Ode to George Bernard

Date: November 24, 2020
Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Vicki Vanderheyden
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden


I woke to the presence of Monjoronson this morning and as I drifted into a state of wakefulness, visions of George Bernard surfaced and it occurred to me that though my connection with George went back in time to the 1990’s when I first ordered my copy of the Akashic Construct cd, there are many others who knew him much better than I did.  And so, from my desire to contribute in an appropriate way to George’s memorial, I approached Monjoronson with this question:

“Is it appropriate for you or Machiventa to contribute to a discussion about George Bernard to be shared at his memorial? I am willing to transmit it.”   

At this point, the contents of my visual screen changed and Machiventa appeared with this to say:

Machiventa:  Yes, perhaps I can provide a brief glimpse into the transition that occurs for one as dear and devoted as our George when he sheds his human shell and passes on to the mansion worlds.   You may be able to imagine that there will be many of us waiting in the sidelines backstage to have our opportunity to welcome him, to commend him for his years of service to the spiritual upliftment of this planet and to assist him in the task of reawakening.  And that is now the process we are undertaking with him.  

And though we will feel the gap of disconnection from the services he rendered as a human collaborator, he has once again taken up the baton on this side to continue his ascending journey as a spiritual being, and we anticipate that in the process he will support those on this side who are engaged in the work of our Father/Brother, Michael of Nebadon toward the rehabilitation of your planet.  

Though your scope of work may be different, this is a similar path that you will follow upon your return to your spiritual homeland, each of you contributing your experience not only to The Supreme, but also gradually blossoming once again into the fullness of your being after what seems like a long, veiled slumber on Earth.

You can be assured, that over time every opportunity will be made available for George as he chooses, to observe and support those he left behind and perhaps connect with them in some way. For as you grow in confidence and understanding of your connectedness to the spiritual world, the ability to occasionally communicate with loved ones that have passed to the mansion worlds is becoming an emerging reality on your planet.

Let me now illuminate for you a point of true significance in George Bernard’s life as a human being on Earth.  As you share the memories you have of George, you will begin to understand how an ordinary man with the intelligence and development typical of an average human being can produce extraordinary results that impact the spiritual well-being of many worldwide, through his ongoing effort to serve his creator.  

May George Bernard’s life be an example to all of you that regardless of your current standing in this world and your relative imperfection, you as individuals and within this group hold this same potential to positively and exponentially influence the future direction of those who reside on this planet.  

It is our hope that these words will comfort you and guide you as you experience the loss of his presence in your life.