• Obadiah (oh buh dahy' uh)

    Hebrew prophet.

  • Oban (oh' bahn)

    Onagar's headquarters on the northern shores of the ancient Mediterranean in the region of the present Caspian Sea.

  • Okhban (ack' bohn)

    Great Egyptian prophet who was murdered.

  • Olivet (ol' eh vet)

    The Mount of Olives.

  • Olympian (uh lim' pee uhn)


  • Olympus (uh lim' puhs)

    Home of the Greek gods.

  • Omniaphim (om nee' ah fim)

    The fourth class of ministering spirits of the grand universe, created by the Infinite Spirit in concert with the Seven Supreme Executives, who serve as the exclusive servants and messengers of the Supreme Executives.

  • Omnificent (om nif' uh suhnt)

    Creating all that is created.

  • Omnipersonal (om nee pur' suh nl)

    Embracing all the known relationships of personality; before, during and after personality.

  • Omnipotence (om nip' uh tuhns)

    The everywhere dominance of the absolute level.

  • Omnipotent (om nip' uh tuhnt)

    The transcendental Almighty .

  • Omnipresence (om nuh prez' uhnt)

    Everywhere present, and at the same time.

  • Omniscience (om nish' uhns)

    Ultimate foreknowledge.

  • Omri (om' rahy)

    Israelite king.

  • Onagar (oh' nah gar)

    The great leader of the Andonic tribes who taught worship of the 'Breath Giver to men and animals' approximately ten thousand years after Andon and Fonta. Currently serves on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors.

  • Onamonalonton (oh na moh nah lon' tohn)

    The leader and spiritual deliverer of the red race who taught about the 'Great Spirit' 65,000 years ago in the redwood forests of California.

  • One-brained (wuhn breynd)

    From the two-hemisphere type of the Urantian cerebral cortex you can, by analogy, grasp something of the one-brained type.

  • Organismal (awr guh niz' uhm)

    Of, or pertaining to, the organism.

  • Orlandof (ohr lan' dof)

    A teacher of the blue race who, 500 years after the downfall of Caligastia, led his tribes back to the worship of the 'Supreme Chief.' Currently serves on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors.

  • Orphic brotherhood (awr' fik bruhth' er hood)

    The best of the mystery cults .

  • Orvonon (ohr von' tohn)

    The great leader and teacher of the indigo race who taught worship of the 'God of Gods' and who currently serves on the Urantia Advisory Council as one of the four and twenty counselors.

  • Orvonton (ohr'von' tohn)

    The seventh of the seven superuniverses which, in conjunction with the Paradise/Havona system, comprise the grand universe of time and space.

  • Osiris (oh sahy' ris)

    God of the Egyptian mystery cult.

  • Oudah (oo' dah)

    Beliefs of the African Pygmies.

  • Outer space (ou' ter speys)

    A domain where untold universes are in process of organization.

  • Oversoul (oh' ver sohl)

    (1) The totality of the summation of all creature existence in Indian philosophy; (2) The great Supreme is the cosmic oversoul of the grand universe.

  • Ovid (ov' id)

    Phoenician teacher of the Salem doctrines in Ur.