Machiventa Melchizedek – The Strategic Plan for Urantia NOCO#115

Location: Boulder, Colorado
Date: March 31, 2010
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Machiventa’s Perspective of Being Planetary Manager
  2. Rebuilding Spiritual Connections & Infrastructure
  3. The Training Needed for Gaining Experience
  4. School for Growing, Ascending Souls
  5. Contributing to God the Supreme
  6. The Efforts of the Most Highs since the Adjudication
  7. The Strategic Plan for Urantia
  8. Humankind’s Efforts Needed to Move the World Toward the Light
  9. Youths Needed to Come to Awareness Sooner
  10. Look-alike Organizations on Internet Need Discernment
  11. The Greatest Error of Our Lives Is One of Omission to Act
  1. Importance of Translations
  2. Marketing to Younger Generation
  3. Plant Seeds Without Seeking Immediate Results
  4. Feed Fertile Minds of the Young
  5. Mansion World Status for Urantia
  6. Urantia University & Melchizedek Schools

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa. (Welcome) It is good to be here with you, my friends. Most of you do not recognize the experiential side of the spirituality or the morontial world that you live in. Many of you have a miraculous perspective of the management of this local universe, and all the universe. I want to assist you in assuming our perspective—my perspective in particular, as the Planetary Manager of Urantia/earth.

Imagine a great war, much as the Civil War, where a part of your legal entity wishes to secede from the larger, and so the rebellion that occurred in Nebadon was much like the Civil War that occurred in the United States. I have accepted the Sovereign position as Planetary Manager, or Planetary Prince of this world. My position and function in this regard is much like assuming the managerial position of a large factory in Atlanta, Georgia after the Civil War, where all of the infrastructure is destroyed; all the windows are blown out of the building, the machines are wrecked, the workers have been lost or gone, there is no middle management, there is only myself and several others to assist me. This is much the situation that we have come into with the planets that were in rebellion, in quarantine. It is as though we have come back to a war-torn world, where the infrastructure of spirit is gone, disconnected, and that we must now rebuild this spiritual entity, this world, and its spiritual connections.

What you as well miss, is that in doing so, we have recruited angels, midwayers, celestial teachers and a whole host and hierarchy of spiritual and morontial beings to assist in rebuilding these planets, most of whom are inexperienced at this. There is no lack of their commitment, there is no lack of their compassion for you and your situation, there is no lack of energy to assist in this process. Yet, putting it all back together, takes time. It is much like what you would have to do in this factory—you would have to start at the top floor, start at the roof, patch the roof, repair the windows, sweep out and scrape out all of the debris in the various stories of the factory, and bring in new electrical lines, communication lines, and so on. And that is just the hardware!

So too, have our energy controllers and power distributors been busy, reconnecting Urantia, one of many planets who were disconnected during the quarantine, to reconnect this planet back to the universe grid of energy, and universe grid of communication. There is also the necessity of building a hierarchy of management and supervision and production in assigning and building the various work groups, management levels, and supervisory personnel. We will integrate that within the grand plan—the strategic plan—of these planets to bring them back on line, to become contributors to our local universe, eventual contributors of great souls to the corps of Finality in Paradise.

Gaining experience takes time. It takes the investment of individuals with their commitment in actually doing something that contributes to the improvement of your planet, that contributes to its functioning as a planet that is moving towards the days of light and life. It requires that there be training—yes, angels do have training—you will find when you read carefully in the Urantia Book, that most every spiritual being below Paradise and Havona, are experientially oriented so that they gather more and more experience. For each of these orders of beings, being engaged in experience is a wonderful opportunity to move, eventually, closer along their ascendant career, with movement towards Paradise, to ascend and to make accomplishments, to have even more new assignments than before. So you see, there is a host—literally many hosts—of eager spiritual and morontial beings, who are eager to assist you on this planet, in getting on with the business of the universe.

There is the ascendant plan, which is foremost in your minds and our minds. Yet, and however, there is the business of managing and running the universe, which has no part of the ascendant career that you have. It provides a means by which individuals are supported by the universe. There is a huge infrastructure in the universe, which is not associated with the ascendant career, which is something that you will learn about in the eventuality of time, though it will not effect you until after you become Finaliters. When you think of time on your planet, you think that “a long time” is 50 years. You think that 20 years is more than enough time to change directions in a nation, or a global economy, and truly it perhaps is. Yet for us on a different time scale, 20 years is very, very brief. Your 20 years would be more like 2 years in some realms; it would be 5 years in others, and perhaps even as much as 10. So for us to train and educate our spiritual and morontial workers, who will be here supporting the reconstruction of your planet, this is very brief and speedy training that they are receiving.

You have wondered why, perhaps, this has not taken less time from the adjudication of the rebels, to the time where you see the arrival of the Avonal Son, Monjoronson, and his retinue. It is because this is a very brief amount of time; the time from the assumption of Sovereignty by Christ Michael, over Nebadon, and the adjudication of the rebels, was in universe time, quite remarkably swift. In other realms, this era could have taken 10,000 earth years to accomplish. Christ Michael, however, was quite aware of the isolation that these planets had been in for many tens of thousands of years already, and that the welfare of all the souls who come from these planets, was in jeopardy. It is essential to him and to myself to co-creatively turn these planets into a huge and successful school for growing and ascending souls, for the success rate of surviving souls after ascension to the afterlife to become much higher than it is now.

Each one of you is valued; each one of you has a tremendous worth to contribute to the universe. That worth is increased by your soul’s survival, by the experiences you have on this plane and in the morontial realm. Your choices are always evident to the point of fusion, and then you are known as one who is fully committed to the ascension career, with little will or desire to change that direction. So the time from your passage from this mortal realm to the morontial realm, until you are fused, is one where you can make major contributions from the experiences that you have had, while you were living on this material world. That is vital and necessary and needed, for the fulfillment of God the Supreme. So you see, when personalities and souls choose not to continue, that takes away, or does not assist in the growth of God the Supreme, and the eventual settlement of the whole universe in the days of light and life.

I wanted to apprise you of these developments, of this timeliness. Further, there is the knitting of our organization and functions and groups, with the development of your own mortal organizations. The Most Highs have been deeply involved in the affairs of your world, even more so, after the adjudication than before. Every effort is being made to turn dark minds to light, from dark attitudes to those that are light and constructive; to assisting those who would choose less desirable roles to play, to see the options of those which are higher and those which are higher minded, and which lead to the contribution to the good and light of your world.

You as well, in your level, unless you are in meditation and cast your consciousness upon the waters of your world, you would not be aware that the ways of turmoil on your world are much quieter than they were before; that those realms of turmoil and roiling are smaller and more isolated than ever before. Your world was in tremendous panic and disarray during World War I, and this has been healed by many of your world leaders, and by the good attitudes and the light workers upon the consciousness of humankind on your world. These are choices for actions, which assist your world to grow and come into enlightenment. Were you to sit in meditation and breathe the air of the world into your mind, you would find that it is cleaner in many ways. Yes, as a nation, this western world in which you live is in cultural and moral decay, but it has the wherewithal to change this very rapidly, and you will see this come about, even in your lifetimes.

As your Planetary Manager, I have enjoyed the close association of Christ Michael and Monjoronson, assisting in the programs that were designed for this world. As you were told recently, Christ Michael has placed his approval and hand upon the strategic plan for healing this world, and the other worlds, that he has “signed off,” as you might say, on this program of improvement and direction. Therefore, myself and Monjoronson and all the hosts of spiritual and morontial beings who are here to do so, are now organized to bring your world along more quickly. You will see our efforts being more productive, as the months and years pass by, simply because we are organized; we are online; we are engaged and we have the approval of the Grand Plan by Christ Michael. Now it is a matter of investing velocity in the mass of humankind, to move in the direction of light, in coordination of all your efforts, globally, towards that of cooperation and integration of your social, political and economic structures.

There will, of course, always be holdouts, even three hundred years from now, but those holdouts will become smaller and smaller in population, and less virulent, and less potent than they are now or have been in the past. Your lives are so short; your years of awareness are so brief that many of you only have awakening for a decade or two before the lights go out and you pass to the other side. We are striving to bring into the younger population an awareness of this larger scale of your world, earlier in their years. Would it not be so desirable, such a tremendous increment of movement forward, to have twenty-year olds, thirty-year-olds, fully aware of the larger scale of action and plans and strategy for your world, that they would willfully—that they would “will” to engage their lives in the pursuit of these outcomes? You, who are here, have invested your lives dearly in the last twenty years in these directions. Had you invested forty years, it would have been quite a different world than you live in now. We anticipate that within twenty years, you will see huge, positive changes in the social structure of your world, both within your communities, your social services that are provided to you that you participate in, and in the governance of your world. We will have been engaged with you, co-creatively for quite some time, in those years ahead, and were you to live that long, you would see these as being very evident.

I am available for questions, if you have any.

Student: Machiventa, one of the questions I’ve been thinking about is, there is a group on the Internet that appears to be aligned with what we are doing here in the Teaching Mission. It’s called “Christ Michael’s Global Spiritual Network, is that woven into your plans for helping our world?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. You will find many look-alike organizations throughout your world, and these will become more and more evident as you use the Internet, and as the Internet becomes more a commonality, even at the lowest levels of each community and family. Always be discerning for the messages that these organizations provide, for there are those who would like to ply their sophistries to you, much as Caligastia did, to convince you to come to their side. Be very thorough in your analysis and examination of these organizations before you form an alliance with them. The costs of failure to do so are devastating to your organizations, as they grow and have confidence in the leadership. We have literally seen organizations of 10,000 and more come into disarray quickly and promptly, within the period of weeks, when there is an alliance that is inappropriate, or when there is wrong-doing on the part of those who lead these organizations.

Student: In some of these groups there’s much talk of spaceships or visitors from neighboring planets here to assist us through changes, and if earth changes necessitate our leaving the planet, they are here to evacuate us. Would you address that?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, I would be glad to. I will first say that there are contingency plans for the event that your sun turns nova, to assist your planet in being relocated in space and time. Those plans do exist and they are part of our numerous contingency plans for your world. Many of your world who have had “spiritual” experiences, have had the opportunity, or have had access to these plans. John the Revelator was also privy to many of these plans, and he was given many visions and insights for his own experience and revealing to you. There are others who are external to your world, who are concerned about your welfare, and who would assist as necessary. However, we try to dissuade individuals and groups from becoming too invested in the phenomenology of these spiritual/material realms, and the healing and saving of a race of people, by spaceships and so on.

There is an element to these organizations which we strive to support and assist by supporting their alignment with the work of Christ Michael for bringing light into this world. There is no intention to disparage their beliefs about other beings or spaceships, and so on. However, there is a persistent penchant of human beings, mortals of this world, to delve into escapism, to wish for a messiah to save them. This is a continuing and perpetuating reality to humankind’s consciousness. There is the “parent and child” difficulty; the child does not wish to grow up and become an adult, fully responsible for their actions, and for the course and outcome of their lives. This is quite natural; it is an inherent part of being born as a child and growing into adulthood, and part of the—I would not say “myth”—but part of the belief system of children. In the near divinity of parents, the parents have absolute authority to protect and care for the children. This carries over very easily into adult thinking, as it is a continuum of consciousness.

It is much more difficult for individuals to grasp the reins of their life and direct the course of it through the years ahead, with deliberation, with thought, accountability and responsibility for what has been achieved and what has not been achieved. We have said repeatedly in the past that “you,”—almost all of you—are God loving and God active, and the greatest error of your lives is the act of omission, the failure to take action in your lives to move it ahead progressively, with deliberation and with clear intention. Were you to do this, you would make huge amounts of progress, and have a tremendous reservoir of experience to take with you into the morontia life, as grist for the mill of your learning in that realm. We are not so much concerned about your acting erroneously, for those who are believers in good and God, and in your ascendant career; what is required of you is to be intentional about your ascendant career, to make a commitment to it now, in this moment, rather than to put it on hold.

If you wish to believe in being “saved” by spaceships, and so on, that is up to you. No one on our side will try to dissuade you, for you have already been presented with the options for your mortal life and your ascendant life. These are already apparent to you; you have already been given these options. We again, do not disparage or attack the messiah-complex that many of you have, the savior complex that you have, whether it is expressed through the uniqueness of rapture or otherwise. There is simply hard work to do here, my friends, and you are seeing the greatest intervention now, in your life that has ever occurred in the last many, many millennia, besides the presence of Christ Michael as in his last bestowal, and the appearance of Machiventa as the Sage of Salem, entering the era of Abraham’s life.

Yes, there have been many other prophets, as you call them, of those who reveal the truths of the larger universe, and many of their prophesies, their statements have been misconstrued and misinterpreted. There is a simplicity that runs through all of these lessons of the great teachers, whether it is from Jesus or Abraham, or the other religious teachers that you have heard. You mortals on this realm have a penchant, again, to make your lives complex, to make them overly difficult and to create new scenarios for your life and your existence and your progress. Thank you for your question.

Student: Machiventa, do you have an update for us on how these translations of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission transcripts are faring on other parts of the planet?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, we do have an update for you. We have seen where these documents are being translated in whole or in part, all over the world in various language groups. It is our desire that those who are doing translations in those language groups, which are not recorded or part of the archives, come forward and to share their translations with your Teaching Mission and Magisterial organizations. The major language groups need to be represented on the Internet, so that those who are reading Spanish can read it from wherever they are, all over the world, or whether it is Korean, or whether it is in some other language. These [translations] need to be made aware of to those individuals who are in other parts of the world, as well as in their homeland. There are Koreans, for instance in Toronto, Canada who would love to read Korean translations, that were made in their homeland, as so on, for the rest of the world. We ask you to come forward, please, and share your translations with us.

You will find as time goes by that truth is like a light—it cannot be hid—and that there is an increasing excitement and acceptance of the spiritual revelations that have come through the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission. People truly need hope and awareness of the progress being made; they also wish to know that they are a part of a larger group that is assisting in the healing of your world. You truly are making a difference. It becomes a much more powerful process when those who are not aware become aware of others’ support. When you pray for someone, for instance, it is powerful, but when the individual understands and knows that you are praying for them and understand your intention for doing so and supports that, then it is not just doubled in its power, but it is at least quadrupled in its capacity to bring healing, help and order into that person and their living situations. So, too, that individuals who are making translations, can join with a larger group, to share their translations all over the world. You, translators, are needed throughout the world to bring light to your fellow brothers and sisters wherever they may be. Your services are needed and you are an important part of how quickly this world comes into the days of light and life. Thank you.

Student: (Paraphrased, due to faint audio.) I’ve heard some people expressing recently, the desire and questions of how best to interest the younger generations with these teachings?

MACHIVENTA: You have not yet reached the stage of marketing and advertising where you have the wherewithal to simply have a statement on the Internet, or on your broadcasting systems that is very brief, that brings curiosity to others. It can be a ten-second spot, or even a five-second spot, to make people aware that there is something “moving and shaking,” so to speak, in your world, and then provide a web site address for further information. Many times your messages are complex, they are overly personal, and overbearing. It is important to appeal to the inherent curiosity of the Thought Adjuster/mortal connection. This allows the Thought Adjuster to work powerfully in the mind of the mortal when the mortal has a curiosity question or wonderment/puzzlement about what is being said. This allows the Spirit of Truth, the Infinite Spirit and the Thought Adjuster to work simultaneously in the mind of that individual. This can be done in person, briefly, and without too much detail to your friends or to your work associates and so on. Too often you feel as though you must justify your statement by proving yourself “right,” and in doing so you may unconsciously and without deliberateness of intention, confuse and make the other person “wrong.” This actually is a tremendous loss to your message, and it is a loss for the individual as well.

Do you have further questions to your point, ma’am?

Student: (Inaudible. Re: Student group on campus.)

MACHIVENTA: It is much like a sower of grain who plants his grain in the fall and the winds and the waters of rain filter the seeds into the ground, and prepare the seed for germination in the spring. Sometimes seeds will lay as though barren for years and decades and then finally, under the right conditions, sprout. It is important, as your marketers say, to continue to have the message “out there,” to have it present, to have it in the face of individuals, not as an affront, but as a gentle awareness to them, that eventually in time, there may come a coincidence or some serendipity where they will recall hearing this message, and then be receptive to the depths of that message and inquire on their own.

You seek immediate results, and this is good, but oftentimes it is the intention to seek immediate results. What you are unable to measure is the increasing awareness or intention of the individual to the message that you have sent. So be at peace with this, knowing that your job is to market it in the material realms, where you live, and let the angels, midwayers, Thought Adjusters and so on, do the rest. This is truly a co-creative operation, one which you may think of as being one of great stealth, to use your contemporary colloquial definition of that word. So we ask you to continue feeding the fertile minds of young ones, but realize that you are competing with so many, much more exciting adventures of life and living and beliefs than the Urantia Book or its truths. They are thinking more about Saturday night after studies are done, than they are about the afterlife.

Student: This is kind of a curiosity question. A recent transcript mentioned that Urantia will eventually be made into a mansion world, or given mansion world status. I realize this is way, way far into the future, but when that occurs, will there still be mortals born on this Urantia world?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, there will be. [Daniel: He’s going to tease you now!]

Student: (Laughing.) Fair enough, I guess.

Student: Is there any truth to that message?

MACHIVENTA: It is part of a contingency plan for this world, as this local universe enters into the days of light and life. The question that was proposed some time ago, is: “Wouldn’t Urantia make a wonderful mansion world in the future, when all things are settled, that this would be a wonderful haven for those who wish to return to visit, and to see the wondrous creation that Christ Michael and all of us have brought to bear upon this world?” Remember friends, that you in the afterlife in your growth, will oftentimes want to return here, much as soldiers are curious to return to the cultures and the environments and the geography of the nations in which they tore apart, literally with their hands and their bombs and their destruction. This world is much as that; it has been war torn, it has been torn asunder, there is spiritual debris everywhere on your world, and so it is no wonder – and it is not an impossible thing to see this world become a mansion world in the morontial realm, as well as a place for new souls to come into being. It will be a most interesting and unique world, much as it is today.

Student: I have a question in regards to the movement to establish a Urantia University. How do you see that? Is it happening, or is it our wishful thinking?

MACHIVENTA: There most definitely are plans for a Melchizedek school—in fact, several of them—on your world. These will come into existence as your societies become more and more mature. The problem with establishing this university is finding candidates to attend! There are many who feel they are ready for this; however, the truth is, as we estimate, that there is tremendous progress that many of you have yet to make in your own lives, in the quiet times of meditation, and in your relationships with others. Truly there is a desire to do this; there is a plan to do this, similarly as there is a plan to establish the Father’s Temple on this world. There must, however, be the spiritual and morontial infrastructure to support this superstructure of existence. There is a necessity to have the infrastructure—meaning those individuals who are now grasping for the lower morontial levels in their spiritual development. It is needful to have these people work together, and work with us in doing so, whether it is the Father’s Temple, or whether it is the Melchizedek University. There is tremendous need for you to do this with us.

What we find so dismaying—that is my word for our reaction for most of you — is that those of you who are attaining the lower levels of morontial living and thinking, do not believe that you have done so, and that you are fearful that your friends and associates would disparage you if you said that you had. The difficulty in establishing a university is the fact that you have to recognize that you are a student who can make application—and believe it—and know that you are ready for that—truly ready for that. Many of you who are hearing these words do not even believe that your Thought Adjuster can be heard by you, let alone the midwayers giving you options for decisions and actions to take.

We find the difficulty of disbelief so dismaying in you; it is off-putting to us that so many of you have made such tremendous, wonderful progress, but are so reticent to come forward with that. We, however, understand why you do not, for it is quite devastating to you to receive the criticism and judgment of those who also believe, who should not be in judgment against you, but accepting your statement, allowing for you to grow as you can, and further to assist you in your growth. This is a most difficult and touchy area of your growth; you want to externalize a school for your growth, but you have difficulty internalizing the acceptance of those who have, let alone yourself.

What is needed, dear one, is an awakening in you of being touched by your Thought Adjuster, as awakening to that touch and that awareness, that you are no longer the person that you were. You can fully discern this attainment; you can fully assess this attainment by carefully discerning your thoughts, your words and your actions in your life. When you have become another one who lives in accordance with the teachings and lessons and life of Jesus, then you will know that you are ready for the university. Discern carefully, do not be harsh in your estimation, and particularly do not judge yourself. Yes, you can discern that you have grown; yes, you can discern that you have growth that is necessary, but please do not label or judge yourself as a hypocrite. This draws a line in the sand of your soul which you will have difficulty crossing without guilt and resentment and begrudging your growth. So take your words and your desires to heart in earnest, examine yourself and go to school in the quietness with your Thought Adjuster.

I wish to thank you today for your attendance, for being here with me. I want to let you know that the assumption of becoming the Sovereign Manager of Urantia has had a profound affect upon my life, the path of my growth and the eventuality of it in the endless realms of time. It is a wonderful challenge to have accepted this opportunity to be with you. I will be here for longer than Monjoronson will, and I truly appreciate and adore his efforts to assist you and myself and the spiritual and morontial realm, to bring this world into the days of life and light, far sooner than without his assistance. I thank, worship and give great admiration to our Father/Creator, Christ Michael, and to our Father in Paradise. Good day.