Monjoronson Q&A Session #2 Changes to Planetary Government

Location: Q&A Session #2
Date: May 13, 2008
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. Monjoronson, How Are You?
  2. Will the Children Be Safe During the Upcoming Events?
  3. Do We Have New Most Highs Serving?
  4. How Can We Help Now with the Unique Set of Energies on Urantia?
  5. Is the Milky Way at the Center of Our Constellation and the Name of the World?

Prayer: Divine Parents, please come and join us. We petition your assistance in this process. We approach you to work with you and your ambassadors of light. We would ask that Monjoronson work with us in this process to bring us spiritual perspectives and awareness. We are aware that we are working together, mortal and celestial personalities; help us to strengthen these connections between us, help us to be of one mind of service and of sincerity to this purpose that we have developed here together. We arrive here, the mortals of the realm with our sincerity first and foremost and we are certain that you hear our petition and would join us in this effort. Let us accept this and move forward into this reality together, hand in hand as it were. Let this be so even now. We are in gratitude. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to once again keep our appointment and uphold this forum that has been created for this purpose. As well I would acknowledge the sincerity and dedication of those engaged in creating this portal that we are developing. It is my supreme pleasure to work with you on such a service project and I am eager to present myself in your service that we may provide necessary insight and response to those who would petition us. I would encourage us to let the questions begin.

Mary: There was a good opening question Monjoronson that says, how are you?

Monjoronson: I sense the desire in this question to build personal intimacy. I have not been asked such a question. I have been engaged in service opportunities, quite busy out and about availing myself of these opportunities but I have not yet had one stop me in midstream to ask me of my personal welfare. I am touched. I am wonderful, I am overjoyed at the prospect before us. I am in awareness of the great magnitude of the opportunities and challenges before us but I am in certainty that the outcome is one of great success. Therefore I remain cheerful about each step taken along the way; that is not to say that each step will be easy or rewarding or satisfying in any given moment but overall I am certain of the ultimate victory and success of this mission. While I could not describe to you each detail of what is to transpire between this point and that, I am certain of the outcome and I am hopeful that I can pass a sense of this on to you as well. Be of good cheer for all is working out for the best. All will be well again. All can be well in each moment in between if you are certain that all will be well overall. I encourage you to take with you this sense of certainty and a conviction that make dealing with the day to day details less trying and less of a burden. Thank you for your personal inquiry, I hope and trust that you are well as well and I appreciate your effort to grow intimacy between us and to bring personality into the equation. Be well as I am, thank you.

Mary: The next question is: Will the children be kept safe during the upcoming events on Urantia:

Monjoronson: My dear one, hear these words; everyone, each one, all are kept safe. This does not mean they are kept secure in this mortal environment but all about them that is permanent is safeguarded and even what you would consider the "worst case scenario" is but a "get out of hell free card", that is this process of transferring into alternate states of survival can in many instances be a gift. When the suffering is too great you are permitted to take a "pass" and move on to the next level. Many avail themselves of this opportunity consciously or unconsciously but certainly it is true that continued suffering is never the desired state and if it does ever become too difficult, anyone has the choice in any moment to decide enough is enough and to make this transition to the next level where the pains and trials and vicissitudes of mortal life are lifted.

You may see this as a bad thing from your perspective, after all, life appears to be over and in some cases you consider this tragic but recall the greater picture; the ascension career before all mortals of the realm and assure yourself as I just mentioned, of the successful outcome and the overall design of the plan which insures not only your safety as an evolving soul but your assured survival and your certain success at attaining a magnificent ascension career. There will be a great deal of suffering witnessed and there will be a great number of individuals on this world who will be transformed. This circumstance will be trying for those who remain and who witness the suffering and the apparent catastrophe but these are only opportunities for transition and this transition may be accomplished by moving on to one of the morontia realms or there may be transformation which can happen here as a result of apparent hardships and challenges before you.

Either way, the plan is successful, the plan is assured, the success is eminent. Given this perspective it is more and more difficult to declare any event or circumstance to be tragic; rather is it seen as one of life's more dynamic opportunities for choice. So I would comfort this questioner with the certainty that be they children who are young or children such as yourselves who have more maturity, you are all watched over with loving care. There is a plan which encompasses every soul. Nothing of value is ever lost and your survival is assured well beyond the dimension of this time and space realm. I hope these perspectives can lift some of the burdens associated with witnessing the trials and tribulations of brothers and sisters and even of children. They will be well and so will you, all will be well, fear not.

Mary: Shifting gears a little bit, has the rotation of the most highs resumed since the rebellion has been adjudicated? Do we have new Most Highs serving?

Monjoronson: I would state in rather broad terms that we are in new territory. We have new everything. there has been such a shift in the "normal" evolutionary path of this world that you may consider all bets off as to predictable patterns which may be adhered to. In this particular instance, we do have new Most Highs and we as well have an untold number of additional volunteers arriving daily to assist us in this most gigantic of undertaking. This current project is seen as a gem in the crown of Michael's universe and an event not to be missed. They are literally flocking in from far and wide to simply observe what happens when a world is reclaimed. Such opportunities are rare to witness and many are choosing to come and volunteer, assist or simply witness such grace in action.

Be assured that all things are becoming new in this time and you may see for yourselves the truth of this statement as you witness things unheard of on your world transpire. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Mary: This seems like an appropriate question: Given the unique heritage and history of our planet, how does it affect the Magisterial Mission compared to a normal evolutionary world and is there a way that we who want to help can use the unique situation that we find ourselves in here on Urantia, the unique energies that have been generated on this planet; how can we use these to our advantage in our desire to help?

Monjoronson: As I just mentioned, this world is considered anything but normal in it's evolutionary status. Not only is it an experimental world but it is also a world cloaked in rebellion and now a world rescued by the light. There is so much about your world which is unusual that it presents itself as a cosmic anomaly and therefore is it, as I just mentioned, highly attractive to those who are interested in spiritual growth and development since we see what happens when there are so many factors in play and such potential that abounds. This world certainly does carry the burden of the rebellion deep in its very core, even in your very core are many residuals and traces of history that has been written into your very DNA.

These long held associations are one of the greatest challenges we face in simply being able to accept the divine grace that is being directed at us. We have, on this world, been conditioned to think that you are not worthy, that you are so far away from your Creator that you do not deserve to be associated and this is the legacy that must be broken down and replaced with the new awareness of the sonship that you have with your Creator. You are closely related therefore you are not only worthy but it is your birthright and your destiny to assume and accept this relationship and your individual divinity. How this will work to our advantage is that all the resources of a universe will now be focused on this project.

We will now be under the bright lights in the stadium as all come to cheer us on and volunteer to work with us and participate behind the scenes to facilitate and to use their skills to weave circuitries and help with the establishment of new patterns. So, as has been said, the last now shall be the first and all resources of the Creator shall now be focused on our circumstance, our opportunity and we will as a result of having endured hardships be granted much assistance and support in this process of "coming about" and taking a "new tack", setting a "new heading" and moving in that direction. After the rains, then the crops will grow. during the rains it may be difficult to see the benefit but they are needed to bring you the desired result of your healthy crops.

So it is we are enduring the storm and it is passing. After the storm comes the sun and we may then fully appreciate the significance of both the storm and the sun. Thank you.

Mary: There is a final question and thank you so much Monjoronson for your attention to our questions. Is the milky way galaxy our constellation and at the center of our milky way galaxy is there an architectural world and is that world Edentia or Salvington or Uversa?

Monjoronson: This question is difficult because of my partner, my faithful companion and T/R is resistant to questions of this nature but I will nevertheless show my commitment by fielding such inquiries. I am not certain as to the purpose of this question or to its significance but it is found in your Urantia text that Uversa does occupy this space you refer to. I would ask all questioners to consider the implications of their inquiries. We are engaged in a process together of presenting to all the world a portal to be used to bring spiritual perception into the mortal realm and domain and you will witness that I have never failed to bring in through this portal a different perspective, one enhanced with a spiritual insight that overlays what your material perspective may be. The answers I provide, many times are unverifiable; that is unverifiable by any known source that you have access to. They must either be taken on faith or rejected for lack of it. It is not oftentimes possible to cross reference answers although many times you will detect the overlapping of responses from teacher to teacher but the object of this exercise is not to stimulate your intellect but rather to stimulate your spirit; to foster your ability to expand your own spiritual dimension as well as to experience the spiritual dimension of others. This has very little to do with any material components, rather this is a spiritual pursuit taken in faith and rewarded in faith. If you restrict yourself to the intellectual pursuit of the understanding of spirit, you never cross the line to the actual experience of spirit.

The point of my attempting these communications with you is to bring you the feeling of spirit, the sense of awareness, the appreciation for my energy signature and to that end I will spare no effort, but this mission cannot be accomplished with intellectual stimulation because it is similar to telling someone what the day is like outside versus their own personal experience of stepping outside and seeing, feeling, hearing it for themselves. The one is simply no substitute for the other. It can be rewarding to some degree to be told about something but the true reward for your efforts is to experience it personally. I would encourage all questioners to consider the questions posed here are not only for your benefit, they are for the benefit of all who would read these words posted for all time to come.

However I will entertain any petitioners and make my attempt to perhaps redirect their thinking to a more spiritual perspective. If you wanted to ask me for instance; what is the best casino to go play? I would answer you with the spiritual implication of your question and therefore redirect your material curiosity into the larger perspective of what impact this might have on your spiritual growth and awareness and therefore even the most material of questions can be used to provide some degree of spiritual insight. This is a work in progress, one gigantic experiment. We are all creating this as we go, one step at a time. I am grateful for all those who make contributions for the creation of this platform and I will certainly do my best to uphold and facilitate the growth of this gigantic potential we have before us.

I remain in gratitude for all those who have made all the decisions, choices and moves to bring us to this place. I perceive the questions are over and so I will release you all from this commitment at this time with my profound appreciation. Thank you all, farewell