Monjoronson Dialogues Session 4

Date: May 23, 2012
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Perceiving and traveling with spirit.
  2. Synchronicity.
  3. Transmitter identification

Monjoronson: Good morning little one. I see this past week provided you with some new challenges.

Vicki: Good morning Monjoronson. Yes, it has been a week where I felt a bit crowded and dismantled at times.

Monjoronson: Would you like to share?

Vicki: Ok…maybe a little bit. First, a new friend entered my life with a flurry. It was an intense experience that took over every free moment as I shuffled around the friends and engagements I already had, only for the two of us to discover in a relatively short time that this was not going to work. I have yet to fully sort this out. In the midst of this, I miscalculated distance as I pulled my car out of the garage only to rip part of my fender off my car and destroy the plastic under-pinning that held all the other front parts together. It was another dismantling experience. So by the end of the week I found a need to not only reassemble my car but also my life. It was one of those times when you ask yourself, what just happened here?!

Monjoronson: Yes, it was an intense time for you and we too were caught up in the whirlwind you experienced as we watched it all unfold.

Vicki: Well, you know Monjoronson, I came crying to you for help and you were quite effective in providing me with the options and perspectives I needed. I was also reading a book at the time, about the Gnostics and their view of lucid living which defines how many live unconsciously in this material world in somewhat of a dream state and yet if we are willing, we can simultaneously and consciously witness the oneness of our experience from the perspective of who we really are beyond this world. I guess you could say that I experienced that and serendipitously discovered that no matter how dismantling life becomes, there is a spiritual underpinning similar to the one in the front end of my car that can hold us together if we choose to develop it. It makes me wonder, Monjoronson after having two very different yet dismantling challenges, just how much of our experiences are interconnected and the result of a grand design and how much is coincidence. Would you care to address this?

Monjoronson: Of course. You have described a phenomenon that is not that uncommon, little one. For as you perceive this duality as the Gnostics describe it and recognize that it truly exists, you begin to see that there is often a reason for such short encounters as well as the serendipity of experiences that surround them.

It is a process of awakening and as you awaken from the dream of merely living your life and getting by in a relatively unaware state, to a spiritual consciousness that you are something more than a material being, you also begin to discover that through spiritual communication you are provided with an under-pinning, a constant presence that can be quite stabilizing no matter how entangled one gets in the details and changes of life. Though it is wise to discern that not all coincidences fall in the category of a grand design, you may wish to consider that some are indeed provided to facilitate learning experiences.

Vicki: Hmmm… this is beginning to lead into the topic you asked to cover for this session, Monjoronson and that is a discussion that further describes the ways individuals receive spiritual communication.

Monjoronson: Yes, little one this was a topic presented to me in a forum on the other side by those who wish to understand in more detail, how humans receive spiritual communication. So in saying that, we may occasionally switch roles here where I gain your human perspective by asking you the questions. Are you comfortable with that?

Vicki: Well, I think so … this is a new approach to our public conversations… And my perspective may be somewhat limited… though I have had quite a few unique experiences in a short time, I am still very new at this. I guess I could describe what others have shared with me as well. What do you think?

Monjoronson: Let’s give it a try. We as spiritual beings are at times at a loss to describe spiritual communication from a purely human perspective. Though we may have lived many material lives, each type of being and each individual is unique in their ability to hear and receive. It assists us greatly if you can offer a picture of the many nuances of spiritual communication you’ve experienced to those humans and Morontial beings who are just beginning to explore this possibility. So what can you share with us about the many ways you receive?

Vicki: Well, as you know, I relied heavily on the sensations that I experienced such as developing my ability to discern color, movement, shape, pictures etc… in my visual screen, the screen I see when I close my eyes. This helps me identify who I am talking to. Though occasionally I hear spiritual voice as if it were a tape recorder in my ear, for the most part I hear through thought form and rely on my intuition to determine the validity of that message. I find that when I get a strong sense of knowing within, I can usually feel fairly sure it has some validity. When I get a sense of uncertainty, I usually ask more than once or pursue another TR to validate it for me. Is this what you want Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: Yes, this is a good start and I will add what I can to this picture as we go along. Know that except for minor misconceptions, if you receive something that is grossly inaccurate, and you are truly open to the truth, we will assist you in eventually correcting that.

As we observe humans who desire spiritual communication and who devote time to develop these skills, we are discovering that it is very helpful for humans to work in groups of two or more where at least two parties hear and can validate for one another. Of course it is important that during the validation process you do not contaminate the results by giving too much in the way of background information to a particular question. Can you tell me a bit more about the feelings and sensations you encounter?

Vicki: I think Monjoronson that you have tried to extend my experience in this way because the more I communicate with you, the more sensations I experience. Is that correct?

Monjoronson: Yes. This is true with many who have frequent and long standing communication and experiences with the spirit side. Can you describe the sensations?

Vicki: At times I feel warmth over my heart, down by back, even on my limbs. You’ve described this to me as a spiritual massage. There are other times when I experience a filling up almost as if I am filling up with air in my body and this is often followed with a wonderful sense of well being. There are other times when I feel a tingly, pins and needles sensation. Others describe an out of body experience. However, I experience mostly mind travel where I receive imagery in my mind’s eye.

Monjoronson: What has been your traveling experience?

Vicki: At first as you know I approached this very concretely. I had to visually establish a specific place to meet on the other side. Often you would direct me by sending me an image or defining a location. I would then experience a flying sensation that visually took me through a thin cloud or membrane and actually travel a distance to get there with landmarks along the way. Also at first I had to enter into a state of meditation. Now, at times, I receive an image and can instantaneously place myself where I need to go and can hear at practically any time. This often occurs when I am doing something routinely such as washing dishes or driving the car. Does that help?

Monjoronson: Very much. Tell us about your ability to see spiritual beings.

Vicki: That has been the most exciting part. I first saw you in a lucid dream before I could hear you and now that I do hear, you often say to me…”Can you see me?” Within a moment your image comes up and you are often in a setting. Can you explain that to me, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: As spiritual beings, we are capable of projecting an image to you. Often this is a human image. At times it is something more ethereal with less detail. When you make your passage from the material world to the Morontial world, we work with you to design a projected image of yourself.

This you may use on both sides but you soon learn that it is unnecessary to project a human image to other spiritual beings. Instead you display your energetic signature which can include such features as color, shapes, and auras. You may have noticed that our images change as well.

Vicki: Yes, at first you appeared as an older wise man in the upper left hand side of my mind and later more as how I picture you will look when you manifest as a middle aged man in various locations of my mind’s eye. There are times when you are clothed differently or in a different setting. I still struggle with your facial details though I seem to know what emotion you are expressing such as when you are smiling, laughing, sad, or surprised. At times I see more than one spiritual being such as you and Charles together. We often have a three way dialogue at that time. There are some spiritual beings who I do not see a visual image of. Some I see only in color or in flashes of light. And then there are the rare times when I have experienced being on a stage in an auditorium as questions are asked of me. I rarely perceive the visual appearance of the other spiritual beings who are present in that setting. There are those special times of travel when you walk with me, take me to a certain location or we journey through a story together. Is this too much detail, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: No little one. We have nurtured your growth in these ways so that you may describe the possibilities that others may attain and for you as well there is still much more to experience. You may have noticed that the setting that you perceive often determines the purpose for communication. An office setting indicates something more formal and a living room setting something more relaxed. At first it is a challenge for humans just to place themselves within the location of the other side yet once you begin to see the image we project to you, I suggest that you take the time to look around and there you will find a world of detail to discover such as settings that include more than a chair one sits on or a table one sits next to. You may even discover as you revisit that experience in your memory, that you notice more of the detail that surrounded you through your journey and that you have stored in your memory banks more than you actually perceived at the time. It is a matter of opening your mind and trusting that which develops. I am curious, little one…Where do you perceive me in your mind when we are just talking and no visions are projected or perceived?

Vicki: For me it is usually on the left side though I’ve been told by others who hear, this can vary considerably. Is that correct?

Monjoronson: Yes, there is considerable variation in all of the perceptions you’ve described. Where you perceive an image in your mind’s eye has little to do with the location of reception within your material brain. It is again a matter of individual perception. Now are there other ways you receive?

Vicki: Well, yes. Often as I’ve said before I get a gist of something that unfolds over time, or I experience a short movie, or just an intuitive thought or insight that enters my mind. This is often followed by some conversation between you and I regarding a certain understanding. During some of these communications I do not receive an identity signature though sometimes I attribute it to my Thought Adjuster who has become more present in my life over a period of several years. I perceive him more succinctly now though I do not see him as a color.

Vicki: There is another way I know that you are present, Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: How is that little one?

Vicki: I have a cat named Calvin who is highly sensitive to your energy. When you are present, he finds me and cries incessantly. I can then usually access my screen and if I see your colors I know that you are here to dialogue.

Monjoronson: (laughing) Yes, I have noticed Calvin’s receptivity though this is not purposeful on my part. Many animals are very sensitive to our energetic signatures usually in neutral and positive ways. Let’s move on. Do you see auras, little one?

Vicki: No, though I occasionally see a magnificent aura around you. I do not see human auras though I would like to. I do occasionally pick up on what appears to be a cloud or ether in your color when you are present in a room. Can you help us develop the ability to see human auras Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: (smiling) We shall see. Understand little one, the auras that some humans perceive around other humans are actually a perception more than a reality. However, this does not negate the existence of this energy field nor does it disqualify one’s interpretation of what they see. At times how one’s mind represents this perception is often a very accurate rendition of how a human’s well being is reflected in their energy field. It merely means that one’s mind perceives these energy signals in its own unique way. It is not something we could send you to school to learn. Though you may accurately perceive an indication of another’s well being, how you actually visualize this is highly individual and originates in your own mind.

Vicki: Hmm. I will have to think about that. Though I am fairly perceptive with humans, I do not practice telepathy or remote viewing except what I see on the other side though I know of others that have developed these skills.

Monjoronson: Yes, you bring up a good point and that is that these skills require development. Often your success is related to the amount of time you spend developing them. For some it requires an extensive amount of time in communication with spirit and for others who have natural inclinations it comes much easier. Some of these developed abilities are mechanisms of the mind and are practiced by many with little or no spiritual significance. They fall in the realms of what you call psychic phenomena. They are somewhat neutral and subject to the value you place on them so they can be used to foster both positive and negative results. It is when you choose to apply these skills toward the value of spiritual growth and toward a leading by the will of the Father that they in combination with other developed skills truly become effective in engaging you in communication that fosters a spiritual awareness of what is often referred to as truth, beauty and goodness.

Vicki: I can see that. Most of my skill has developed since the passing of my husband where I have a significant amount of time alone to pursue this communication. For me, I prefer to live in silence where others prefer to have music playing, a radio on or the TV running in the background. Is this why it appears that I have grown relatively quickly in my spiritual communication?

Monjoronson: At the time of your husband’s passing, you already perceived my presence and at times we experienced the beginning rudiments of communication with each other. It was since his passing that a great need developed within you for spiritual support. That need is often the driving force for many others as well in times of change and crisis. It becomes the impetus that can actually tip the scales toward receptivity and growth in spiritual communication. It was your pursuit of that need for support that facilitated your increased ability to perceive, hear and receive.

Yes, for some silence may facilitate communication but this is highly variable in different individuals. A state of stillness does not require an environment of silence, only a calm and focused maintenance of the mind. Some find music to be very helpful especially for those with very active minds. It allows one part of the brain to remain occupied in a task that does not compete but instead facilitates calmness so that another part of the mind may focus. I suggest that individuals experiment with this to determine what works best for them. Again, dedicating the time and effort, opening your mind to many possibilities, asking many questions, and working within a circle of others who listen and are exploring spiritual communication are all factors that influence one’s ability to communicate.

Vicki: Yes that is exactly how it happened. It was as if one devastating loss opened the door to something even more life altering. I hope this discussion has been helpful for others, Monjoronson. I know that I have had tremendous support from you, and also from others who have well developed skills and experience in spiritual communication. Because of this and my desire to experience as much as I can, my journey has been quite extensive. I guess I’m wondering, can those who have fewer resources to draw from expect similar results?

Monjoronson: Let me address this directly to our readers. There are many variables that come into play when one attempts to develop their spiritual communication skills. You are each individuals living a material existence with unique genetic compositions, and specific needs as well as beliefs that greatly affect the ways one receives. But above all, you too are spiritual beings. Know that the potential to communicate with those living in the spirit world is in some way inherent in every human being who pursues this. It is a journey that develops differently in each of you. Just as you’ve chosen different paths to the Father, you may find then a different method for Him and his helpers to speak to you. If the belief and desire is there, each individual can explore the qualities of their own unique minds and begin to perceive the ways in which he or she is capable of receiving. We encourage you to explore the avenues that you are comfortable with.

As has been said many times, you are living in tremendously special times where a vast number of spiritual circuits are open and available to you and there are many on this side waiting in the wings for your beckoning. We welcome your inquires, we perceive your needs and we respond to them. We employ a multitude of ways to continually nurture and foster your growth. Trust in the fact that we are here to support and protect you but in saying this, know that we will not impose our presence upon you without your request or consent.

Vicki: Thank you for that, Monjoronson. Many have asked for more details in how to initiate communication. Would you speak to this?

Monjoronson: Of course. If you imagine your mind reaching out to edges of your 3 or 4 dimensional existence, picture then a membrane similar to that of a blown up balloon yet thinner than a molecule. As you cross this membrane it opens to a portal that is yours on the other side. It is up to you then to determine under what conditions you wish to use this portal.

Vicki: Is it necessary for you to condition this portal so that we receive only beings of light?

Monjoronson: I advise you to do this though only one request on your part is all that is necessary. Once you identify and request your desire to receive only beings of light, it is as if you place a sign at the entry of your portal that stays there with that request unless you choose to change it.

It is helpful that each time you approach this portal that you do so with an intention. That intention may be to direct your communication to a certain spiritual being or to ask a specific question. It may be that on a given day, you merely wish to commune in silence for some peace of mind or that you wish to journey with another. Do not be surprised if you find yourself receiving something quite different from your initial perceptions of how this may be. A short petition in the form of a prayer to the Father is often helpful. It is that Father Fragment within you who truly perceives your need at the time and may choose to assist in the direction that communication will take place.

Vicki: Yes, I often begin with a petition to the Father that includes an expression of gratitude and it prepares me to enter into a humble state as well. And at times things do change and when I perceive something different or new, at first it confuses me. Does that explain why I may request the presence of one spiritual being and in fact find myself receiving another?

Monjoronson: Yes, at times. We along with the Father often anticipate your need to speak to someone who can perhaps offer you a different perspective. We are continually working with you to develop your understanding and to expand your horizons of experience. It provides you with the opportunity to communicate with others and for those on this side to experience human to spirit communication.

Vicki: I can see that. Because I’ve noticed that though I may be confused at the time, often later I receive some insight that explains why that happened.

Monjoronson: Understand that there are times when another may stumble upon your portal and peek inside. We have many who are young and new to this side looking for a connection. At some time, you may perceive the presence of one you do not know and it may indeed be a visitor of this nature. I suggest that you ask them to identify themselves and their intention. Then you can decide if you wish to continue with this communication or not. I believe you have had this kind of interaction before. Am I correct?

Vicki: Yes and sometimes it is one looking to connect with a human or one who wishes to make contact with a loved one on the other side. I always ask them to identify themselves and their intention. Sometimes I am unable to help them. As you know, Monjoronson, it took some time before I understood what this portal was. It shows itself as a green screen in my visual field and seems to be where I receive a variety of contacts. The development of this screen was another major surprise. I thought at first it was a different spiritual entity attempting to make contact and since I do not know of any others who perceive a portal in this way, I did not know what it was. It took some exploring to discover that what I had developed was a different point of entry for many different spiritual beings to attempt contact. I am still learning more about its potential for spiritual communication.

Monjoronson: It is not uncommon that as you grow in your ability to communicate with spirit, that another avenue may develop to facilitate that growth.

Vicki: hmmm… Until you said that, I didn’t truly understand why this occurred. That makes sense. Thank you for that!

Monjoronson: Again, there is much variation in how each of you perceives communication. Someone may develop a similar portal and perceive it quite differently. There is much to be said about the unique organizational and structural qualities of each human’s brain. It is the interaction between the structures within your human brain, the organization of your mind and your current set of beliefs that contributes to your receptivity to certain avenues of spiritual reception. Though humans share basic similarities in brain structure and function, there is still much variation. When you then consider as well the variety of techniques we on the spiritual side employ to facilitate communication, you can then imagine the vast array of possibilities for spirit/human connection. This is why we encourage you not to be too restrictive in defining what is a valid protocol to follow for these communications.

Vicki: This brings up another concern that seems to be floating around and that is whether it is necessary to adhere to this standard that was set by some groups to identify the individual who is transmitting and in some cases who is being transmitted. What advice can you give us about this?

Monjoronson: Let me first approach this with an explanation of why some may feel a need to install restrictions and guidelines on current spiritual communications. You as humans living in the 21st century are byproducts of a long history of distrust in the safety and acceptance of communication between humans and spirit. As many of you understand, this was due to the misfortune of two major defaults in your evolutionary development which resulted in the hijacking, contamination, and eventual isolation of certain spiritual communication circuits on your planet. Much has been done to correct this travesty and to reinstall these circuits so that they are now safe highways for you to engage with us. However, the remnants of that distrust resulted in many more unfortunate events occurring throughout the history of civilizations on your planet and it still exists in the minds of many humans today.

This need to place definitions and controls on what are acceptable techniques for receiving revelation is the result of this confused and checkered past.

Since the development of this current era you refer to as the correcting time, we have employed many teachers to re-educate you, to re-align you with the spiritual world and to teach you how to once again engage with us in many forms of communication. Your need to control the dissemination of these messages by limiting and defining for others what are acceptable protocols is understood by us. However, it reflects your inability to understand the diverse and benevolent nature of the universe you live in. By pursuing the truth, beauty and goodness of the Father who has created all and who resides within you, it frees you to relinquish your fear and your need to control. It allows you to align your will with His and freely explore and experience the vast possibilities that are now yours. We as spiritual beings can openly direct you to these possibilities only if you demonstrate the courage and communicate the free will to open yourselves.

The concern of some for insisting on the identification of the transmitter or transmitted for each message is not our concern. Identifying the transmitter or transmitted does little to insure the validity of the message. Though some may be more prolific than others, no transmitter can claim that the messages she or he receives are free of contamination and free from the need for the reader to discern regardless of name, reputation, or method of transmission. With or without the identification of the transmitter or transmitted, the responsibility to discern continues to lie in the hands of the reader. So we ask you to allow a free flow of messages without these stipulations of what is or is not a viable technique and without the need for the identification of the transmitter or the even the one being transmitted. Instead allow the message to be the vehicle you discern.

Vicki: Whew! Monjoronson! I’m feeling that by asking that question, I may have hit a tender spot within you.

Monjoronson: (chuckling) No, little one, just a relevant one. Let me say this: As this mission progresses and we move forward, it will require that you stretch yourselves to consider possibilities beyond the current revelations you rely upon, beyond your current practices, your current behaviors and your current beliefs. There is much to share that will challenge you to extend your understandings. Each of you may have your own ideas of how things will play out when I arrive as a human on your planet, but understand that even we, as highly evolved spiritual beings, encounter our own surprises as we move along this experiential path with you and as this mission unfolds. Be assured, that we have all been placed in the loving hands of the Father and are recipients of His benevolent will.

Thank you little one for allowing me to turn the tables by presenting you with questions and for sharing information with us today which I perceive to be of a somewhat personal nature to you. We appreciate your willingness to help others in their communications.

Vicki: Oh! You are truly welcome Monjoronson. You do have a way of putting me at ease. It takes considerable courage to disclose in a public setting these rather private nuances of my spiritual journeys. I do this with a leap of faith that my intention to help others will be understood.

Monjoronson: When one comes forward to share these experiences, it allows others to revisit their doubts and it creates opportunities for others to expand their minds. Courage can be contagious little one. By describing your experiences, you may find others more willing to share the details of their journeys. These exchanges then become catalysts for spiritual growth. So please accept our gratitude. Shall we bring this session to a close?

Vicki: Yes and thank you once again for being so willing to answer my questions as well.

Monjoronson: It was a pleasure. Good day, little one.