• Zaccheus (zak' e uhs)

    Chief tax collector of Jericho.

  • Zacharias (zak uh rahy' uhs)

    Father of John the Baptist.

  • Zadoc (za' doc)

    Adoptive parent of paternal ancestor of Joseph.

  • Zaphon (za' fon)

    A town in Perea.

  • Zealots (zel' uhts)

    A strong nationalist party that proposed to bring things to a head through political revolt.

  • Zebedee (zeb' i dee)

    Boat builder of Capernaum.

  • Zebulun (zeb' yoo luhn)

    A village in Galilee.

  • Zechariah (zek uh rahy' uh)

    Hebrew prophet.

  • Zeus (zoos)

    Head of the Greek pantheon.

  • Zone of Infinity (zohn uv in fin' i tee)

    An unknown and unrevealed area directly underneath the location of the Trinity, in the central portion of nether Paradise.

  • Zophar (zoh' fer)

    Third friend of Job.

  • Zoroaster (zawr' oh as ter)

    Great religious leader of the 6th century B.C.

  • Zoroastrian (zawr oh as' tree uhn)

    The teachings of Zoroaster.

  • Zulus (zoo' looz)

    An African tribe just evolving a religion of ghost fear and sacrifice.