Monjoronson –NOCO#116 - Build Infrastructure & Organizations; Train More TRs

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: April 21, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Michael’s plans had to wait for completion of the adjudication of the Rebellion Development of infrastructure of organization
  2. Desirable characteristics for participants
  3. Begin by working at the lowest levels, co-creatively
  4. Need is great for good TRs
  5. Position of group facilitator and mediator
  6. Position of group recorder
  7. Position of spiritual consultant
  8. Team members’ roles
  9. Should members of team be like-minded or of diverse opinions?
  10. Discerning true workers from the faddists
  11. This is pioneering work for those with tenacity
  12. Developing the skills to TR
  13. Using TR skills as a team member
  14. Forming co-creative teams technologically, over great distances
  15. Study the councils of the Caligastia 100
  16. Progress will be seen over next 6 months to two years

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #97 Spiritual Death - Personality - Anthropomorphism

Location: Q&A Session #97
Date: April 20, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Henry Zeringue
Moderator: Phillip
  1. Spiritual Death
  2. Path to Truth
  3. Personality
  4. Corporate Guests
  5. Anthropomorphism
  1. I always wonder if a person that would die a spiritual death would have survived if they had lived on a normal evolutionary planet not stained by rebellion?
  2. Can you explain what the mortal would have to embrace to be deemed worthy of eternal death?
  3. If a mortal embraces iniquity does that mean that this mortal has full knowledge of his/her actions and yet still pursues a course of cosmic insanity?
  4. There are those who, if I may use your expressions, "hang their shingle" and teach a way to truth and we accept these personalities so inspired to do so. However, I'm still confused. Is there absolute reality truth? Can error in my own thought prevent me accessing the truth I seek?
  5. How much of our personality is actually gifted from First Father pre-birth and how much could be described as acquired during our experiential journey here and do personality trait types survive such as introvert/extrovert etc?
  6. Do experienced Adjusters acquire personality traits from the beings they indwell that carry over to the next mortal to contribute to that partnership?
  7. Should we just be ourselves when it comes to the universe designers and group observers who may seek to influence us?
  8. To what extent is it to our benefit to accept such influences?
  9. I would like to invite you to discuss the dangers of the anthropomorphization of spiritual concepts. Is there a certain benefit to "humanizing" spiritual concepts to be able to grasp their import to us?

Special Session 11

Date: April 20, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Morontial Mind Training
  2. (Revisiting past sessions.)
  3. Training caregivers for the Spiritual Needs of the Dying Patient
  4. Increasing Numbers of the Elderly and Increased Costs of their Care
  5. Maintain Care as Long as the Thought Adjuster Remains Within
  6. Euthanasia Practiced on Advanced Worlds
  7. Treatment of Deeply Criminal Individuals on Advanced Worlds
  8. Differences Between Mortal and Morontial Thought
  9. Those of Jeopardized Life During Transition Era
  10. Population Stabilization
  11. Depression Throughout Our Society
  12. The History of our Medical Community is Still Very Young
  13. Developing the Morontial Mind While in a Mortal Body
  14. Begin the Process of Evolving the Mind with Intention
  15. ‘Will’ is the Key to Morontial Growth; Intention is its Plan
  16. The ‘Warp and Woof’ of Morontial Growth
  17. Morontial Senses, Psychic Ability and Manipulating Energy
  18. Morontial Mind will be Free of Disabilities
  19. Morontial Mind will be Based on Spiritual Maturity, Character and Personality
  20. Our Limited View of Science and How it Distorts our Perceptions
  21. Crossing the Boundaries Between Science and Spirituality
  22. Shaman’s Ancient Knowledge vs. Modern Science’s Views
  23. Mind Manipulation of Universe Energy
  24. Responsibilities for Manipulating Energy
  25. The Miracle of Providence
  26. Mind is the Mechanism Through Which Will and Consciousness Work
  27. Training of the Mind Mechanism is Paramount

Monjoronson - Q&A Session #96 - Soul Evolution - Testing - Material Sons and Daughters

Location: Q&A Session #96
Date: April 13, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. Mind Duplication & Soul Evolution
  2. Our Sun
  3. New Expression of the Trinity
  4. Severe Testing
  5. The Material Sons and Daughters
  6. Mature Democracies
  1. Can you explain what the three stages of Adjuster progress in mind duplication and soul evolution are?
  2. It is said in the Urantia Book that on the secret worlds of the Father there are unique representations of the Trinity to be found there. Could it be that when God the Supreme actualizes that there may also be a unique representation of the Supreme to then be found on Ascendington?
  3. Monjoronson, as we undergo "severe testing," how do you plan to reach people with God's reassurance in the midst of dark times?
  4. Zarath speaks of your "mighty efforts," may we assume these efforts include the means to provide timely instructions for survival and the preservation of resources we have not lost?
  5. We know Michael is very interested in helping the planet through its testing. Knowing our own world and its very slow government processes, is one of Michael's contributions to the mission to be the one who will cut through the red tape?
  6. With regard to the Material Sons and Daughters, what role has Michael determined that they will play in the coming revision of Urantia's culture? Will they be within the Magisterial Mission or will they be given a mission to Urantia under their own direction?
  7. Will you be instrumental in re-establishing another garden, as in the Garden of Eden on Urantia?
  8. Does a democracy that reaches this age, have any choice to change itself peacefully and with a majority agreement that it needs to be done? We would appreciate hearing any comments you may have about these democratic difficulties in America or the rest of the world which cry for solution.
  9. Does our sun possess a twin star or perhaps a dwarf companion orbiting it?

Special Session 10

Date: April 13, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Death & The Elderly
  2. Urantia Receiving Greater Intervention
  3. The History Behind the Concept of Hell
  4. Can the Mind of Man Manifest Hell?
  5. After Death, Can We Go Sightseeing on our World?
  6. The Reasons Pain and Suffering are Allowed
  7. Can There Be Communications Between the Dead and Dying?
  8. Is It Appropriate to Pray for the Dead?
  9. Meditation as a Tool for the Dying
  10. Are Visualizations Common as a Death Experience?
  11. Do Pets Survive the Death Experience?
  12. The Three Primary Values of Sustainability
  13. The Care and Handling of the Elderly
  14. Your Society Does not Feed the Curious
  15. Avoiding Dementia Begins in the Family
  16. Death, Meditation and Mystical Experiences

Michael; Light; Unknown; Mary; Monjoronson; Unidentified - Granting a Healing - This Must Be An Act of Faith

Location: North Idaho
Date: April 10, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Mary, Light, Christ Michael, Unidentified
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Mary Rogers
  1. Healing
  2. In the spiritual dimension, time space or proximity are not limiting factors.
  3. Drink the cup of goodness

Monjoronson Q&A Session #95- Apostolic Commission - Unselfish Prayer - Meanings Values

Location: Q&A Session #95
Date: April 4, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Apostolic Commission to Future Generations
  2. Unselfish Prayer:
  3. Meanings and Values:
  4. Discernment:
  5. Your Morontia Career Has Already Begun
  1. Reading from the words of the Apostles in the New Testament, they commission us to declare the good news of the kingdom. In light of the coming Magisterial Mission, should we stand down and await your correctional leading before proclaiming the good news of the kingdom.
  2. However, when I pray for knowledge of the Father's will or spiritual strength to help me resolve some difficulty, isn't that selfish, but also good?
  3. I do not fully understand how my spirituality enhances my discernment of meanings and values. Can you please expound on the significance of meanings and values? Will you tell us in more detail how the grasp of true meanings and values contributes to our spiritual growth and progression?
  4. Even more than the Melchizedeks, we humans are sometimes left standing in the dust of our failure about what should have been spiritual understanding of our problems living life. First, would you mind providing us a discussion about what discernment is?
  5. And second, do you foresee the need to test we humans by setting up exercises to force us to at least engage the process of discernment? Do we gain anything by engaging the process in spite of the failure to discern?
  6. Discussions with you Monjoronson, sometimes lead us into "uncertainties" because most of us accept the statements found in the Urantia text to which we compare your responses. Is it fair to say that what you have to say to us will sometimes tend to undermine our self-satisfaction with the book's answers? Does this confusion in us actually do more good than harm?

Monjoronson Q&A Session # 94- Perception & Reality - Talking in Sleep

Location: Q&A Session #94
Date: March 31, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Jonathan
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. Perception & Reality
  2. Soul Heritage
  3. Direct Path to Truth
  4. Missions Outside of The Teaching Mission
  5. Talking in Sleep
  6. Breakdown of Our Educational System
  7. Seek Discernment As A Power Within You To Achieve
  1. First, in the category of perception and reality: in studies of people who are close to death, there have been many reported visions of angels with feathered wings; in some instances feathers have materialized in the hands of some people in their rooms. Although this is in contradiction to the information contained in The Urantia Book about angels, I wonder if these feather materializations are the direct result of those individuals’ mental creations coupled with their perceptions of reality. Could you speak to this?
  2. You are saying we perceive things according to our own inclination or the things we tend to believe in. Does human perception dictate what spiritual reality we will experience? I don ‘t know if the trappings of spiritual reality, the language of it, may vary according to one ‘s traditions. But the underlying spiritual reality would be consistent? Could you speak to that a little bit further?
  3. Lately there have been many books written on the process of dying as it is experienced by people on that threshold. Their testimony has provided a version of this process that is different from The Urantia Book ‘s version. They have described seeing departed loved ones coming to get them. Some have seen Jesus at the foot of their beds coming to escort them to heaven. Some have seen a bright tunnel of light. Since the reconnection of the spiritual circuit on Urantia, has the process of translation been modified or changed?
  4. I know there are many paths to the top of the mountain. I have been on a lot of them, some with dead ends and sharp rocks, potholes and brush, and some impassable. There are gurus galore, a plethora of preachers, massive amounts of ministers, tons of teachers. Some call themselves Melchizedeks channeling different teachers with all kinds of conflicting and confusing teachings. Is there any way to avoid so much exercise to provide ourselves the pearl of truth without so much debris around it?
  5. What other efforts aside from the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are being taken by non-human personalities present on Urantia to bring awakening to large numbers of people? Is Abraham just teaching in the Teaching Mission or is he assisting elsewhere?
  6. How do we avoid making the worst choices when putting a public education system back together again? Any hope that we won ‘t put back the same thing that failed to begin with because that is the only model we have recent experience with? How do we make the best choices?
  7. One person cannot do all that needs to be done when starting over again to educate for a sustainable society. Who or what can we put into place to help direct rebuilding public education which may prevent those interests that will stubbornly attempt to use the old ways that brought failure before?
  8. Our educational system will continue evolving through the stages it has made and building on its successes and hopefully becoming renewed rather than a complete failure and a rebuilding?
  9. Is it not of great importance to educate individuals about how to be good citizens? Would it be a good idea for all citizens regardless of age or other education to be required to undergo such instruction before they are granted citizenship privileges? Should the day be over when being born in a country automatically grants citizenship privileges such as voting?
  10. Should a spiritual education precede a public and secular education? In the turmoil of the present society there ‘s no general agreement to do any such thing. Is this turmoil not created by sectarian religion? Is the only solution to a really good education based on waiting for the appearance of Light and Life on this planet?
  11. Please say more about the soul heritage you alluded to. How does it affect our souls? Is the heritage composed of ancestors ‘ souls all the way back to the Andonites? Please clarify the term “heritage”.
  12. What is the brain doing when people talk in their sleep? Is it discharging and clearing itself for its own health?

Special Session 9

Date: March 29, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Death and Dying
  2. The Strategic, Militaristic Mind
  3. The Characteristics of the Strategic Mind
  4. The Strategy of Mapping a Sustainable Future
  5. Right-mindedness
  6. “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.”
  7. Emotional Intelligence vs. Emotionally Reacting
  8. The Dying Process
  9. The Saddest Deaths of All
  10. Preparation for the Approach of Death
  11. Assisting in the Death Process of Another
  12. The Peaceful Death
  13. Giving Permission to Die
  14. Managing the Physical Pain of Dying
  15. Eastern Practices of the Death Process
  16. The Reconciliation of Death and Dying
  17. Disembodied Spirits
  18. Speaking to the Spirit
  19. Touch During the Dying Process
  20. Spiritual Chemistry
  21. “Young and Old Souls” Defined
  22. Infants and the Thought Adjuster
  23. Infants and the Soul

Special Session 8

Date: March 26, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Education
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Enculturation of Children
  4. Teaching History Meaningfully
  5. Complacency and Lack of Backbone
  6. The Study of Philosophy
  7. The Inefficiency of Our Educational Systems
  8. Preparation of Children for the Workforce
  9. Temperament, Predisposition and Proclivities
  10. Temperament and Learning Capabilities
  11. Brain Function and Learning
  12. Mental Stimulation, Activity, Naps, Cookies and Milk
  13. Mapping, Temperaments, Abilities & Disabilities for each Individual
  14. Learning Environments for Handicapped Individuals
  15. The Busyness of Children
  16. Providing a Sustainable Educational Environment
  17. Connections with Nature
  18. The Necessity of Direct Experience
  19. Children and Their Electronic Devices
  20. How Will Computers Fit Into the Future of Education?
  21. Reality and Social Ethics of Using Computers
  22. Religious Freedom vs. Spiritual Expression in Schools
  23. Segregation and Compartmentalization in Education
  24. Bringing Back the One-room Schoolhouse?
  25. Monjoronson’s Mission
  26. Future Updates on Urantia’s Progress
  27. Becoming Involved in the Mission