Monjoronson – A Magisterial Son. "Not A Random Moment in Time"

Location: Illawarra District, Australia
Date: September 23, 2003
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: George Barnard
  1. Not A Random Moment In Time.
  1. The gradual closing of one age and the beginning of a new spiritual age

Monjoronson: “Greetings, George. The arrival of a Paradise Citizen such as myself, the arrival of an Avonal Helper, and the entourage of perfect, created personalities into this time/space realm heralds but the first introduction of a new spiritual age, with another age only gradually coming to a close.

“And they are your countless unknown, and your few known comrades, together with yourselves who are involved in this work, who must consider yourselves greatly favored, charmed and fortunate, to be living in your generation, in this period of opportunity, and to share a mere ‘splinter of news’ in Michael’s Good Tidings public relations campaign.

“Privileged you are to be here at a time when the Paradise instigated measures are fore-knowingly put into place for a new standard, of love and concern for others as for self, to eventuate. These new ideas, and systems to go into operation cannot truly be transmitted all at once by someone just like yourself.

“To be confronted with an idea that is totally revolutionary from beginning to end can be far too traumatic for a single receiver to have this offloaded onto her or himself.

“The terminology we employ is of the simplest kind we can put together, for you to comprehend a little at the time, and therefore one needs to compare how other minds will come to express our messages, (and) to arrive at the total meanings of what is about to come to pass. And even then, there will be many surprises.

“Your text, expansive as it seems, is but a poor and abbreviated sketch of what your generation will learn about in these enlightened times at hand. However, a Magisterial Son does not simply arrive as if born from fresh air and at a random moment in your time to begin a benign governorship over the minds and wills of men without prior announcements. And so, in the weeks and months to come, there will be many others to whom both my representatives and I will be speaking.

“And between you all, and many other groups unknown to you in addition, there will be a slow but sure focusing on the reality that is to become apparent.

“Many of you rightfully calculated and intuited that we would not thoughtlessly drop a large and heavy volume of text (The Urantia Book) onto your heads from a great height, to then let you use up another unproductive two thousand years in deliberation about what might next be inaugurated. Oh, no! Not at all.

“Think back to the time when the Master walked on your earth. It was but a short life compared to Machiventa’s stay in your realm, but much activity preceded the Master’s arrival and indeed followed his departure, as many men and women went out and guided their fellows to a new way of thought, a new religion, a new spirituality. And all this came about in an era when much thought was given to ‘the hereafter,’ and by many far-flung groups.

“Likewise, your text arrived at a time when it would find most fertile ground and also be most needed, and it would not be appropriate to consider there would be no follow-up in a great, gigantic effort of human and spiritual activity worldwide, to make adequate and timely use of the most progressive of human thought about where in these days you were leading yourselves.

“Indeed, a new era is heralded by the arrival of a Paradise Son, so let us roll up our sleeves to go about our Father’s work and do what He wants done.

“This is Monjoronson, the Paradise Entity, whose entire existence, whose every effort, whose judgments, and all joys in success, are dependent on his doing the Paradise Father’s will, according to our Michael’s plans.”

“In His service, always. My love goes to you all.” -END-