Monjoronson121505Teleconference_Receptivity IsTo Spirit What Exercise Is To The Human Body,Feng Shui, Vedic Architecture, Unseen Affects, Forgiveness

Location: Lightline Teleconference
Date: December 15, 2005
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
  1. I was wondering about working collectively and how the energy of each individual can feed off of each other. Is that energy a new type of energy that is coming to be?
  2. Is there any validity to Feng Shui or Vedic Architecture or are there things that we can do in our physical environment, our homes for example, that affect our physical vehicles that can help us harness these energies and connect with these circuits that you are referring to?
  3. There are things that are clear to us that we know directly from our senses but as relates to these two proper or improper stimulants, are the effects of how we design our environments or households, are there unseen things to us that are affected by these designs?
  4. I'm just wondering if you could add any comments about this process of forgiveness and the healing that it brings.

Zarath040206 NOCO 81 Fires Of The Spirit - News Media Manipulation - Update on Monjoronson

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #81 Loveland, Colorado
Date: April 2, 2006
Teachers: Zarath
Transmitter / Receiver: Jerry Evans
Moderator: Student
  1. Fires of the Spirit
  2. Manipulation by the News Media
  3. Update on Monjoronson
  1. Seeing with Physical or Spiritual Vision
  2. Personal Questions on Building Community
  3. Showing Respect and Honor Vs. Worship
  4. Dealing with Fear

Rayson 043006 NOCO82_Instability Increasing & Update On Monjoronson's Activities

Location: Northern Colorado TeaM, #82 Loveland, Colorado
Date: April 30, 2006
Teachers: Rayson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Student
  1. Increase of Energy and Vibrations
  2. Creates Movement Towards Love
  3. May Cause Difficulty for Some Individuals
  4. Creates Rapid Social Change
  5. Remain Centered and Grounded at All Times
  6. Nervous Energy and Aggressive Behavior
  7. Pay Attention to Your Spiritual Health
  8. Energy Will Continue to Increase
  9. Intentional Effort to Destabilize Powerful Political Elements
  10. Breaking Old Bonds
  11. Need for Peacemakers
  12. How Long Will Energy Increases Continue?
  13. Techniques for Remaining Strong
  14. Maintain Daily Practice of Spiritual Growth
  15. To Inaugurate Era of Peace
  16. Joint Administration with Machiventa
  17. Building a Larger Culture of Leadership
  18. Beings of Maintenance and Renewal of Energy Circuits
  19. Monjoronson’s Many Functions
  20. Will Be Bounded by Time but Not Energy
  21. Basic Requirements of Staff
  22. Simplify Your Life and Prepare for New Activities
  23. Benevolent "Conspiracy"
  24. Making the Decision to Be "Saved"
  1. Christian confusion about the Magisterial Son being the anti-Christ

Monjoronson ~Darid~ The Voice ~Are You Ready?

Location: North Idaho
Date: May 26, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Darid
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Jonathan
  1. Are You Ready?
  2. Two Centers of Operation
  3. Love: a Transparent Luminosity
  4. The Voice Within You.

Monjoronson 061106 NOCO84 Population Reduction & Mission Preparation

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: June 11, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Preparation for the mission proceeds
  2. My work with you for personal and planetary upliftment
  3. Joint cooperative authority
  4. Walking together in step
  5. Mortals must join energetically and actively
  6. Monjoronson will be "locked-in" and less flexible
  7. Wait patiently but productively
  1. Man to land ratio
  2. Reduction of population
  3. Overcoming obstacles in sharing
  4. Pre-personal Thought Adjusters

Andover MN 35 ~ Monjoronson Supreme Point Of Balance

Location: Andover MN
Date: July 7, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Serena
Transmitter / Receiver: Leoma Sparer
  1. 1.Supreme Point of Balance
  2. 2.Monjoronson’s Softer Energy Signature

Monjoronson 070806 ProgressGroup Urantia As A Secondary Center

Location: Illawarra District, Australia,
Date: July 8, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: George Barnard
  1. A Secondary Center

Monjoronson 070806 SOCO20 Encouragement & Times Of Change &Turbulence

Location: Southern Colorado
Date: July 8, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Rayson, Nebadonia
Transmitter / Receiver: JA, MJ, PA
  1. Monjoronson:
  2. 1.Update and Encouragement
  3. 2.Remain Steadfast
  4. 3.Stay Positive]
  5. 4.Mandate to Comfort and Reassure
  6. 5."All Is Well"
  7. Christ Michael:
  8. 1.Times of Change and Turbulence
  9. 2.Feel the Energy Pass Through You, into the Earth
  10. Rayson: Questions and Answers
  11. 1.Several Questions on Energy Work
  12. 2."Being-ness and Doing-ness"
  13. 3. self vs. SELF
  14. 4. Angry Energy
  15. 5. "In this World but Not of It"
  16. Nebadonia:
  17. 1.Remember to Re-charge Your Energy
  1. Is there something you can comment on to increase our efficiency in energy work?
  2. If we had a crisis where things were not functioning normally, would energy work be in high demand?
  3. Regarding Chakras and Energy Work: Were these teachings given to us long ago possibly through Adam and Eve as well?
  4. Should we be more concerned with being-ness or doing-ness?
  5. Would yum explain what 'dying to self' means?
  6. Can you give us some tips of how to help people with angry and anxious energy?
  7. Can you explain what is meant by " being of this world, not in this world"?

Monjoronson 070906 NOCO85 Population Decimation Scope- Goodness Overpowers Evil

Location: Northern Colorado
Date: July 9, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. 1.Q & A of last session (6/11/06):
  2. 2.The New Era Has Begun
  3. 3.Population Decimation Is Inevitable
  4. 4.Reorganizations Necessary at All Levels
  5. 5.Existential Loneliness
  6. 6.Scope of Reduction to Expect
  7. 7.Global, National, Personal Perspectives
  8. 8.Standard of Living Will Increase for Those Remaining
  9. 9.Goodness Will Overpower Evil
  10. 10.Laws of Survival
  11. 11.Review past Lessons on Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness & Justice
  12. 12.Create New Communities
  13. 13.Immense Opportunity for Individuals
  14. 14.Appearance of Other Masters & Avatars
  15. 15.A General Awakening
  16. 16.Monjoronson’s Roles
  17. 17.One Major Influence with Compounding Factors
  18. 18.Radioactivity, Pandemics & Earth Changes
  19. 19.A Vacuum of Power & Leadership
  20. 20.Breakdown of Governments
  21. 21.Influence of Positive Individuals Needed
  22. 22.Rapid Evolution Toward Light & Life
  23. 23.Preparation and Resolve

Monjoronson 071606 Nortth Idaho Be Open To Love & Trust

Location: North Idaho
Date: July 16, 2006
Teachers: Monjoronson, Christ Michael, Elyon, Serena
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mark Rogers
  1. 1.Plateau Whereon Now You Stand,
  2. 2.Soufflé of the Soul,
  3. 3.Will You Have a Relationship with Me?
  4. 4.Be Open to Love, Trust.
  5. Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Serena, Michael, Unidentified.