Monjoronson Q&A Session #9 Is Monjoronson in The Merkaba We Formed - Geo-Political Changes - Is An Update To UB Possible?

Location: Q/A Session #9
Date: July 2, 2008
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. What Is My Work with The Magisterial Mission
  2. Is North America Destined To Be One Country?
  3. Will Language for Foreigners Be A Handicap In Understanding The Mission In English?
  4. Can A Person Have His Own Era of Light & Life?
  5. Have You [Monjoronson] Participated In Our Groups Merkaba?
  6. Can You Explain How We Had A Choice in Being Here Now?
  7. Will There Be An Amendment To The Urantia Book?

Prayer: [Mark] I would express my gratitude for this energy circuit that we all enjoy in the process of getting together with everybody here. It's wonderful to come together and pool our energies for this service that we arrive in this place to be part of. I'm grateful for all that transpires in this process and throughout in conjunction with working with Monjoronson. Thank you so much.

Mary: We have established the energy circuit among us and I welcome Monjoronson and any other celestial personalities that are here this evening and I would start with some of the questions that have been submitted this week.

The first question is from a person who is French-Canadian and gives a little background about himself as having found the Urantia book 3 1/2 years ago. Prior to the Urantia book he had favored the New Testament of the Bible as his book of choice and he feels he has had quite a bit of a bizarre life which has now turned for the better. He takes time in stillness and is open to communication with celestials.

He also believes there are many changes coming as Urantia evolves and he envisions and believes a lot of physical changes are going to happen about Urantia and our solar system and such things. He believes we need to think about these occurrences and how we will want to live life into the future. He would like to know if it is possible, what is his place in your work Monjoronson for the Urantia brotherhood?

Monjoronson [Henry]: Greetings, this is Monjoronson. Again it is good to be in this energy merkaba here to answer questions from the website so that interested people from all over the world can feel that they have a finger on what is happening at Thank you for your question. It is not important that an individual search for a particular part in this mission as it is to contact the presence within, to duly live your life in the fullness of consciousness and awareness for the time that you live in and the changes that are occurring at this time on your world.

The time has not arrived for the more concerted effort that each individual will be led into his and her own area of necessity, or expertise, of leadership quality and living in the circle of brotherhood and sisterhood which is intended for this world. It therefore becomes important to discern ones own immediate impact, in a spiritual sense in one's own life, in one's circle of friends, in one's family, in one's community at large. All of these activities can be and certainly will be co-ordinated by the individuals inner guidance, inner presence of love and peace.

At this time it is important that individuals begin to express in their lives, a greater sense of spiritual presence on the planet and it is hoped that through the demonstration and living of this spiritual presence that one's life becomes as a fragrance which will attract others to a sense of understanding, acknowledgment and acceptance. It is important that all of you begin the practice of contacting the divine within since The Father is the universal co-ordinator, The Master Coach, The personality with the game plan.

As you begin to become familiar with living in a spiritual awareness, it will become tremendously easy and familiar when the time comes to gather about the resources at hand to move forward. I thank you for your question.

Mary: This questioner also would like to know if after the correcting time, continents will be more as one rather than be divided up into countries; for instance will North America be as one and not separated into countries such as Canada and the United States? Will perhaps continents like Africa, South America etc. will we experience more oneness on continents as an aspect of the correcting time or as a follow up to the correcting time?

Monjoronson [Henry]: Thank you for your question, this is Monjoronson. In the concerns that you ask it is important to realize that these changes have not occurred at this time. It is difficult to predict how the continents will withstand the changes that will come. But aside from the physical changes, it is intended that the people that are on the planets will be called to selectively operate as a more complete unit, that everyone will be on the same page, therefore it is up to the people of nations of Urantia to decide what steps will be taken in terms of previous boundaries, borders, prescribed areas of a nation's continents.

It is possible that the continents may somewhat fragment into much smaller units of land mass which are more evenly dispersed over the planet thus making it tremendously difficult to return to the way things were at one time. I say this because the nature of mankind is to constantly revert to the past to move forward. It will be a challenge to move forward when there is no past for a reference yet clearly the future will be laid bare, that it will become obvious and intentional to make decisions for the future.

In this respect, mankind will grow closer together; for the need to exist in the now will become much more prevalent as man slowly lets go of the past to embrace the future. As mankind operates now, the future seems like an unknown because mankind is referencing from the past and what mankind is experiencing is a repetition of the past. When you begin to live in the now and plan for the future it will not be an unknown that looms before you but a joyous satisfaction in knowing that you have made the correct decisions. I thank you for your question.

Mary: There is one more question from this person in Montreal. He says he sees a lot more celestial messages and Urantia talk in the English language and he does have some difficulty in understanding all the English messages and the question is: is this a real handicap?

Monjoronson [Henry]: Thank you for your question, this is again Monjoronson. The only handicap that occurs is the ability to translate my words into other languages and to retain the meaning. This does not seem to be an issue on your world at this time unless there is another concern that you entertain about not having the messages in a more personal form as to a particular language with which you are familiar. Unfortunately the t/r through which I am speaking is tremendously limited in the use of languages other than American English.

If problems are encountered it will be easy to get the information you request and we at will make a concerted effort to address any problems which may arise which are concerned with this nature. Thank you for your question.

Mary: I do have some questions tonight that are from the group of participants in the website who are Spanish speakers and apparently they have co-operated together in discussing and speaking in the language they are most familiar with and then coming up with questions so perhaps we will see some other people who speak French and are able to help out in this regard. If we put that intention out there that Claude would like to have some French speaking people then maybe it could happen.

I guess we have some Spanish speaking participants next. In agreement to the law of correspondence, is it possible that every human being can get his or her own conditions to be in light and life even though the planet has not achieved it or does this place it only on a planetary level?

Monjoronson [Mark]: I welcome the questions and address you through another t/r. I am Monjoronson here again to field these questions. You all are well aware that there are masters on your world who have risen above the material restraints and demands and can rise to a level where their particular mini-verse is in fact a state that you might recognize as light and life in that they have formed their immediate surroundings and environment to reflect their highest ideals and principles. In this way they have surrounded themselves with a state of enlightenment.

So it can be said that an individual can indeed create this state of being regardless of where they might find themselves relative to the state of the universe as a whole. In fact it is these individuals who would pursue these ideal states who are the spiritual pathfinders of your world and who will provide to the thought stream of humanity the patterns that they arrive at which enable them to have such mastery over their individual world that they may be seen as examples as to how to have mastery over an entire physical world.

So yes, it is entirely possible for an individual to reach a state of perfection long before it may be possible for the entire brotherhood of man to join them. I hope this satisfies your question.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson. The second question this group asks is: as you know Monjoronson, we are all participants on your website and we want to know if you were present when we built our merkaba?

Monjoronson [Mark]: Certainly I welcome these inquiries because I realize that you are desiring confirmation that you are in fact part of this movement, that you are members on this team and I bring you that assurance at this time. All who would join will be enlisted as partners in this gigantic enterprise and so your desires to enlist in such service are certainly accepted. You ask if I am present in your group efforts to form this energy field you refer to as the merkaba and I assure you that I am present to the degree that I am welcome; that is I am ever ready to respond to the petitions of individuals interested in providing me a position in the energy grid that is formed.

It is one of my greatest pleasures to be solicited for such a purpose as I most genuinely enjoy being asked to participate in the efforts of the mortals of the realm to facilitate what is in fact the arrival of the Magisterial Mission. It is I who am grateful to you for such an invitation because no one of us on our side of the veil can so much as force anyone on your side of the veil to do anything. We rely on your willingness to participate and your inviting me in is your strongest indication that you are ready to participate and I will undoubtedly respond to your call.

I assure you, where you make room for me I am there and I will continue to bring my energy signature into the equation wherever you provide space for me to do so. Thank you for this invitation and this question.

Mary: Thank you for your response. This group would also have one more question and they quoted from a June 2, 2008 transcript from Evergreen Co. and the quote is: " I will not explain it to you now but you know you have chosen to be here in this era." Can you explain this now?

Monjoronson [Henry]: This is Monjoronson speaking through another t/r to answer your concerns. As this quote comes from another t/r the actual reference to what you are inferring may be lost since I now answer you through this t/r. As to you having chosen to be here now refers to the fact and the situation that more and more the Thought Adjusters arriving in individuals at this time are seemingly more experienced to deal with the greater challenges which will prevail themselves upon mankind and this world.

Certainly the composite of I and me involves the Thought Adjuster, the consciousness of the mind of the individual, the genetic material in which this mind is functioning and the intervening relationship between all three of these aspects resulting in your individual soul. As you become aware of the tremendous part the adjuster is playing in your personality and in your mind, it will become obvious to you that the adjuster is speaking in behalf of the partnership. It is ultimately your responsibility to discern who you really are through your intimate and personal contact which is beginning to develop in your mind in relationship to that aspect of the Universal Father which is your Thought Adjuster, your individual spark of divine light.

The Father provides the plan and you provide the service. Remember your life is a days work so do it well. I hope that this sheds some light into the intimate, intricate and sophisticated relationship between you and your Father. I say intricate and sophisticated because it is not as simple as me explaining to you through a transmission, The Father's transmissions are much more challenging to discern until the time when you have secured a more intimate faith based and trusting relationship with your own personal adjuster.

I am hoping that this helps sheds some light on to your group's concerns. I thank you and again welcome you into this energy circle which is Monjoronson, a Magisterial Mission. Thank you.

Monjoronson [Mark]: Switching T/R's once again, I would pick up on one of the terms in your question and speak a moment on the matter of choice and choosing. I have observed in different groups and individuals that this matter of choice and choosing is not well understood or embraced. Some are of the opinion that they have been exposed to these new spiritual principles and awarenesses because perhaps they are seen as the chosen ones and I have in the past endeavored to explain that individuals and groups are not in fact chosen from on high but are in fact the choosing ones, the ones who have chosen to bring themselves to this place of awareness and this exposure to grand spiritual principles.

Likewise, your question today has some element of a condition of pre-choice attached to it, that perhaps there are aspects of your experience which have been chosen for you or pre-chosen and now you are simply following these patterns with little of your own influence. I must gently correct this thought pattern and refine it to ask you the question: who did the choosing to get you where you are right now? It was not mandated from on high that you arrive at this place but it has been a series of choices that you have made which have brought you here now.

And so you are the choosing ones, the ones who choose this direction and decide your own destiny and fate each day, each hour. It is not predetermined in any way, shape or form what will happen to you. You are the ones doing the determining and so even up to this hour you must allow yourselves some credit for it is you who have done the choosing and made the choices that have brought you into this experience you are having right now.

They are not thrust upon you, predetermined or caused from the outside in any way, rather they are the direct result of your individual choices. So yes, you have chosen to be here, make no mistake about that and give yourselves credit for having made such choices that have brought you such spiritual progress as you now enjoy. I hope this helps in your consideration of the importance of your choice in all these matters.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson. We have another question, I believe this will be the last question this evening. Are there any works presently taking place aimed at issuing the official amendment to the Urantia Book?

I will read a few other comments this individual made when asking this question. First of all this person understands the Urantia Book is an epochal revelation which typically do last for thousands of years. They state that the mankind of 2008 absolutely differs from the mankind of 1935 and they also say they can't imagine any university lecturer walking into a classroom of 2008 with a text book in their hands having to face students who are equipped with cell phones and notebooks and are able to connect to the internet and check up on any of the lecturers claims as the lecturer speaks.

Does this also suggest Monjoronson that when you finally touch down on this world in physical form, however many years that may be, they suggest that you bring with you the Urantia Book version 2.0. So are there any amendments to the Urantia Book in the works at this time?

Monjoronson [Henry]: This is again Monjoronson speaking through another t/r. Such an interesting question. I wonder what kind of information you are searching for. For a book that came out in 1935 it has adequate information to propel man for thousands of years and I beg to differ with you; that mankind is no more spiritually adept than he was in 1808 let alone 1935. Yes, you certainly enjoy a greater life with contrivances and gadgets but the truth is, all you need to grow spiritually in the universe at large is held within your own being.

If you would but take seriously the Thought Adjuster papers in the Urantia Book, you would see that at a certain point you would have no more need to be on the planet when once you certainly fuse with this divine adjuster. It is not the whim of spirit to entertain all men with all answers as men do on your planet. They give technology to those who have not earned it. In a spiritual sense, you must earn the Thought Adjuster. You must learn to discern what is the adjuster's presence working in your mind.

At this point you will perhaps come to some greater understanding of a more universal nature of your relationship to The Father and your brothers and sisters at large. Two thousand years ago, my brother from Paradise, Michael of Nebadon incarnated on your world to bring you a revelation, a simple revelation of The Father's love that could be had by everyone on the planet yet for thousands of years it seems that love must be a dated phenomena since mankind still rejects it on a social level.

At least according to your line of questioning I would assume you would agree with me but perhaps maybe you need to look a little closer at the more intimate details of the work which is suggested that you do for your own understanding of who you are and where you stand now. It is true, there is a tremendous amount of information that is real in the spiritual universe that is not contained in your Urantia Book, it awaits you for another time in another place.

This is not to say that The Father, who is older than you have reference for, its number of years is not new and forward in each persons life. Again this is what is tremendously important in discerning your relationship to the world at large through the Urantia Book and it is not my intention to disregard certain arrogance yet to remind one that they have not completely absorbed all the material that has been given them. Until you absorb this material and have grown to tremendous heights with it, will there be a need for any further revelation.

Greater than The Father Himself, there is no revelation except the greatness of man and we of the spirit world are still waiting for the greatness of man and mankind to come into fruition. I thank you for your concern, this is Monjoronson.

Monjoronson [Mark]: Switching T/R's again, I would add one final comment to your inquiry and suggestion and that would be to ask you the question: what is it you think we are up to even now in this moment? You have asked for more and you have found, even now living truths beyond what are currently contained in your static revelation and you have found new avenues of approach so I ask, what is it you think we are up to even now?

If one can see a need and can discern in themselves that there is a lack and form some judgement that this is so it then becomes incumbent upon one to attempt to provide some resolution to satisfying this need. If you are inspired that there are limitations which you think that you may see beyond, then it may be incumbent upon you to provide your solutions, to write your own next version as it were, even as we are attempting to do right now.

So I would encourage all those who think that there should be more or could be more to pursue that judgement with action to follow your inspiration and go where you are led and see what you will find. There are many who have arrived here by just such a process, going beyond to see if there was more and if this is your desire then so be it. There are very many useful tools along the way and as was just stated, perhaps the most useful is with you on the entire journey and yet to be accessed.

But regardless of what you find at any given part of your journey, it is your motivations to seek more that will bring to you what you need when you need it. So pursue your ideals of a better way but realize that The Father has provided for you all that you have need of, even as you make your way through this journey and when you are ready He brings you more. Thank you for your question and the inspiration of seeking and finding. I'm sure all your seeking will be fruitful and your finding is guaranteed in your process. Thank you.

Mary: Well Monjoronson, I'd like to personally thank you for your answers to the many and various questions tonight and I enjoy leaving this session with the thought that the greatest adventure lies not in the pages of a book but within our own being, our own makeup and becoming one with our Thought Adjuster and experiencing community with God and each other. Thank you very much for being with us here tonight, for coaching us along the way and we shall return again for another session next week.