Monjoronson – NOCO #114 - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date: February 24, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
  1. Thanking The Translators
  2. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  3. War and Conflict
  4. Pestilence
  5. Famine
  6. Death
  7. Providence
  8. Living in The Flow
  9. Global Warming
  1. Didn’t we have some lessons some years ago about the advisability of laying up some supplies of water and non-perishable food?
  2. see that the global warming that is causing so many glaciers to melt all over the world is going to lead to less water for huge numbers of people and land that is needed for agriculture. Tibet and China will be impacted greatly…and India. This is part of what you are telling us, isn’t it?

Monjoronson - Q&A Session # 89 Transmitting - Education for Spiritual Motivation

Location: Q&A Session #89
Date: February 23, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Henry Zeringue
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. The Process of Transmitting and Receiving
  2. The Mind at Mischief
  3. Irrevocable Thought Adjuster Decisions
  4. Education for Spiritual Motivation
  5. Preparing the Mortal Audience for a Spiritual Event
  1. Judging by some transcripts, at some point the receiver starts to interject their own thinking process into the communicated messages. We aren't sure at what point contact stops and human involvement begins. Can you tell us something about what is happening here?
  2. Dr. Sadler wrote a book titled "The Mind at Mischief". This questioner believes that even T/R minds can get into mischief and they ask if you would speak to the kind of mischief that minds the teachers work with get into?
  3. Could you discuss and give us an idea of the accuracy of transmissions when the mind is not at mischief?
  4. Does the Thought Adjuster decide to abandon the mortal of His indwelling because the Thought Adjuster is fully aware of the consequences of choice and that the mortal will not change his choices and therefore the Thought Adjuster decides to abandon them?
  5. Are Thought Adjuster decisions about abandonment of a certainty and without doubt? Are Adjuster decisions coordinated with Trinity justice or is this an example of the Father's hand alone?
  6. Should the possibility of translation be taught as an alternative to death as a release from the body? Will this teaching somehow better motivate mortals to learn as much as they can in order to bypass the normal death process through translation?
  7. Your advice is sought about whether or not it should be taught that the Father alone is worshiped or may we include God the Supreme either as worship or adoration?
  8. What comments can you make on the following suggestion: Perhaps a "visual" celestial visitation or even/and some form of verifiable extra-terrestrial contact maybe would shake up the status quo and still would not qualify as "interference" on our world. Perhaps there could be some helpful political and religious convulsions that would precipitate change for the better.

Elyon; Michael; Monjoronson - The Stillness

Location: North Idaho
Date: February 21, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Christ Michael
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  1. Stillness: a method of returning to a starting point, a means for correction
  2. Computer Metaphor for the practice of stillness.
  3. Upgrading/ customizing your internal operating system
  4. Becoming the observer.
  5. Rewriting the program

Monjoronson -Q&A Session #88 Power of Prayer - 5th Epochal Revelation - No Thought Adjusters

Location: Q&A Session #88
Date: February 16, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
Moderator: Mary Rogers
  1. Memory of Van
  2. The Power of Prayer
  3. Problems of the 5th Epochal Revelation Splintering into Group Divisions
  4. No Thought Adjusters
  1. Van and others were informed from a source on high that Caligastia was to be honored as Sovereign of Urantia long ago. Can you inform us any about how it is that Van determined that it was deception and that a rebellion was in progress?
  2. Do each one of us transition to the mansion worlds upon death?
  3. The power of prayer is meaningless if it does not produce the desired effect. Even though I am a human mortal, if my desire matches the will of the Father, will my prayer be answered on behalf of the one I pray for?
  4. What is your view about all the work done to bring us the Urantia Book, having study groups, just to leave most of them unconnected to the progress of the 5th epochal revelation?
  5. Most in Urantia group study groups are not on board with the Teaching Mission nor are many in the Teaching Mission supportive of the Magisterial Mission. How has this been allowed to happen?
  6. Would the return of Michael before the Magisterial Mission took place on Urantia somehow alter and unify the present disarray of mortal efforts on behalf of the 5th epochal revelation?
  7. 7 When the Magisterial Son personalizes in our presence, are those of us who may be fairly slow in spiritual development but are indwelt, will we still be able to perceive your divinity? Or are we only able to perceive you as within the degrees of our current status of development?
  8. Could you please give an example of a human on Urantia within whom the Spirit of Truth is functioning as a spiritual co-coordinator of the different spirit ministries, and the spirit of the Bestowal Son is present in humans who have no Thought Adjuster and no soul?

Special Session 3

Date: February 15, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Mercy
  2. Definition of the Word “Magisterial”
  3. Doubt and Uncertainty
  4. Hope, Faith, Belief, Trust and Knowing
  5. Doubt is a Judgment
  6. Cooperation
  7. Impact of Monjoronson When Materialized
  8. Preparations for Materialization
  9. Techniques for Interfaith Study Group

Elyon; Serena; Monjoronson; Unknown; Light - The Influences in Growth - The Importance of Love

Location: North Idaho
Date: February 14, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Serena, Light
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Mary Rogers
  1. Not settling for conditioning of the past
  2. Taking advantage of choosing your own direction
  3. Vacations
  4. St. Valentines Day

The Voice; Monjoronson - Finding Inroads into The Christian Community - Feb

Location: Lightline Teleconference
Date: February 10, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson, Henry Zeringue, The Voice
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers
  1. Henry's experience
  2. There will be many opportunities for altering the course of awareness
  3. It takes a small quantity of yeast to effect the bread
  4. Truth is many times more powerful than misunderstanding
  5. Transforming thoughts to words and deeds

Elyon; Evanson; Monjoronson; Machiventa - Use Both Heart and Mind To Function with Balance

Location: North Idaho
Date: February 7, 2010
Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa Melchizedek, Monjoronson, Evanson
Transmitter / Receiver: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  1. In discernment all elements are part of the equation
  2. The individual droplet metaphor
  3. Taking the stand of "and" rather than " either/or"
  4. The "S" curve in the canyon metaphor
  5. The pendulum metaphor
  6. Mercy brings the Pendulum to stillness
  7. Example: You are not a human being "or" a spiritual being, you are a human being "and" a spiritual being
  1. Am I functioning from my heart or am I functioning from my head?
  2. Are you using your ego to view the situation or are you using your God consciousness?

Monjoronson - Q&A Session #87 Is Their Room for the Church & Revealed Religion

Location: Q&A #87
Date: February 7, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Phillip
  1. The Magisterial Mission
  2. Disciples & Apostles
  3. Self Preservation
  4. Co-existence of Two Camps of Christianity
  5. Constant War in Our History
  6. Another American Civil War?
  7. The Soulless & Adjusterless on Urantia
  8. Self-Defense Against Iniquity
  9. Expand The Q&A with Worldwide Input
  1. What do we need to be ready for the Magisterial Mission?
  2. Preamble: It is said that those in close association with descending sons take on the roles of being disciples and apostles. From lessons previously given, we understand that being an apostle is akin to providing ministry on behalf of Michael or perhaps for yourself. Does the Magisterial Mission have a similar distinction of using mortals for ministry and for discipleship?
  3. Would you mind elaborating on these concepts for us as it relates to the Magisterial Mission?
  4. Is this impulse towards self-preservation that which prevents really good teamwork from becoming a habit of civilization on Urantia?
  5. Preamble: There seems to be 2 camps of Christianity, those in the evolved religion group and those in the revealed religion group. Even though the revealed group is expanding and clarifying errors from the evolved group, isn't there room for both? How do we get each to open to the other, to respect the other and work for a common goal?
  6. Can you suggest a concrete deed that people of peace can do towards the goal of world peace?
  7. Preamble: Our government seems to be frighteningly polarized almost dramatically as in the civil war time, Republicans versus the Democrats, and there seems to be little bridge building between the two. Is civil war within the United States a probability or a possibility again? If so, what as Christians can we do?
  8. Do Thought Adjusters leave people or give up on them? Do we actually have soulless people?
  9. Regarding the topic of self defense, in the Urantia Book I seem to recall a [paraphrased] statement from Jesus where he said...if you determine that a human being is not a brother you may take any action for your own defense regardless of the consequences to the attacker. Was He referring to this type of an individual?
  10. .

Special Session 2

Date: February 5, 2010
Teachers: Monjoronson
Transmitter / Receiver: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden
  1. Justice and Vindication
  2. Forgiving Energetically
  3. Practicing the Presence
  4. Directing Energy with Intention
  5. Energy Centers and Chakras
  6. The Complexities of our Bodies
  7. How will Monjoronson’s Presence Benefit Urantia?
  8. How Does a Divine Son “Grow?”
  9. Perceiving and Appreciating Monjoronson
  10. Monjoronson’s Safety on Urantia