Monjoronson; Serena; Elyon; Michael - Developing Capabilities - Four aspects of Rest -Savor Attainment

Location: North Idaho
Date: May 20, 2007
Teachers: Elyon, Christ Michael, Monjoronson, Serena
Transmitter / Receiver: Mary Rogers, Jonathan, Kathy
  1. Developing Capabilities,
  2. Savor The Attainment,
  3. Rest: Relaxation,
  4. Ease, Silence, Trust;
  5. He Who Knows Me Knows The Father.

Monjoronson; Serena; Elyon; Michael - Developing Capabilities - Four aspects of Rest -Savor Attainment

May 20, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Developing Capabilities,

Savor The Attainment,

Rest: Relaxation,

Ease, Silence, Trust;

He Who Knows Me Knows The Father.

Teachers; Serena, Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael.

May 20, 2007

Serena (Kathy TR): Glad to be with you. Most of the group is in a slowly growing acceptance of the developing of the capabilities that have been growing for some time now. The progress has been beyond what was expected, and we are joyfully watching for further developments. Be secure in your developing capacities. In future you will look back on this as a time of blossoming potential and wonder. We will be monitoring progress, but no new challenges will be forthcoming, for a new level is approaching, and we will need all the skills to be secured.

Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, my dear friends and partners. I am Monjoronson, eager to accept the invitation of your intention. As you conclude, there are cycles that ebb and flow... and different actions are required of you. At times you are to be studious and take in your ... at other times you are to be in your application of such new found knowledge. Yet at other times you are to be helpful in the capacity of instructor for those who would desire what you have acquired in the process. There are always these patterns returning just as your seasons are relentless in their return. You make certain ascension and attain certain plateaus, and then you rest and relish your achievements and allow the accomplishments to sink. Likewise do you make preparation for the next ascent. Your wisdom even to this point has shown you that there are ever more challenges before us. We must still maintain our skills. We must make good use of our tools, and we must remain focused that we are engaged in this process all along. It is good to rest and enjoy, and then when duty calls it is exhilarating to rise to that challenge as well. Soon enough, my friends, you will be called to rise and prepare. Soon enough we will begin our great ascent and blaze the final leg of the trail. We have accomplished so very much in this process that I entertain no doubt as to your preparedness and your willingness to follow me as we blaze this trail. Serena has said well that great progress has been made, impressive amounts of growth have been demonstrated in all of you.

That alone is of such great benefit that the combination of personal growth and social growth makes the miracle extra special. We are involved in a group process, but as well we are supporting each other's individual personal spiritual growth. We are our individual contributions to the Supreme and well deserving of our attention as well as energy external ... group effort, service project. We are above all about growing as individuals. Then watch as you ... pool your resources together to grow the whole. It is spectacular. I share with you this cup of joy over having been so successful so far, having done so well in all that we have applied our efforts to, to this plateau.

Truly it is magnificent and you should well drink the cup of this moment. Savor the attainment. Enjoy the view from here and most especially enjoy the company; we have formed quite a tight unit, and it's a joy being part of such an undertaking. Again it is a pleasure to commingle energies with you, each and all. It is a great honor to have this format that you create when we commune in this way. I appreciate your attention, your concern, and your desires. We shall be working together. Farewell.

Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon here. I will speak about rest. There are four elements. The first is relaxation wherein you allow your physical form to rejuvenate. This relaxation is not merely a waiting, for waiting has an edge of expectancy. To rest your physical form means to let all go, all tension, all expectancy. Next is ease for your field of emotions. To find a quietude, a peace, even your emotional system becomes tired, not only through difficulty, but also with lots of excitement. A neutrality is restful; it is a tranquillity that gives you the energy to sustain the pendulum-like swings of your feelings. Thirdly is silence for the mind, to put away all thought toward, to set aside projects, to cast off regrets over failed undertakings, to simply reside in the present, to let time come and go by and merely witness. Letting the mind be merely an instrument of reception and not one of projection rejuvenates the thinking apparatus. Fourth and of great importance, is trust.

Many of you when you take to your beds set a device to awake you in the morning. On your spiritual path when you enter into a phase of rest, let go completely and trust the Father to awaken you when the next leg of the journey is to begin. You will then fully relax, become spiritually rested, for you will not worry that you will miss the opportunity as it arrives. Trust is a restful spiritual experience. It is my desire at this time to open this forum to dialogue to receive your questions or your input in the form of comment.

Jada: Could you comment on the idea that the Monjoronson Mission is stepping back or is on hold?

Elyon: This mission will proceed for some time as this planet is in great need of upliftment. There will be cycles within the entire program, and you will be engaged and disengaged as is required of those of you who have enlisted in the assistance of the Magisterial Son. Recall if you will the life of Michael on Urantia, his two major phases of private ministry followed by public ministry. This is an example of the cyclical efforts of the Magisterial outreach. Monjoronson will engage the staff according to the needs of the planet. This will enlist some of you at some times, and at other times you will be waiting for new instructions for new direction and inspiration. You have all become quite familiar and comfortable with the regular contacts you receive from the celestial ministers who are assigned to such contacts, and you do rightfully regard them as friends as well as teachers. But I remind you that many of these teachers are high order beings with goals and projects of a same high order, and the human participants aren't always able to comprehend every undertaking.

Even though we do love you fully, there are times when we will undertake actions which will be outside your realm of participation. This will be received by some of you as a "backing off" when it is merely a redirection of emphasis. Be pledged and ever ready to assist and you will always be enlisted as the need arises, for you are recognized as those willing to help. I hope this assists you.

Jada: Thank you.

Tom: You said the fourth form of rest is trust, a restful spiritual experience. The text says worship is a restful spiritual exertion. Perhaps this rest transmutes into worship, perhaps the fifth step of rest?

Elyon: I accept your observation. You have noticed in your physical lives that there are events you may participate in that are restful even while you exert yourself. Worship is such an event in the spiritual dimension, for it is a great exertion of soul to reach into the realm of spirit, to elevate oneself, to stretch above and beyond the familiar tides of your human life. When that meeting occurs between Creator and the creature son you return with all the energy, the light and love of that experience, and it radiates from you in your days. That is also a very restful experience, for you now approach your activities supercharged with a sense of having found rather than stressed with a sense of yearning and looking for that communion. Worship is restful though it does require the soul to lift itself from its common, ordinary orientation.

Michael (Mark): Greetings, my dear ones. I am your father, I am your brother among you because you will allow, you even desire. You recall I told my followers in my day, "He who has seen me has seen the Father". I was as close in material manifestation as was observable at that time. In this time I come with a new proclamation. He who knows me knows the Father. You all have desired to know me. You have followed where I have led you. You are growing strongly day by day, trusting my nature, my character, feeling my presence in your lives. You are truly willing to know me. It is true he who knows me knows the Father. You are growing to know the Father as well. The more you let me into your lives the better you can know me, the better we can know each other, and the more fulfilling our relationship could be. I honor the efforts you make to allow this much contact, to allow us to know each other this well. I simply invite you for more that we may come closer and closer. I share with you this sweet moment. There is the fragrance of spring and sweetness in the air, and I am with you in observance of the beauty and the goodness that surrounds you. As well I will drink the cup of love with you that we share, that we feel, that we are towards each other. You are so loved, may dear ones. You cannot imagine but you will come to see. I give my love. Take my peace. These are yours. These are ours to give away. There is unlimited peace and love to be given away, and with service we may enjoy this privilege. Thank you, my dear ones. I love you. I am with you always.... I pledge to be there at all times awaiting your signal. I enjoy to be with you again. Farewell.