Monjoronson; Michael - Concept Transfer Difficult One Realm To Another

Location: Lightline Teleconference
Date: October 28, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Christ Michael
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
  1. Energy signatures
  2. The need to experience
  3. The difficulties of transfer from one dimension to another
  4. Michael: I desire to be with you

Session #23 Race Relations

Date: October 5, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Charles, Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Race Relations
  2. The Indigo Race As Spoken About In The Urantia Book
  3. The Inclusion Of A Flaw In The Urantia Book
  4. Unlocking The Potential Within
  5. Attitudes, Prejudices, Feelings Of Superiority And Inferiority
  6. The Singular Organizing Intention Of The Urantia Book
  7. Are We Permitted To Make Choices About Who We Are?
  8. The Paucity Of Language Makes Concepts Difficult To Understand
  9. Our Potential
  10. Comparisons Always Draw Separation
  11. The Blending Of Urantia’s Races
  12. Prejudice Is A Universal Experience And Part Of Our Growth
  13. Receiving More Challenges Than One Can Manage
  14. Difficulties Are Motivators
  15. A Second Mortal Life?
  16. Questions Of Race On Charles’ World Of Nativity
  17. Right Discernment
  18. It Is Your Responsibility To Unlock Your Potential
  19. Question On The Fusion Experience
  20. The Earth As A Spiritual Being With Spiritual Energies
  21. Cellular Memory Carried Through To Future Generations
  22. Mission Update From Machiventa

Special Session #22 Meditation, Mystic Circles, Merkabah

Date: September 10, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden, Rick Voss
  1. Meditation, Mystic Circles, Merkabah
  2. Meditation – Exploring Your Infinite Capacity
  3. Location of the Soul
  4. The Awakening of What is to Be
  5. The Physiology of Meditation
  6. Becoming Wholly Responsible for Your Meditative State
  7. The Function of Chakras in Meditation
  8. Role of Environment in Meditation
  9. Distinguish Between Intentions and Practices of Meditation
  10. Posture During Meditation
  11. Perceiving Color During Meditations
  12. The Energetic Mechanics of Mystic Circles
  13. Intention Activates Oneness of Combined Energies
  14. Merkabahs – Temporary and Permanent
  15. Question on Personal Meditative Practice

The Voice; Inner Voice; Monjoronson - Adjusters Await Your Decision to Seek Them -

Location: Teleconfernce
Date: September 10, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, The Voice, Inner Voice
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
  1. " I will wait for your decision to seek me"
  2. The ultimate decision to choose is yours
  3. Exerclse your sincerity and devotion and the rewards will follow
  4. Monjoronson is seeking volunteers for this mission
  5. Your inner guide as the ultimate truth indicator
  6. Follow your own path

Special Session #21 Earthbound Spirits

Date: September 3, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Earthbound Spirits
  2. Seeking Refuge in the Embrace of the God Presence Within
  3. Receptivity of Hearing Spirit
  4. Genetic Predisposition
  5. Earthbound Spirits Who Refuse to Move On
  6. Fear Inhibits You to the Extent That it Prevails in Your Life
  7. The Investment of Life
  8. Making the Supreme Decision
  9. Earthbound Incarnate Spirits
  10. Sleeping Survivors
  11. Those Who Arrive on Mansonia on the Third Day After Death
  12. Parents’ Responsibility to Teach about Spirits of the Light
  13. Earthbound Incarnate Spirits Can be Either Mean-spirited or Benign
  14. The Role of Addictions in Earthbound Spirits
  15. Decisions and Omissions that Affect Your Afterlife
  16. The Magisterial Mission Will Encompass the Whole Spectrum of Spirit Beings
  17. Use of Ouija Boards, Pentagrams and Psychic Phenomena
  18. Spirit Possession
  19. Mediumship, Channeling and TRing

Special Session #20 Charles, on Spiritual Pragmaticism

Date: August 27, 2010
Teachers: Charles
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Charles, on Spiritual Pragmaticism
  2. Definition of Spiritual Pragmatism
  3. The Melchizedek Schools and University
  4. The Staging Has Been Done for this Current Era
  5. The main Intention is to Develop a Sustainable Civilization
  6. Your Attitude Reflects Your Intention to Accept Change
  7. The Universe is Material, Energetic and Organismic
  8. Respect Yourself as an Organism, with the World as an Extension
  9. Appreciate the Earth’s Bounty
  10. Application of Spiritual Pragmatism to the BP Catastrophe
  11. Responding in a Spiritually Pragmatic Way
  12. Assisting Others to Apply Spiritual Pragmatism

Monjoronson - Faith

Location: CCC Teleconference
Date: August 22, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Donna D’Ingillo
  1. Faith
  2. Visualization with Monjoronson

Special Session #19 Spiritual Pragmaticism

Date: August 13, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Spiritual Pragmaticism
  2. Practical Spirituality
  3. Achieving Peacefulness, Balance and Centeredness
  4. Growth Through Making Decisions from Options Available
  5. Practice Stillness—God Within You has Much to Say!
  6. Comparison to Others is Unproductive
  7. Your Social Practices are Essential to Your Spiritual Growth
  8. Social Support Groups
  9. Setting the Patterns for Spiritual Growth in the Future
  10. Dealing with Emotional Turmoil
  11. Responding to Someone Dominated by Ego and Need for Power
  12. Growing Past Ego to be in Humility
  13. The Practicality of Jesus’ Teachings
  14. Right-mindedness and Spiritual Pragmatism
  15. Defining Spiritual Pragmatism
  16. A Model for Businesses and Other Social Institutions
  17. Practicing Intentional Consciousness with Spiritual Pragmatism
  18. In What Ways is our Culture the Least Spiritually Pragmatic?
  19. Universe Operates Without Push, Without Force, Without Power.
  20. Patience, Tolerance and Forbearance
  21. Pragmatism of an Evolved Spirituality

Special Session #18 Charles Mortal Life and Mission Update

Date: August 9, 2010
Teachers: Charles
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Charles’ Mortal Life and Mission Update
  2. Private Versus Public Transcripts
  3. How Does Charles’ Mortal Life Align with Our Work of Today?
  4. Genetic Remediation
  5. Planetary Changes
  6. Marriage and Family Life
  7. The Biggest Challenges in Working with Our Population
  8. The Humble Individuals Will Make the Greatest Differences in the World
  9. What Are the Similar Challenges Between Your World and Ours?
  10. Living in Full Consciousness
  11. Update of New Decisions Made Recently

Special Session #17 Monjoronson Introduces Charles

Date: July 16, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Charles
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Monjoronson Introduces Charles, a Mighty Messenger
  2. The Spiritual Bond of Friendship
  3. A Change in Monjoronson’s Availability
  4. Introduction of Charles, a Mighty Messenger
  5. The Confusion of Naming Celestials
  6. Further Details of Charles’ Assignment
  7. A Change of Eras by Rapid Evolution
  8. Adjustments for Upliftment Must Take Time
  9. The Reality of Existence – Partners with Christ Michael
  10. Setting the Course of Your World for Hundreds of Thousands of Years
  11. Your Dogmatisms Will Hold You Back
  12. The Mysterious Providence
  13. Experience with a Planet in Rebellion
  14. Your God Presence within is Your Refuge and Your Anchor
  15. The Difference in Nebadon’s Correcting Time
  16. Psychic and Clairaudient Abilities are Genetically Based
  17. Developing the Ability to Communicate Spiritually
  18. Seeking Validation of Spiritual Beings