nebadonia, Althena
Transmitter / Receiver: DD, JC, JL
Moderator: Student
  1. Transmission of Harmony (energy re-patterning)
  2. Discussion of population changes
  3. Working in Group Format
  4. Message regarding genocide and violence

Center for Christ Consciousness

NOTE: When reading the transmission from Michael, please allow time for the experience of receiving the energies of Harmony. As you follow the text and reach the pauses, please sit in stillness and open yourself to Mother so you may receive these endowments. These downloads are very beneficial and will help you become more spiritized in the deeper parts of your being—DD.

Greetings, my children, this is Michael. Your Mother and I are delighted to join you at this gathering, and to share with you our love, our peace, our joy at what is transpiring on Urantia. You have all answered my call, and now you gather as one under my banner—one heart, one mind.

It is my desire that I would harmonize you with one another so that you are indeed carrying an energetic imprint of the spirit of Harmony within you that will render you more effective in dealing with your brothers and sisters who are newly awakening. This harmonization is very important for you to tap into at this time, for as you know, there is a great schism occurring on Urantia as my light becomes more pronounced and the shadows recede. Yet people still live in the darkness of their own shadow selves, and I would wish you to gain greater breadth in your mindal environment to be more harmonized with me so that you are able to interact with them in a much more effective manner. Are you all interested in receiving these new energies today? (Yes—group response). Thank you.

I am as always delighted to share with you my self and all that I have within me is yours. You only need to ask me and I will share with you what you need where you are at this present moment. You are all now ready to be more harmonized so that you are able to work more effectively and collaboratively as a group. For in the coming changes you will need to pull together as a team. You will need to summon your capacities to interact with one another in greater tolerance and acceptance of one another, learning what your own abilities and limitations are as well as that of others. As you know, the model of interaction in the universe and co-creation is that of teamwork. There are times when there are solitary assignments, but by and large, this model of effective teamwork is something that must be fully enmeshed in your beings in order to create the new world that wishes to be born here.

Take a deep breath, center yourself in the intention of receiving the energies of harmonization that your Mother will weave into you now. Feel how much you would like this to be more of a dominating force in your life. Allow your heart to open, allow any resistance to this harmonic resonance to relax and soften through your conscious desire to receive this, and allow your body to know that it is safe to indeed reflect upon this from me, to receive this actively from your Mother. These are the new energies that will build a new Urantia. Receive your Mother now, my children. Invite her in. (Pause)

The races of Urantia have long harbored an antagonistic energy that has contained this war-like and aggressive strain of behavior. The Urantian human has not been fully harmonized with those energies of fraternal cooperation and loving tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. Now it is necessary that these be instilled within you so that the evolutionary progression into Light and Life can continue in a new way. There are deeply, deeply embedded strains of conflict and aggression in your evolutionary natures. It is my desire that these would be overlaid with these energies of tolerance and cooperation and collaboration in a loving fashion.

This is not something that will occur overnight, but we are beginning to instill these within our children who are ready to acknowledge and accept them. In opening yourself up today, I would ask you to find that place within yourself where you still feel that you have these energies of conflict and aggression that you still may feel or perceive that you harbor when you are interacting with your brethren. Some will feel it more pronounced than others. It is in all of you and it is something that expresses itself in different ways. Humans of this world have much to learn in gainful collaborative co-creation, and these endowments will render it more effective so that when you are with your brethren you will be more willing and appreciative to collaborate with one another.

The self-protection that you surround yourself in will no longer be necessary once these harmonic energies are fully instilled within you. You will no longer fear being hurt by another person. You will no longer shy away from being in these situations with new people for you will find that the interests in learning and sharing with other people grows. This is all being given to you as the corrective measures now necessary and they will reveal themselves to you over time slowly, gradually, subtly. You will not necessarily see a great shift right away, but the more you focus on this during your times of stillness and ask for the harmonization with your brethren, your Mother and I will be able to continue to imprint this upon you. (Pause)

Techniques of self-mastery are best learned when the strong desire on the human level is to receive those divine endowments that bring about the desired result. Suffice to say that your beings have all borne the brunt of the two calamities that have befallen on Urantia. But now, with all of these new endowments being imprinted upon you by the open circuits, you will be getting food and fuel for your minds and bodies. Think of your Mother as the umbilical cord who delivers all of these spiritual nutrients into your being. This energy of harmonization is a major endowment. It is one that will help to heal the polarization and bring the planet into a more balanced state. But as you know, it will take many, many, many years, but we are beginning and there is already enough of a harmonic resonance on Urantia that will greatly impact these new energies that you are receiving. You will be providing the fulcrum upon which your brothers and sisters’ minds can be elevated as well. So receive this now deeply in each cell. (Pause)

Now if you are willing to go even deeper, invite your body to open. Invite your DNA to be harmonized with these energies that are now coming in to you. This is a very deep imprinting of my being coming from the source of the Paradise Father and the Eternal Son, as the Infinite Spirit moves in you. (Pause)

My children, we are closing the circuits now, but this endowment will continue to integrate within your being. Whenever you are ready for more, you only need to ask your Mother and me to continue to build you in this endowment of harmonization. There are many others who wish to speak with you today, and I will withdraw and take my leave, and ask that you continue to keep your hearts open, keep your minds as relaxed and open as you can for there is more to come today as more is shared with you. My peace I leave upon you, my love strengthens and upholds you. In our Father we are one. Good afternoon.

Greetings, my brethren, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am very pleased to join you today. It has been some time since I made the rounds and visited you in this manner. I am here today to address some of your concerns and questions that I know are in your hearts and on your minds. As you know from what you have observed of your world events of late, there is, from your perspective, a great cause for concern as you view these seeming unraveling of your world into war and terror, poverty and illness. Much of what is occurring is the natural outworking of the events that have been culminating for some time because of the incorrect thinking and behavior that has been able to run rampant on Urantia. And yet, there is something else that is rising. The groundswell of the desire for peace and prosperity is strong within the hearts of most humans now. The hour is striking, is striking, is striking for all of you to be laborers in the fields for your Father Michael.

We have encouraged you to share when you feel ready and prompted with your brethren to help them know that something is occurring here that will feed and sustain them even though the physical trials and turmoils might be about them. But peace can be had during these times of change. While there is much, much work to be done, I say to you much has been accomplished. You may not see this yet, but it is being accomplished. This planet is being cleared from the debris of the misadaptation of the divine plan. All of you have a part to play. I am here to encourage you to see the light that is now emerging on the planet. Pay attention to the truth that you see around you each day, even in the smallest of moments, even in the exchange of one person to another, even if you only get a smile from a stranger on the street or give one—that is truth, and that is a good place to start.

I encourage you to not see the biggest events that your news portrays as an indicator for what is happening on the planet, but to look to the small things: the enjoyment you have each day, the times you share with family and friends. These are the small steps that are growing each day. If you start to notice this more, then you will be able to start to see some of the bigger good that is now occurring on Urantia. You will become more attuned to the good and what you will see is more good, you will feel more good, you will notice more good. And what will that do to the shadows of evil? It will render them ineffective, it will give them less mental energy to sustain themselves. What you are doing is building good now through your mental efforts, through your interactions with one another. I encourage you to see this more and more each day, especially in the small details of life that are so frequently overlooked.

In keeping with my intention of being with you here today, please feel free to share with me any of your comments or concerns, questions, misgivings, apprehensions—lay it all on the table for us today, and let us bring more light and peace into your minds and hearts. Who would like to begin?

Student: Machiventa, there was several months ago from the North Idaho group a transmission from Monjoronson about the decimation of the species. I wonder if you could clear that up for me?

MM: Yes. This is something that is destined to occur. It is not necessarily something that you must be apprehensive about. It is something that will be occurring gradually over a period of years. But there is a thinning out of the flock, as you might say. People are being given choices if they wish to stay on Urantia and participate in the continuing corrective actions being taken, or if they feel they may be able to serve more from the morontia levels. There is much that is occurring with this destined decimation that you will not understand and is beyond the awareness of many of the population. This is part of the planetary adjudication as well as the natural outworking of a population explosion that has never been checked on Urantia. There are many factors that are now impinging upon this destined decimation.

I would encourage you to find it in your heart to look upon this as a necessary measure that will render life to be more sustained by the available resources that are here on the planet. The human toll will be severe. It will affect everyone in their outlook on life. But I encourage you to see it from the higher perspective as much as possible. Comfort those who are affected by it and help them step out of their own understanding into a higher truth and realization. You will be given much assistance as you go through these times. Never think that change occurs without giving you the necessary resources and tools you need to handle these successfully. But, yes, this is indeed coming down the road as you say. And we are here to prepare you for these changes—to bolster you, to encourage you, to comfort you and to cheer you on so that you can indeed do the same with those who are in despair because of this. Does this answer your question, C?

Student: Yes, it does Machiventa. Thank you for your service to this world.

MM: You are most welcome. This planet holds a dear place within me and I recall the times that I sojourned here with your ancestors. It is a joy to be here again and bring this information to you so that you can enjoy the labors as you gather in the harvest. And fruits are sweet and plentiful. So we are here to uplift you, for your Mother and Father to imprint more of themselves upon you so you can carry out these tasks in gladness and faith. Are there other questions that I may address today for you?

Student: Good afternoon, Machiventa. You spoke of choices that were to be given to those of us who are able to make this type of decision. These choices whether to remain here in the physical body or, did you mean, move on into the next world or stay here but be given a morontia body. Can you clear that up? If we are to be given a morontia body in staying here, how will this body be able to interact with the population. Would we be taking on a physical form with this new morontia body? This is all very confusing to me and would like it to be clarified as best you can.

MM: Think of this as a choice that is occurring on many levels. There are those who are hardly conscious of what you are aware of, yet they are being given the range to make their choices as well. Some will make the choice more, as you might, imagine more unconsciously than others. It will be done in conjunction with their indwelling Adjusters and the factors within them. There is another level where people who are more attuned to staying on the planet are having their bodies adjusted so that they are more morontia-ized. That is not to say that you will have a morontia body similar to the one that you will inhabit on the morontia spheres. Your physical system would be imbued with some of the higher vibrational energies that will create a pathway of information into your mind that makes it more accessible for you to think moronta-ized thoughts—to get better information. It is as if your software is being upgraded. Do you understand my meaning on this?

Student: Yes. That part I do.

MM: Then there are others that will choose to be completely off the planet from their physical bodies. They will be living in the morontia level but having an impact upon the planet in a way that you would consider to be invisible. There are a number of options. You will be able to consider these with more wisdom and better judgment when you talk these over with your indwelling Father Fragment in collaboration with your Paradise Father, your local universe Father and Mother. These are not as, you might imagine, so cut and dry as you are used to thinking in terms of black and white. Take your time. Know that there is a great outworking in the minds of humans here.

My answer to you is very limited in what I can share with you because there are so many considerations that abound here. Suffice to say, if you wish to stay here, you will be given the resources to do so. You will be given much help. You will be moving more in collaboration with your brothers and sisters. You will be finding the resources that you need. You will be given better physical aid too with an upstepping in your bodies. What you received from your Father Michael this afternoon was one of them—this capacity to collaborate more harmonically with one another. So you see, my dear brother, you are given much, much more help than you can even imagine at this time. Let your mind be clear on this point. I hope this answers some of your concerns. Feel free to share more of them with me if this has not satisfied you.

Student: Thank you. You have answered pretty much my question. I have already made the decision that I wish to stay, but I wasn’t clear on how much of my body would become morontia. Would I be able to still engage in physical activities. But I believe you have answered that.

MM: Oh, you will still be in your physical form and be able to enjoy the physical life. You will be getting new energies and you can certainly continue to ask for more of the upgrading, as you might say.

Student: I would have to assume that this upgrading will give me somewhat of a resistance to whatever it is that will bring about this decimation—whether it be a pandemic, which appears to be a great part of the cause because of the extremely deadly strains of viruses that we now have that actually artificially produced in some of the labs even in this country.

MM: Be assured that your faith will sustain you. Be assured that if you have made this decision, that you will be able to maintain living here successfully. It may be different than how you are living now, but you will be able to live here successfully. And by that word I would like elaborate on that: You will find new ways of living. You will find new ways of interacting with one another. There will be new information, new technologies, new resources. Life will be different. In some ways it will not be as comfort-ridden as it is, but in other ways, it will be very, very beneficial and stimulating and produce many wonderful benefits that will help this planet develop its journey into Light and Life. This planet does not have a true picture of what that means yet, and so many things will start to emerge in human consciousness, in the collective consciousness when the time is right. You will be able to tap into this information when the moment is propitious. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does. It does help. It does bolster the faith that I already have. I thank you for that answer.

MM: You are most welcome, my brother.

Student: Hello, Machiventa. Welcome back! I have more questions along that line. In reading over and reflecting on the recent transmissions, I have this question: when we can read about the evolving biology of the planet and summarized it with the idea of the Gaia, this field of life that this whole planet is; I wanted to ask you whether the decimation that is coming could be understood to be Urantia, as a field of life which some of us have spoken with, whether she is the activator in the decimation in the sense that the overpopulation is taxing her so much that she is doing a biological correction. To what extent is it helpful for us to think of this as her response to biologically correct this parasitical existence of too many beings on the planet? Can you help us with that?

MM: Yes, I will be very happy to address this issue with you. There are laws of sustainability that govern the grand universe. There is an ebb and flow of life—a rhythm to life. There is also a cadence to life, and by that I mean that there is a growing groundswell of the evolutionary voices that a physical material world such as Urantia houses. Sometimes when the voices or the cadence becomes too loud, there needs to be a re-tuning so to speak. And this is one of the reasons that this decimation is occurring. This is a retuning of the human voice of Urantia. There are simply too many voices. The cadence that is echoing throughout the universe is out of tune—the harmonization is out of balance with the rest of the design that Michael had intended for this planet and his universe. This is what you might consider to be the planet’s response, as you have mentioned. The planet is simply being retuned now and that there are those whose tune is not in sync. These individuals must be dealt with. It will be done with mercy and compassion.

This is not being done as a punitive measure. By no means would I ever suggest that this is being done so, even though there will be those who see it as the "wrath of God" coming down upon Urantia for its sins. There are those who have religious beliefs that want to head down that direction. The planet is outworking itself because there are simply too many people who are taxing the natural resources here. The planet was designed to house a specific number of individuals in abundance and prosperity. Now the situation is such that if you continue down this path of consumption, rampant consumption, unrestricted consumption, this planet will no longer be able to sustain life according to the plans that were originally designed for this world. Many, many minds are being upgraded and implanted with information about the sustainability of this planet and how to move back into managing these resources in an equitable and fair manner. Have no fear. Much is being done in the human mind, the collective mind that will help this planet move forward once the cleansing, so to speak, is completed. This is a time of great rebirth and there will be new technologies that come forth that will help you use the resources effectively, properly, that are available to all, and used by all, and for those civilizations and cultures that are more advanced to share with those who are less and help them get up to speed. Does this answer your question, my brother? (5204)

Student: Yes, this is very helpful. If I may follow up: I have come to learn that nothing happens in the universe at a single level, and that there are multiple causes for events. Can you say just a bit more about whether there is an orchestration happening in this decimation in that, should we think of it as all levels—biological, physical, mental, celestial. Is there an orchestration on all these levels that is resulting in this retuning in this cleansing? Is this decimation being managed from the celestial realms?

MM: We have plans in place about the management of this unfolding event. There are unknown factors because you humans do things surreptitiously at times. We do not know everything that will occur at this point in time. We have ideas and we have projections and we have a plausible idea of what will happen here. I cannot speak too much about this for we do not know at this time. And there is factor of allowing you as the physical inhabitants of this world to rise to the occasion: how will you handle this. We do not wish to give you too much information for this is an area of planetary supreme development—that you will be doing much as a planet and as individuals to add to the overall Supreme Being by your abilities to handle this event with the spiritual resources that you are being given. So from the bigger picture, I would answer your question with a resounding "yes" this is all being orchestrated, but a lot of the orchestration has yet to…let’s say that the orchestra has yet to show up. There are still instruments being added. In time the tuning of the entire event will unfold in a way that will help you understand some of the bigger laws of the universe that still need to be discovered by the human mind and heart. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, that’s fantastic. If I may ask just one more question? In sharing this event with others outside of our circle, and in researching this, I can’t help but come across the prophesies of the change of the 2012 transition date of the Mayan calendar and also referred to in many different ways in popular culture. I just came across one rendition of this that there would be a planetary decimation and die-off of about two-thirds of the planet and that this was envisioned by indigenous peoples long ago to occur at this time. Do you have any comment on these 2012 prophesies?

MM: Here again, let us return to the law of harmonization—that there are many cultures which were more in sync with the natural rhythms of the earth, and who have understood that being out of step or harmony with the natural order will create chaos and destruction. The timeframe upon which this is all been factored is somewhat arbitrary. We do not know if this will be completed by 2012 or if further upgrading an upstepping will need to be completed after that time. I would give you a period of about 20-30 years to be on the more conservative side. This will unfold over a period of time. I do not wish to make you feel as if that you need to stretch this out longer as to what your desires are, but I encourage you to reflect upon these energies of harmonization that are now moving through you to give you a better sense of the natural order of things.

So much of the information that we convey to you through words is limited. In these new energies that you are receiving, there is information that is coming into the human heart that is new for you to perceive. It is important for you to become more comfortable and familiar with receiving information from the heart, for this will help the intellect to release some of the worries and concerns and allow you to be more in the natural harmonic flow of the evolutionary progression towards Light and Life.

Now this world is very unique inasmuch as it is a decimal planet, it is had two major misadaptations of the divine plan. It is very, very normal that your bodies and minds would be out of step as well. But with these new endowments and into the harmonization within your body to Michael and Nebadonia’s energies you will receive much more information than what is being conveyed to you in this verbal fashion. I encourage each one of you to sit in stillness and ask for the information to flow into your heart and to become more integrated into what you have learned, and let the information in your heart begin to override and predominate what you know, what you think you know, what you have learned, and what you think you have learned so that you are better able to discern truth and to be in truth and to live in truth and to become living vessels of truth. That is Michael’s plan for each and every one of you. Does this answer your question, dear brother?

Student: Thank you, dear Machiventa. I look forward to your being back on the planet.

MM: Oh, I am here; you just cannot see me at this time.

Student: Greetings, Machiventa. I am excited and delighted to be with you today and have a chance to ask you a couple of questions. The first one has to do with in coming into and experiencing and recovering such a period as you are describing, it’s clear that more anything that we need new mental equipment to perceive what is going on and then to perceive more understanding of what is occurring. We need new kinds of thinking here to proliferate in order to grapple with these times. My general question is: what general perspectives can you share with us about the changes that need to occur in our learning systems and our way of learning things?

MM: The institutions of learning will change when there are enough individuals who are committed to making changes either broad or sweeping or more limited and evolving. Sometimes these changes will occur suddenly and sometimes they will need to develop over a period of time. The biggest change, however, will come when the human heart is more open and receives the information of which I just spoke. When this occurs, there will be a deepening, a broadening, a heightening of information of morontia-level thought that the human system of consciousness will be able to tap into. This is now occurring on Urantia. The circuits are open, information is coming into your body in many ways.

The single most important factor to consider here is to allow your heart to open. It is safe, it is necessary, it is part of the upgrading to get into the heart energy more securely. You have such great capacity to learn and to love. All of this information is wired so to speak into your heart center. Allow this to open more fully. Know that there are many energies that can come into you through this conduit—the energy of harmonization, the energy of fraternization, the energies of cooperation, collaboration; there is so much to be gained in opening your heart. When you do this, your minds will be using much, much better (pardon the phrase) software, but I use this because you are all so familiar with how computers operate now, so this is all of part of your so-called computerized system being upgraded.

Open your hearts, my brethren, open your hearts fully to Michael and Nebadonia, to your indwelling Father Fragments. You will be given so much information and so much joy and energy that it will be able to bring about these changes that you seek. If everyone in your institutions of higher learning were to open their hearts and to start to collaborate, you will see major sweeping changes, and this is what I speak of. But until that time occurs, you will see these small improvements as people open up one heart and mind at a time. Does this answer your question, J?

Student: Thank you, that paints the general picture. My second question has to do with my sense that there are particular children in the classes I teach who are glowing with some kind of readiness who are ready to become part of this new retunement, who have already been prepared. I’m finding myself reaching out to these children and in general trying to make the classes more open to this kind of attunement. Do you have anything to tell us about the attunement of children today?

MM: The children who are being born now and of the last 25 years or so are becoming increasingly more harmonized with the new energies now being orchestrated on Urantia. They are very, very sensitive to these new energies and they have much in their hearts—information that is beginning to crystallize within them. When you find these bright eyed and open hearted children before you, spend a few moments in your own stillness and ask for your heart to resonate with theirs and for your mind to align with theirs so that the information that they share with you and you share with them is in very loving and harmonious exchange. You will find that there is a geometric increase in energy and what you convey with one another will grow a deep soul bond between you. This is so important right now as we move into more of the changes that are coming down the road. You will need to be more harmonized with these young people and they with you.

They will also feel the missteps or the old energies of the past, and they will not necessarily feel it the same way as you do, but they are being upgraded in an of themselves so that they are the future leaders and the future way-show-ers who can bring the subsequent generations more fully up to speed. Share with them what you can in the context of where you are in your school environment. Share openly with them and let them share with you what they have to offer. Help them know that their development is so important to you. Let them know that you care. These are very sensitive children to being accepted and understood because some of them may still reside in families where they are not free to share with an open heart. Does this answer your question?

Student: Thank you. It gives me some things to think over. I appreciate it.

MM: My brethren, I am always available to answer your questions. Please feel free to call upon me or any of your celestial teachers and guides and companions. Use the resources that you have. You do not need to go through your day without help. We are here. We are always just a thought away. I take my leave of you and allow others to speak. It has been very enjoyable for me to share what I can with you, and know that the peace of Michael lives within you. Allow him to fully reveal himself into your heart and grow in love and our Father. Good afternoon.

Greetings, my brothers and sisters! I am Althena. I am one who is only steps and levels beyond your own. From where I am, I am capable of seeing you where you will be, and I am delighted to be among you and to speak among you for some brief moments.

In these times that have been referred you: days and months and years ahead, your ability to participate in this reattunement according to you heart’s desires and capacities and according to the leadings you receive and open yourselves you, your ability to do these things will depend much on your ability to function as members of teams as has been spoken of. Your understanding of yourselves as individuals as you establish relationships with others in teams that may form and reform and unform, your ability to function to in such a way can be much enhanced by learning and being aware of some rather simple principles of group function. There are numerous systems, some more simple, some more complex, that help you understand your natural way of functioning on a team—your natural way of contributing.

If you wish, at the conclusions of these transmissions, J would be very happy to introduce you very briefly to one system of helping you understand your own proclivities and how they may function at the beginning of a project, toward the middle of a project, and how you may best come to appreciate the contributions and proclivities of others. This is merely one tool that may prove useful to some of you in your present and future interactions with others as you find your path amidst these times.

Aside from this offer, I merely wish to add my pleasure to those who have already expressed their own and those who would like to speak as well as those who wish to assist you in your evolving relationships with one another, the spirit within you and with we celestial and divine personalities who are here to assist you. I am Althena and my love lingers among you.

My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. My heart is very fully right now. You have to excuse J who is having difficulty in expressing these words. I wish to address a very difficult subject that is however a large part of your being a world citizen and the responsibilities you have. In addressing some of the concerns of your particular society, I am very much aware of your discussions amongst yourselves earlier today.

For those of you who are trying to be aware of what is happening in the world, you are confronted with facts—mental and spiritual facts that are almost incomprehensible to you. I am referring specifically to some of the genocide, what you call sectarian violence that is not limited to the continent of Africa or the Middle East, but what occurs almost all over the world. For those of you who have known little direct physical violence in your lives, you must strive to open your hearts and utilize all your creativity to put yourself in the position of people who are facing this, even those in your own society who are living day to day, face to face with that species of violence you call crime.

As Michael and I have said before, there is a large percentage of the human race that is facing this kind of challenge every day, and this is decimation enough. In this sense, you needn’t look for any more when you think of the stunted lives, the physical maiming, the unimaginable amount of pain that people are suffering as a result of the willful actions of those around them. You must strive your hardest to avoid facile generalizations and rationalizations of this. In this you are taking on a burden of understanding the enormous complexity involved in that task before you all: how do you put an end to it, to the warfare—both the offensive and defensive armaments, or the crime that occurs in every human society? Sometimes, my children, it is admitting to yourself those aspects that are incomprehensible, for this is sometimes the greatest wisdom admitting you don’t know what it is like to risk your life to go get some groceries to get through the day, or what it is to have those that you love very dearly just being brutally killed just to make some kind of political or religious statement. And so you see, my children, the only way out is to love—to love this beautiful world, to love and understand your Father, our Father, that this is part of his creation and he has put so much he’s trusted so much in your hands.

So open your hearts, my children, and pray for the strength for your ability to respond. Embrace with humility the enormity of the suffering and yet be of good cheer. Beam that love out to where you feel it is needed the most, but above all in your day to day lives, be that person of good cheer. Meet those you come face to face with equanimity with offering to be there with them. Keep striving to understand what is happening all over this world. Continue striving to be a world citizen and be in my love. This is your Mother Nebadonia, and I want you take a few minutes now just to feel my love feeling these considerations I brought before you today as I take my leave.