Monjoronson Q&A Session #67 Psychic Circle Details - Developing Mental Acuity - The Disorder ADD

Date: September 15, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. Can you expand upon the psychic circle levels of attainment?
  2. How do we develop mental acuity?
  3. Is there an evolutionary component to the Attention Deficit Disorder?

Elyon; Monjoronson - Ego & Prayer - The Triad of Human Realities - Mind; Matter; Spirit

Location: North Idaho
Date: September 13, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  1. Ego as an essential component in the mortal realm
  2. When ego becomes a problem
  3. Determining one's reality in our population is like apples and oranges
  4. The triad of body mind and spirit and their modes of operation
  5. Striking a balance and harmony
  1. Which one of these modes of operation are truth, goodness and beauty?

Michael; Monjoronson – Michael Transfers Authority to Machiventa & Monjoronson for Correcting Time Phase 2 NOCO#110

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: September 13, 2009
Teachers: Christ Michael, Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Time to Fulfill Plans of the Correcting Time (CT)
  2. CT Description of Phase I:
  3. • Development of Awareness
  4. • Educational Programs
  5. • Raising Consciousness
  6. • Building a Cadre of Committed Workers
  7. CT Interim Period:
  8. • Higher Staff Concluding Plans Unique to Urantia
  9. • Further Increase of Vibration Frequency
  10. CT Description of Phase II:
  11. • Executive Management Handed over to Machiventa and Monjoronson
  12. • Michael Will Still Minister to Us on a Personal Level
  13. • an Avonal Son Has Long Been in the Plans
  14. Monjoronson:
  15. • Rapid Events Orchestrated from Above
  16. • Greater Spiritual Pressure
  17. • A Cause of Separation Between Heart and Mindal Energies
  18. • Quorum of Consciousness
  19. • Time of Greater Union, Connection & Empowerment
  20. • A Quickening of Events for next Two Years
  21. • Greater Empowerment for Teaching
  1. Q & A for Michael:
  2. Communication with other fallen worlds?
  3. Did Urantia receive an advantage over other worlds due to being a bestowal world?
  4. Improvement of DNA
  5. Q & A for Monjoronson:
  6. Materialization Depends on Development of Right Order
  7. Further Distinctions Between Phases 1 & 2
  8. Linear/mindal Thinking Versus Heart Energy Thinking
  9. Character Versus Personality
  10. Time for Conjoint Engagement

Monjoronson; Unidentified - A New Tide of Change

Location: Lightline Audio Session #11
Date: September 7, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson, Unidentified
Transmitter / Receiver: Diana
  1. !. A new tide of Change
  2. 2. Words of encouragement

Elyon; Unknown; Monjoronson - Using Contrast to Define Belief Systems & Self-Consciousness

Location: North Idaho
Date: September 6, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Unidentified
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  1. Observing contrast as part of your life
  2. Contrast enlarges your perception of reality
  3. "Love mischief"
  4. Love Virus Metaphor
  5. A need for balance

Monjoronson Q&A Session # 65 Ego and Spirit - Tapping the Cosmic Mind

Location: - Q/A Session #65
Date: September 1, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. I Feel Weak Outside but Strong Within - Is This Ego or Being Closer to Spirit?
  2. In Tapping into A Stream of Thought - Is This Experience a Contact with Cosmic Mind?
  3. Can We Withstand So Much Information from Cosmic Mind?

Elyon; Unknown; Monjoronson - Group Involvement & Allowance for Growth and New Ideas

Location: North Idaho
Date: August 30, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Unidentified
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  1. Group Involvement
  2. The challenge of conforming
  3. Allowing for new direction and ideas
  4. Providing an example of beauty and goodness
  5. You are a part of a much larger group

Monjoronson Q&A Session #64 Autism - Its Meaning & Its Potential - Model for Effective Interfaith Groups

Location: - Q&A Session #64
Date: August 25, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Phillip
  1. How Is Autism a Symptomatic Emergence Into Higher Consciousness?
  2. Are Idiot Savants Considered Part of an Emerging New Species?
  3. When Will Other Types of Higher Consciousness Groups Emerge?
  4. How Can Care Givers for the Autistic Meet Their Developmental & Spiritual Needs?
  5. How Do These Emerging Species Replicate to Become a Force on Urantia?
  6. How Do We Find Satisfactory Connections to Inter-Faith Groups
  7. Can You Suggest a Model which Honors Diversity Yet Brings Them Together As An Effective Group?

Monjoronson Q&A Session #63 Developing Spiritual Advancement - Calling Urantia to Justice

Location: - Q/A Session #63
Date: August 18, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Henry Zeringue
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. What Precipitates Personal Spiritual Advancement?
  2. What Does Calling Urantia to Justice Mean?
  3. Do You Remove Evil from The Planet?
  4. The Urge to Be with Father
  5. Can Story Telling Be Better Used?
  6. What Is Literature Like on Other planets?
  7. Is There a Relationship between the Name Satan and the System Name, Satania?

The Voice; Monjoronson; Serena - Personal Story_Helping with Directions - Mortals Not Strictly Material When Mingling with Spiritual Counterparts

Location: Teleconference Audio Streaming #7
Date: August 13, 2009
Teachers: Monjoronson, The Voice, Serena, Mark Rogers
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
  1. Seeking help: My experience as a shopkeeper
  2. Only those needing help and desiring it are in position to accept it
  3. When the mortal and spirit come together
  4. You are the gatekeeper for your ascension career
  5. Faith has brought us to this point and faith will carry us
  6. The only limitations are those you impose on yourself
  7. An invitation from Serena